I’m sure many of you have heard of Robert Pattinson (born 1988), former movie star, who is now simply known as RPattz.

Most of you might know that he’s currently dating the stunning singer/actress Rihanna (born 1988) and that they enjoy making public appearances together. Well, if you want to be in the know about anything related to RPattz, then you need to get your hands on a copy of his bi-annual magazine, Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ. It’s not every day that you find out that the most popular movie star in the world has a serious publication following his every move. (No pressure there!)

What Is Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ?

As the name implies, the magazine is all about Robert Pattinson. You’ll find lots of articles about the English actor/director/writer who is now preparing to debut his first feature film as a director; there are also interviews with the famous personage himself, along with his frequent public appearances and his romantic escapades.

However, while most magazines solely cover newsworthy events and celebrity scandals, Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ takes a more lighthearted approach, devoting a sizable portion of its pages to fashion and style. This is made evident in the magazine’s first issue, which was released last month and features a gorgeous cover star – the gorgeous and talented Miss Elizabeth Taylor. (I’m assuming you know who she is.)

Who Is Elizabeth Taylor?

If you don’t know who Elizabeth Taylor is, then let me introduce you. She is best known for her aristocratic charm and her elegant sense of style. She is also the legendary lover of many a prominent man. It wouldn’t be a total spoiler to say that her luxurious lifestyle and her amazing sense of style might have something to do with it. (No wonder so many men love to bed her.)

Why Did She Join Forces With Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ?

Well, you might ask yourself this question if you happen to be a female fan of Mr. Pattinson. After all, it’s not often that you find a famous male celebrity’s magazine featuring an attractive, famous female. That is probably because most of the time, these magazines are targeted at men. Nevertheless, Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. Pattinson have something interesting in common: both have had well-documented affairs with well-known musicians. (It’s actually quite a common occurrence for celebrities to have affairs with musicians. For example, Michael Jackson had an affair with his daughter’s nanny. Can you imagine the scandal?)

What Will The Future Of Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ Look Like?

It is not known yet what the future of Robert Pattinson Magazine GQ will look like. However, based on the first issue, it seems that the magazine will continue to feature articles about Mr. Pattinson’s romantic escapades and his fashion choices. (It even features a piece on the most stylish looks worn by the famous couple.)

You might also see more celebrity interviews, as the magazine’s lighthearted approach makes it a more accessible read for the average person. In addition, with its cover star Miss Taylor, it’s clear that the magazine will seek to capture a wider audience. (Who knows? Maybe she’ll even front a cover featuring Mr. Pattinson. Wouldn’t that be something?)

In any case, if you’re a fan of Mr. Pattinson, then you might consider getting a copy of his magazine. Not only does it offer a fun peek into his personal life, but you’ll also get a good look at his style choices. (I can almost guarantee you that he’ll have something distinctive and memorable to say about his choice of clothing. That is probably because he is a self-confessed fashionista.)