This past year was a momentous one for British actor Robert Pattinson. In December 2021, fans of the twilight actor will finally get their long-awaited peek into his personal life when the premiere of his upcoming romantic comedy, Birdsong, hits theaters. But what were fans of The Walking Dead and Dune before that momentous time to think about? What were they talking about when they tweeted about how much they missed him and how the future looked more promising with Pattinson in it?

To find out, we need to go back to the beginning. In January 2022, fans of the 29-year-old actor/model will get to see a glimpse of his life behind the scenes via the premiere of his own autobiographical documentary, Pattinson, which will hit theaters in the U.S. On January 10, 2022, the documentary will be available in select theaters across the country. We were lucky enough to sit down with the Scottish-born actor to discuss the film and his future. Here’s what we learned.

The Life Before Twilight

Birdsong may be the culmination of a decade of success for Robert Pattinson. After being seen in critically acclaimed indie films like the art-house hit Don’t Wave Goodbye and the popular indie smash The Favourite. He was subsequently cast in the lead role of the critically acclaimed dystopian drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, for which he received critical acclaim and a SAG nomination. Then, in 2020, Twilight, the phenomenally successful film franchise that started it all, became an enduring pop culture phenomenon, leading to a lucrative year for Pattinson.

While Twilight was a critical and commercial success, it wasn’t entirely without its controversies. While promoting the film in 2018, Pattinson was asked about Rupert Everett’s portrayal of Edward Cullen, and his response was, “It’s amazing. It really is. I mean, he’s a fantastic actor.” Most notably, the British actor was asked if he was jealous of his on-screen brother Robert Pattinson, Jr., and he replied, “I don’t know about that. It’s like everyone’s jealous of him, to be honest. I have my own struggles, as we all do. I don’t sit around wishing that I had someone’s life. It’s a strange thing to say, but it’s not like that. I’ve always had my own struggles, so it’s not like I’ve ever really wished for someone else’s life. I don’t think that’ll ever happen.”

While he may not have wished for someone else’s life, it’s apparent that Robert Pattinson was very much aware of the fact that his film career was getting extensive, and possibly, over-exposed.

What’s Next?

After a busy year, it might be understandable if Robbert Pattinson was looking to take a break from talking to the press, going on red carpets, and doing press tours. This past year, the 29-year-old actor has been very active on the promotional trail for Birdsong, which premieres in theaters on December 20, 2021. The film follows Pattinson’s attempts to win the heart of a woman three times his age. We were lucky enough to hear from the man himself about what’s next and what fans can expect from the film.

“I want to do lots of scary movies,” he said. “I’d like to do something a bit different with a comedy next. It’d be cool to do a rom-com. I’m really interested in doing a period piece.”

With his extensive career spanning both film and television, it’s evident that Robert Pattinson has many interests. While he wouldn’t mind staying in the limelight for a bit, it’s also apparent that he wants to branch out and try new things. With his extensive skillset and the clout that his celebrity affords him, it’s not difficult to see why he’s interested in trying something new. So, while we wait for Birdsong to arrive in theaters, let’s take a look at some of Robert Pattinson’s most interesting projects, both on and off screen.

The Lighthouse

One of Robbert Pattinson’s most intriguing upcoming projects is The Lighthouse. Based on the James Henry Bloom book, the drama is billed as a ghost story for film and television. And indeed, it is. But it’s not your typical haunted house story. The drama is set in post-WWII Europe and tells the story of a group of lighthouse keepers – William (Tom Hardy), Arthur (Brendan Gleeson), and Joe (Iain Glen) – who battle it out for possession of a mysterious, older woman (Julia Roberts).

While it’s not yet been confirmed that Robert Pattinson will star in The Lighthouse, he was keen to get involved in the project back in October 2019. He posted on Twitter: “Just seen the first cut of The lighthouse. I can’t wait to work with Tom Hardy again. What a great script this is. So exciting to be involved with this project.”

The drama was originally penned by English author Nick Haggard and is, therefore, set to be an English-language drama. However, after working with him on the script, Pattinson has decided to take a leap of faith and bring the project to the big screen as a whole new story, set during the time of World War II. He’s described it as, “Very different from anything I’ve ever done before. It’s a little scary and a thrill to be able to tell this story in a way that hasn’t been told before.”

What Is Edward Cullen’s Family?

If there’s one thing that Twilight fans have found frustrating over the years, it’s the fact that even though the series is set in a fantasy world, it deals with very real-world issues. This became particularly apparent when it came to Edward Cullen’s (played by Robert Pattinson) family. Even though they live in a magical world, every family has its issues. And while it was initially established that Edward Cullen came from a long line of vampires, this was later revealed to be false. Even after all these years, we still don’t know much about his family. This past year, we have learnt a little bit more.

In May this year, Edward Cullen’s son, Charlie (Lorenzo Richelmy), made a rare public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. And what did he have to say?

“I’m not allowed to say much. I think we’re all pretty much keeping our mouths shut,” he said. “But it’s been an amazing experience. It’s such a great festival. I’m looking forward to having more adventures with my dad. We’re not saying much but it’s a good idea not to talk about it. It would be a great story but I think it’s better if we don’t say too much. It’ll make it more exciting when the time comes.”

The younger Richelmy also revealed some interesting details about his family’s history. He said that his great-great-grandfather founded the company that manufactured Batterberry brand juice. Additionally, he is a direct descendant of George Cadbury, who founded the famous chocolate company. While it seems that Edward Cullen’s family has done very well for themselves, it also seems that they’ve kept quiet about their wealth and not revealed many personal details about themselves. And why should they? They’ve already endured enough as it is.

A Change Of Pace

In his Twitter biography, Robbert Pattinson details some of his most interesting projects and the people he’s worked with. One of these projects includes the drama Monastery, co-starring Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet. The film tells the story of two friends – a monk (Mads Mikkelsen) and a nun (Roberts) – who are charged with the task of smuggling a famous Renaissance painter’s (John Malkovich) newest work out of Germany and into Austria for a show. In a change of pace from his usual type of role, John Malkovich plays a human smuggler and Kate Winslet is his sidekick. While Malkovich might not be the epitome of hotness, he brings his A-game in his role as the art thief – and it pays off. The film was directed by Robert Luketic and premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

If you’re a hardcore Walking Dead fan (like us) then you’ll know that season 8 of the hit AMC show is set to premiere on February 28, 2022. While we can’t talk about it here, we can at least get you hyped by revealing some major spoilers. If you’re not yet aware, season 8 will see the return of Lori (Melissa McBride), who left us at the end of season 7. But beyond that, it will also see the introduction of a brand new group of characters, including the mysterious Tovar (Judy Greer).