It’s been almost a year since we all last saw Robert Pattinson. After wrapping up shooting on the highly anticipated film, Harold, the actor disappeared from the silver screen for an extended period of time. Now that he’s back, it’s time for us to find out what’s happened in the world of arts and culture during the last year. Did he stay true to his indie spirit and maintain his status as a cult icon? Or has he gone Hollywood and embraced the lifestyle associated with being a famous celebrity?

The Disappearance

It’s no secret that the last year has been a challenging one for the actor, and it wasn’t just limited to his film appearances. For much of the year, Pattinson has been a no-show online, only using his social media accounts to share images of himself and his dogs. Even those have been sporadically absent, with the actor only using his feed to promote two albums: Van Cleef and Pains of Being Pure. It didn’t help that his band, Fireworks, went on an indefinite hiatus in September of last year. After playing a series of gigs in England in the fall, the band went on hiatus, too.

Was Pattinson’s extended disappearance a consequence of the challenging year that film fans will remember? Was he taking a break from Tinseltown to focus on his art and his music? Or did he just want to focus on himself and the people closest to him? We might never know, as Pattinson has kept a very low profile since his return.

The Rebirth

While we were deprived of seeing Pattinson on the big screen, the actor has been working hard to ensure that we wouldn’t forget about him. He began filming a TV commercial for Heineken in March, and has since been seen on camera, promoting the brand’s light beer. The commercial will air during the NBA playoffs, which are currently underway. It also marks the return of the actor to his indie roots, as Heineken is one of the world’s biggest film studios.

Since the premiere of Harold , Pattinson has been busy filming scenes for other upcoming projects. Most notably, he has starred in Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Only God Forgives, The Librarian, and has a cameo in Sicario, which will be released next year. Filming on those projects has kept him busy, but it hasn’t stopped there, as the actor has also secured big screen roles in major studio movies. Most notably, he will star in the upcoming remake of A Christmas Carol. In addition to those starring roles, Pattinson has several supporting roles lined up for next year.

The Revival

When it comes to keeping a legendary status, it takes more than just a few iconic film appearances. To truly be remembered as a cult icon, an actor would need to make important contributions to society as a whole. A good example of this is our own Martin Scorsese, whose films have helped define modern cinema. After becoming one of the most important filmmakers in the world, Scorsese created the influential Taxi Driver to remind us that there are still good guys in this world. Although Taxi Driver wasn’t the first film that came to mind when we think of Robert Pattinson, it’s clear that he was inspired by the legendary director.

Did Pattinson’s extended disappearance inspire his decision to finally get back in the film scene and join the cast of important films? Or did he always see himself as more than just a pretty face? We might never know, as it seems like the actor has finally found the spotlight he’s always deserved.

The Membership

So, will Pattinson make the ultimate movie star comeback and become the next big thing? Or will he remain forever hidden in the shadows of Hollywood superstitions and live a quiet life with his family and dogs? Time will only tell.