So, you think you know everything there is to know about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Think again. We’re about to blow your mind (and our mind too) with details about their romantic relationship that you’ll never forget. Prepare to have your mind blown. 

Kris & Rob’s First Date

On April 22, 2014, Hollywood A-lister Kristen Stewart and British actor Robert Pattinson held their wedding ceremony in a romantic Vegas wedding that was heavily publicized. One of the most memorable moments of the wedding came when they shared their first dance as a married couple. In a beautiful display of love and commitment, Stewart and Pattinson danced to Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose.” The crowd went wild, and social media users around the world have since posted countless photos and videos of the special moment.

The following month, it was announced that Stewart and Pattinson had started dating. This information came as a shock to some, as they had only been an item for a few months before the announcement. However, their love was obvious to everyone. In fact, their first official date was so romantic that it made international headlines. On May 20, 2014, Stewart and Pattinson were spotted holding hands as they walked along a beach near Los Angeles. The next day, their romantic evening was featured in various media outlets, including US Weekly and E! News. Since then, their bond has only gotten stronger.

Even though both Stewart and Pattinson have been open about their love for one another, the details of their relationship have remained under wraps. However, thanks to a new book, we now know much more about their connection. Written by former New York Times journalist Vanessa Friedman and titled Kris & Rob’s Story, the book gives an in-depth account of their romance and subsequent wedding ceremony. It also dispels several myths about their relationship.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is the fact that it reveals details about Stewart’s past that weren’t known to the public. For instance, the actress has a very unusual family. Her father is Irish royalty, and her mother is a writer. As a result, Stewart grew up in a very privileged environment. She went to some of the best schools in the U.S. and was rarely seen without a royal escort. According to Friedman, Stewart’s upbringing definitely contributed to her “chivalry and [sic] traditional ideas of romance.”

Another interesting fact that’s worth noting is that Stewart is a self-described “Lesbian Christian.” As the book reveals, she struggled with her sexuality for many years. She finally came out to her parents when she was 21 years old, and they accepted her as she is. This, in turn, helped Stewart gain the trust of her romantic partners. In fact, Friedman writes that Stewart’s parents “helped her to understand that her sexual orientation didn’t have to be a secret and that she wasn’t going to hell for it.” Friedman also mentions that Stewart’s religious views have no influence over her professional life. In the book, Stewart states that she wants to work hard, be reliable, and have a good sense of humor. She finds the teachings of Jesus to be funny. However, she does feel that being a good person is a necessary component to living a good life.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this book is the fact that it provides a glimpse into Stewart’s mind. One of the main attractions of the novel is that it unveils the inner workings of Stewart’s brain. Friedman, in her preface, explains that she did this to create a story that’s both exciting and educational. She also mentions that she did this because she was passionate about revealing the truth about the relationship. In the book, this is most clearly seen in Stewart’s analysis of other actresses and what they’re doing to catch the male gaze. For example, she compares actress Charlize Theron’s sex appeal to that of an Apple Computer. She then proceeds to analyze why Apple Computers were so successful in the marketplace at the time that she wrote the book: 

  • They make products that are easy to use
  • They create devices that are sleek and attractive
  • And most importantly
  • They have a woman’s touch

It’s also worth noting that Stewart is very protective of Theron. In a 2010 Buzzfeed article, Stewart mentioned that Theron “has an absolutely amazing presence. She has such vitality. The way she carries herself is very powerful.” This quote was seen as a dig at Theron’s famously voluptuous figure.

There’s also a very interesting section in the book about Stewart’s philanthropic endeavors. She regularly donates her time to various charities and, according to Friedman, does this for two reasons. First, she cares about the well-being of the people she helps. Second, she wants to “make the world a better place.”

Lastly, we can’t leave this article without mentioning the fact that Hollywood’s royal couple is known for being extremely private. Before the publication of this article, we knew virtually nothing about their personal lives. Now that we do know more, will they ever reveal anything about themselves? Stay tuned.