Robert Pattinson looks like a foot! Or a clog! Or a dancing bear! Actually, all of these statements are true. Let’s examine his shoe size, hair color, and body type more closely.

Size Matters

Pattinson’s shoe size is a hot topic. The 25-year-old actor’s size 12 shoes are causing a stir, inspiring fashion and lifestyle bloggers to muse on what size they would wear if they were forced to choose between a man and a woman. While some deem him too small, others pine for the days of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, when size 12 was the standard. After all, large men’s shoes are a style best left to grandparents and great-grandparents.

Pattinson’s hair color is another matter entirely. The former Twilight actor debuted a striking new look at the premiere of the Weinstein Company’s The Photograph. Although he sports a classic scowl, he is sporting a full head of hair colored bright orange. Is he trying to match the scenery in the movie, or is he trying to give himself a new identity? Either way, we can’t decide whether we love or hate his new look. Then there’s his body type. While some men go large to accommodate their height, weight, and girth, Pattinson sports a slim figure that leaves little to the imagination.

If you were forced to choose between a man and a woman, which one would you pick?

Hair Color Is Everything

If you believe that hair color is an indicator of a person’s personality, you’d best check out Pattinson’s hair. The former Twilight actor has been described as having a “bad boy image,” and his hair color definitely captures that description. The question is, does it work for him?

We’re inclined to think that it does. Not only does the unique shade of orange suit him perfectly, but it also keeps him fresh on the red carpet. If we compare his work in the 2017 films Life of Crime and Twilight to his work in earlier projects such as 2013’s Gone Baby Gone and 2014’s The Lost City, we see a definite stylistic shift. Gone are the days of simple black or white outfits. He is now wearing color on color.

What do you think? Does Robert Pattinson look like a foot, a clog, or a dancing bear? Let us know what you think in the comments below.