If you have ever seen the movie Good Will Hunting, you know exactly what kind of night out Robert Pattinson had in mind when he agreed to play a prominent role in this upcoming film. A funny thing about the film is that aside from the setting, the recreation of the ‘70s is amazingly authentic. Even as someone who was alive and well during that time frame, it’s still hard to believe that this is mostly an act. It doesn’t hurt that many of the film’s finest supporting actors have played their parts with such expertise that the recreation seems almost seamless. But even though many of these supporting actors were veterans of the stage, they clearly had not prepared for how loud the nightclubs of the era would be. This is probably because in those days, nightclubs did not have the luxury of sophisticated soundproofing systems. As a result, it would often seem that the walls were not quite closed enough, especially not after a certain point in the evening when all the performers would have to stop what they were doing and finish their set. This inevitably led to a kind of cacophony—part noise pollution and part performance art—that is not easily forgotten..

It was this type of scene that Pattinson and his friends recreated on a chilly October night in London. With a little bit of help from the staff at the luxurious Hetty’s Club, the actor was able to relive some of the best and worst times from the ‘70s. This is not to say that all went well. Far from it. Far from it. But given the chance to reminisce on the wonderful experiences that the decade had to offer, the evening was a great success. Especially after the club’s famous lobster was served and enjoyed by all. (We are assured it is still good today.) The actor and his friends even managed to have a little fun with the staff by offering to buy them drinks. Which they did, of course. And the next day, they got to work on some of the scenes they had not managed to finish the night before. Which is always good for an actor. Especially one who is as talented as Pattinson. It keeps the juices flowing. And as we all know, the more you know, the more you can do. Which is exactly what Robert Pattinson needed at that point in his life. Having just wrapped up a year of filming the highly anticipated Twilight series, the actor took a short break to indulge in one of the most iconic periods in modern history. A chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. And what better way to spend a long winter’s night than in a movie that takes you back in time to the ‘70s?

Where Do I Sit?

In keeping with the character of a ‘70s bachelor, Pattinson chose to sit at the center of the table. Which is probably why he found himself between two very beautiful women. One on his right and the other on his left, accentuating his good looks. This is also the sort of seating that would make anyone feel very comfortable. Especially if you are already enjoying a beautiful view of the garden. So even if you don’t fancy yourself as a member of the fairer sex, it would be hard to find a bad seat at this restaurant. Especially when the lights are dimmed and the band is playing its best ‘70s music. That is, of course, if you are lucky enough to get a table. Which is not always the case. Especially not at this point in the evening when most restaurants are already sold out. This is because the movie is already running a little bit late. Which, as we all know, is an advantage. Especially if you happen to be between scenes. (Scene changes were done almost entirely between songs. Which also helps to explain why the sound levels were so high. Especially since the band would often get a few drinks in them before performing. Which never sits well with the members of Public Safety.) The audience loved it when Pattinson’s character chose to sit in the middle, despite the romantic vibes that the two women on either side of him were trying to give off. The point is that no matter where you sit, you are bound to have a good time. Especially if you are at Hetty’s, where you can feast on the freshest lobster and the best French wines. Especially since you get all of this for free. Thanks to the wonders of promotion.

What Do I Eat?

If you are looking for a fun night out in London with your loved one, I would recommend that you take them to Hetty’s. Not only will you be able to recollect some of the greatest moments from the ‘70s, but you will also be able to indulge in some of the most iconic foods of the era. From lobster to caviar, from pasta to pizza—everyone’s favorite foods from that time frame are available here. And who knows? If you are feeling extra generous, you could even treat your sweetheart to a romantic evening that features all the foods they love the most. From fish and chips to Chinese food—no meal is off limits here. The only question is what will you order?

How Does The Film Begin?

The movie opens with a shot of Pattinson’s character at a table in the middle of a crowded restaurant. His back is to the camera, which is slightly odd since the whole point of an establishing shot is to put the audience in the right mindset. In this case, the audience is meant to imagine that they are there, at that very table. With Pattinson, who is the only person facing the camera. On his right and left are two women, one of whom he is chatting with while the other is tapping away at her smartphone. He is obviously late as he does not have his jacket on and is carrying a small suitcase. This is an unusually quaint scene for a ‘70s bachelor. Especially as he is not at all dressed up. Just a tee shirt and jeans. Which are the same outfit—albeit worn a little more stylishly—that he is wearing in the closing scene of the movie. (We will get to that later.)

What Happens Next?

Cut to: another scene from the ‘70s. This time, it is Pattinson’s character, who is not wearing a tee shirt this time around. Sitting at a table that is set for four. The table is in the middle of a large room, which could be a restaurant or a living room. It is actually hard to tell since there are no signs or menu boards in the room. Nor is there any other indication that this is a restaurant. The other diners are elegantly and fashionably dressed. A few of them are even wearing leisure suits. (A ‘70s leisure suit is defined as any suit that is either extremely colourful or patterned. This includes anything from a psychedelic pattern to something as simple as a solid-color suit or a stripe pattern. In the ‘70s, it was commonplace to wear more than one style of clothing at a time. This is especially true when going to work, school, or a party. Since it was considered undesirable to be too restrictive about what you wore back then. There was always something chic and stylish about the ‘70s. And that is exactly what makes this period so memorable. From fashion to music, there was something new and exciting about the ‘70s. The movie continues with the character of Pattinson’s staring into the camera and a voiceover that explains the whole concept of the film. How it is based on real events. And how it is not an exact recreation of the ‘70s, save for one key detail. (Which we will get to in a moment.)