It’s no secret that fashion and film collide, and they’ve become such good friends that they now share many stylish outfits and looks. One of the latest fashion moments to make its way from the big screen to the real world is Benedict Cumberbatch’s (of Dr. Strange fame) gorgeous pale yellow suit as Sherlock Holmes from the upcoming movie, Sherlock Holmes: A Game. The character was first introduced to movie audiences as a dashing young Sherlock Holmes, but the costume designers at Neal Street London had to go all-in on the nostalgia in order to give Cumberbatch a vintage feel while also infusing him with modern style. The result is a look that’s as classic as it is fashionable.

Sherlock Holmes

Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes is one of the most distinctive faces in all of Hollywood. The resemblance to the real Sherlock Holmes is uncanny, and we’re not just talking about the over-the-top bushy eyebrows or the piercing blue eyes either. We’re referring to the overall vibe that the great detective gives off – he’s sharp, clever, and very much the dashing bachelor. Even the color of his tie matches that of his famed deerstalker cap. Naturally, this iconic outfit has been the spring board for many a fashion designer, with a number of lavish coat dresses and sherlock-esque jumpsuits hitting the rails this fall and winter.

Now that you have the perfect image of Sherlock Holmes in mind, it’s time to bring him wardrobe-wise, and we’re not talking about the great detective’s actual clothes here but rather a perfect look inspired by the famous detective himself. The outfit you’ll need to complete the vintage appeal is a long-sleeved rob patterson’s or sholmes’s jacket, and if you want to complete the look, you’ll need a tie, a pocket square, and a pair of sunglasses. Of course, you can’t have a real-life detective without his famous hat, and the perfect place to get it is from the company that makes the best Sherlock Holmes replicas in the world – House of Bolsa. So if you want to take a trip down memory lane this coming fall and winter, check out these wonderful items that pay homage to one of the most famous and admired detectives of all time.

Modern Yet Traditional

Traditional and fashion-forward are two words that you couldn’t throw around Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the new Sherlock Holmes movie. While some might say that he’s simply a pretty face fronting traditional English detective work, Sherlock Holmes is much more than that. The great detective’s personal life was as colorful as his cases, and the clothing and accessory choices he made were as unique as the people he interacted with. Even the color of his tie and his overcoat were inspired by the drapes he spotted while investigating a case. Naturally, this is reflected in his wardrobe as well. One of the first things you’ll see him in is a mustard overcoat with a rolled collar, a traditional style that was ahead of its time.

Not only does Cumberbatch dress the part of Sherlock Holmes impeccably, but his outfits are also perfectly matched with iconic Sherlock Holmes accessories. From his deerstalker cap to his pipe, just about every item associated with the great detective has been remade in gold or silver metal. And since there’s no real harm in reminding yourself of just how stylish and fashionable the great detective was, it’s worth collecting all of these accessories to put them on display. As well, the vintage tie he wears in the film is as stylish as it is representative of the time it was designed for. This coming season, go all-out in fashion and décor and bring a little of that old-school Sherlock Holmes spirit into your home.