You’d think after five years of hearing nothing but “Darling” and “Honeymoon” that Hollywood’s fascination with the royal wedding would have died down. But nope. As soon as Kate Middleton put on that dress, everyone lost their minds. Twitter was flooded with wedding-related hashtags and the media had a field day, trying to put a human face on the couple’s big day.

Now that the world’s obsession with the wedding has passed, we can look back and see which celebrities were obsessed with the biggest day of the year and which ones behaved best.

The Most Obsessed Celebrities

While the attention was focused on Kate and William’s big day, it was Robert Pattinson’s turn to shine. The 26-year-old actor stunned people when he proposed to his long-term partner, Emily Browning, inside St. Marks Cathedral in London. The proposal, which was filmed by director Tom Bentley, ended in tears as the couple’s loved ones watched in awe as the beautiful church filled with light.

The “Twilight” star immediately swept the media world with his big reveal and the spotlight that came with it. People flocked to social media to find out more about the gorgeous couple’s special day, while outlets from newspapers to online magazines scrambled to get interviews with the happy newlyweds.

The Most Classy Celebrities

The royals might have stolen the limelight that day, but it was Pattinson’s older brother, James, who stole our hearts. The 23-year-old Cambridge University graduate stunned onlookers when he presented his wife, Charlotte, with a stunning sapphire ring. The blue sapphire is one of the largest in the world and the diamond was flanked by white diamonds in a simple yet classy design.

It’s clear that James isn’t your ordinary groom. Not only is he stunning but he also seems to genuinely care for his new wife. The couple were affectionate throughout the ceremony and posted a sweet kiss on their wedding day, as well as multiple photos of the newlyweds posing together. We can’t get enough of this picture of James presenting his wife with a stunning diamond ring.

The Most Conservative Celebrities

We’ve seen a lot of celebrities go against the grain over the years and experiment with drugs and alcohol, but it was actually the quiet ones who ended up keeping it real. The English countryside might look like paradise but it’s actually home to a bunch of snobby, conservative country clubbers who hate anyone who isn’t part of the upper classes. It was clear that Robert Pattinson, who is a part of that elite circle, wanted to keep things traditional on his wedding day. He chose to marry Emily Browning, an interior designer who grew up in an estate worth millions, despite rumors that he’d set his wedding date with a Kardashian. On their wedding day, the “Twilight” actor looked dashing in an ivory suit, as he walked down the aisle accompanied by his brother and sister.

It was also notable that the bride’s side mostly opted for classic looks, with only a few daring ladies who dared to go against the grain. The wedding dress designer Alice Temperley opted for a fitting ivory dress, while Emily’s sister, Nancy, wore a peach-colored gown by Temperley as the flower girl. The bride’s grandmother, Vera, sported a large diamond necklace as she walked her great-granddaughter down the aisle and handed over the rings. However, it wasn’t just about keeping up appearances on the big day. It was also about sending a message. According to James Pattinson, his new bride’s family are all into gardening and they like to experiment with tropical flowers so he felt that an eco-friendly theme would be fitting for their wedding.

Overall, it was a happy and classy affair. We may have witnessed the wedding of the year, but that doesn’t mean the entire event was flawless. There were a few hiccups. First, the rain. It poured down on the afternoon of the wedding, upsetting many of the guests who arrived well after the ceremony. Second, the timing. The wedding happened on a Sunday afternoon and many churches don’t let out their venues until later in the afternoon, which meant that the guests had to endure a long wait. Third, the bride’s family. Like many other families from the upper classes, the Browns are extremely proper and they can come off as a little stuffy at times. For example, when they arrived at the ceremony they were taken aback by the size of the crowd and the amount of noise that was coming from outside. Fourth, the seating arrangements. Since the church was packed, the guests had to sit on the floor and wait their turn to be seated. Fifth, the way the guests were treated. Other weddings, particularly those involving celebrities, are heavily scrutinized by the media and public, so it was important that the Browns’ wedding was handled in privacy. The fact that this was a private wedding made a lot of the guests feel special and gave the event a more personal touch.

As expected, the media descended upon the Browns’ wedding like flies on honey. There were so many famous faces in the church that day because the guest list read like a “Who’s Who” of Hollywood’s elite. In addition to the aforementioned celebrities, the list included the likes of Emily’s aunt, Janey, and her husband, Charlie; James’s college roommate and business partner, Will; and even Charlotte’s parents, Alan and Linda. Naturally, the media got to work, trying to dig up dirt on the famous guests. Some of the information that came out was true and some of it wasn’t, but it was all in good fun, particularly since the Browns’ wedding was, as we’ve established, a pretty private affair. It would have been easy for a paparazzi to crash the event and cause chaos, so the fact that they didn’t made us trust them more.

The Least Obsessed Celebrities

It’s safe to say that while Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding dominated the headlines and social media throughout the year, it wasn’t all good news for the guests who attended. The media’s fascination with the event meant that a lot of privacy was lost. A wedding is a very personal event and many guests wouldn’t have minded if the press wasn’t around. We got to see a lot of celebrities, particularly those who are part of the Kardashian family, use social media to flaunt their outfits and shoes, as well as share rumors and gossip. It’s no secret that the Kardashians are money-hungry fame seekers who will do anything to get what they want. And what they want, at this point, is to be as famous as possible. It was a sad day for some of the Kardashians when they learned about the Browns’ wedding. They couldn’t help but compare their own experience to that of the wealthy families who attended the event. It wasn’t just about envy, however. It was about the fact that the Kardashians were denied access to the exclusive events that their social media followers (and, sometimes, their actual fans) get to enjoy.

It’s clear that some of the Kardashian ladies are trying to change their ways. They want to be seen as classy and, at some point, the Queen himself has had to plead with them to stop posting about their wealth, because, you know, the less-privileged members of society have actual struggles too. The Kardashians, in general, want to be seen as people who can relate to those struggles and, more importantly, people who can make a difference. They want to be seen as celebrities who could actually become role models. Sadly, it’s not going to be easy, because they have a very public face and it’s hard to become a role model when you’re constantly being compared to a popular celebrity. The Browns’ wedding might have been glamorous and filled with Hollywood stars, but it was also a reminder of how superficial celebrity is.

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