One of the most exciting celebrity news stories of 2017 was the revelation that actor Robert Pattinson had moved in with his boyfriend, fashion designer Andrew Garfield. The story made international headlines and became a lightning rod for controversy, with many people expressing their disappointment that the couple had not chosen to start a family.

While there have been no official reports, it is believed that the two spent the last three to four months of last year in Malibu, sharing an intimate relationship and bonding over their love for fashion. The Daily Mail has claimed that they even watched a movie together, with the newspaper speculating that it may have been the quirky love story My Best Friend’s Wedding. Or, perhaps it was The Princess Bride, which featured many important conversations between unlikely friends.

Pattinson and Garfield have kept their relationship under wraps, with the former being photographed with his hand on the designer’s arm. The speculation surrounding their time spent together led to the revelation that the couple had considered tying the knot, but had decided against it. Despite this, the on-screen chemistry between the two is undeniable, with many fans expressing their desire to see the couple start a family together.

Why Aren’t They Married Yet?

The question on everyone’s lips is: why haven’t Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield gotten married? As with any other celebrity relationship, speculation surrounding this question has run rampant. However, one fact that has managed to escape the attention of the media is the possibility that the couple may not want to start a family right away. According to InStyle, the actor turned musician has said that he is not necessarily opposed to fatherhood, but that he and his boyfriend want to take things slowly and establish a stable foundation first.

“I’d like to meet the right person and settle down,” Pattinson has said. “But I don’t know if that’s going to happen. We just haven’t found each other yet.”

While the couple have kept busy with their careers, working on films such as Good Morning Britain, The Lighthouse, and The Batman, they have also been frequent guests on the talk show circuit, discussing everything from fashion to activism. In March 2018, the Twilight cast were reunited when Pattinson and Gardner were given the prestigious Global Gala Award at the 2018 World Cinema Awards in London.

Is This Relationship Just a Fad?

With all the secrecy that surrounded their romance, it is fair to say that no one knows for sure whether or not this is just a passing trend for Robert Pattinson. However, one thing that is for certain is that it has created quite the stir. While many lauded the couple for their commitment to each other and willingness to share their life with the world, others saw this newfound publicity as a sign that the actor’s career was on the decline. After all, why would he need to keep everything so secret if he wasn’t worried about being typecast as a heartthrob?

While the two have publicly stated their commitment to each other and desire to remain a couple, they have yet to make their relationship official. If this is just a publicity stunt, then it’s amazing how well it’s been executed. Time will only tell whether or not this is just a passing trend or a long-term commitment to each other and a life dedicated to fashion. For now, we’re just happy to have them share their time and love with us.