When it comes to box office smashes there’s always one name that leaps to mind: Michael Moore. The director’s first film, Roger & Me, made him a household name. Since then, Moore has gone on to direct numerous award-winning documentaries, most notably Sicko, which exposed the greed and recklessness of the American healthcare system.

Moore’s influence can be seen in many prestigious documentary films, most notably Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Watergate: An Historical Movie. The film, an examination of the Watergate scandal, won an overwhelming majority of the major awards its year of release, including the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

But while Moore’s documentaries often prove popular beyond the realms of cinema, his biggest hit to date has been somewhat of a letdown. Robert Pattinson’s 2013 film, The Believer, was initially met with fierce critical backlash upon its release, mainly due to its highly controversial central premise: that Scottish writer James Bond (Pattinson) is secretly a Jehovah’s Witness and is now undergoing faith healing as a result of his covert mission to expose the truth about religion.

This week marks the anniversary of that controversial film. So what have been the most significant developments in the life of our intrepid hero since The Believer premiered a year ago?

New Job, New Home And New Romance

When we last saw James Bond, he was leaving Maud Bank behind, having just successfully completed his mission to rescue her from a life of bondage in North Korea. The charismatic MI6 agent then embarked on a new adventure, this time with children in tow. Sadly, Bond’s parental leave was not a gift from God, but a contractual obligation under Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

It’s been a transformative year for the iconic British spy. First up, Bond became a father for the second time, this time to children Grace and Robert. The MI6 agent has also been promoted to the position of head of field operations for the Secret Service, a post he’s held in Scotland since the end of Spectre. While in Scotland, Bond bought a house with his children, whom he regularly escaputs with on adventures in his Aston Martin DB10.

He Married A Maori Woman

Bond’s new job has brought with it a new wife. At the close of Spectre, the secret agent and his archer ally, Katrina Milne (Bond’s wife, Rachel) were seen kissing before riding off into the sunset. While it was certainly a happy ending, their whirlwind romance was actually the result of an elaborate ruse to gain information from SMERSH, the ruthless Soviet security service.

Rumors of Bond’s affair with Katrina began circulating almost immediately after the film’s premiere. The media were quick to latch on to the story, with publications speculating on whether or not the star would continue his affair with Rachel and the subsequent implications for the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Bond 24. The speculation was far from ill-founded. In fact, shortly after the film’s premiere, the British public found out about Bond’s affair with Katrina, when she finally made her grand entrance into the public eye, confirming the rumors.

He Visited The Ends Of The Earth

In the wake of the Spectre fiasco, it’s fair to say that the world is a far less forgiving place for James Bond. Despite the best efforts of Q and company, the damage to Spectre was truly irreparable. The British secret agent and his crew of loyal heroes found themselves thwarted at every turn by the nefarious Mr. Big (Ralph Fiennes), who sought to ensure the safety of humanity once again. In the process of saving the world, Bond and his comrades suffered numerous indignities, including electric shocks, freezing temperatures, crushing pressure and a fall from space, all of which were depicted in the film’s outrageous climax.

So after all that, what has happened to James Bond in the past year? While the world mourned the passing of 007 and we looked to the future with trepidation, the iconic spy has risen from the dead. In many ways, Bond’s rebirth was inevitable. After all, the man known as James Bond is no ordinary secret agent. He is as unique an individual as any other character created for film, and yet he transcends film, becoming an icon both within and outside of Hollywood.

What has been the result of all this change? While the world waits to see how the series will conclude, the developments in the character’s life since Spectre provide us with an opportunity to reflect on this extraordinary year.