Sexy Robert Pattinson has been spotted with his hands down his pants. What is more exciting is that this time it’s not a fake tattoo, but rather an actual cigarette burn. Can you believe that these Hollywood stars are making us all feel like a piece of meat? Well, at least his junk is looking more realistic these days.

Robert Pattinson’s Smoking Habits

People have been wondering about Robert Pattinson’s smoking habits ever since the Twilight star first started gaining attention. Is he a chain smoker or does he just enjoy the occasional puff? It seems like he is the latter as he has been spotted with a cigarette in his hand without any other kind of tobacco products in sight. However, he has been known to hold a box of cigarettes and a vape pen.

It’s not just about the cigarettes either. He has also been spotted with a pipe in his hand and has even done interviews while smoking a pipe. In the past, Robert Pattinson has tried his hand at a number of vices and seems to have learnt from his mistakes. He has been known to try and quit drugs and alcohol, but it is unclear if this is just part of his public persona or if he truly means it. It would not be the first time that a famous star has tried to stay clean, and it would certainly not be the last.

Why Do You Think Robert Pattinson Is Acting This Way?

Well, the simple answer to this is that he is getting older and wiser and is finally realizing that life is too short to waste time doing drugs and alcohol. Sure, it’s cool to experiment with different types of drugs and try new things, but it is quite clear that these are the types of habits that will damage your health in the long run. 

This is not to say that Robert Pattinson has always stayed healthy. He has been known to be very temperamental and testy, often putting his health at risk. However, it seems like he has finally learned to control himself and has been taking better care of himself. This is why it would not be a surprise if he starts shedding a few pounds and loses some of his legendary good looks. 

Is This Why He Has A Car Accident?

It has not been confirmed, but it is quite possible that the reason why Robert Pattinson had a car accident earlier this year was due to him being drunk or under the influence of drugs. If you look at some of the paparazzi shots of the accident, it is quite evident that this is what happened. 

The driver of the car that hit him had to be taken to the hospital because he was worried about his own health. The accident did not cause any serious injuries, but it did shake the actor’s reputation. It was not the first time that Robert Pattinson had a drinking or driving problem and it will certainly not be the last. It’s quite clear that this is something that he needs to work on if he wants to stay healthy and continue to be a role model for young people. 

Does He Like Cock?

While there is no direct evidence to suggest that Robert Pattinson enjoys rough sex, there are several things that point towards this. First, he has been spotted with a number of women in his bed. It’s not that he is a womanizer, but he does seem to have a particular interest in BDSM. Second, he has been seen with a number of female fans who have been wearing very little clothing and have been rubbing themselves against him, trying to get his attention. Finally, he has stated in the past that he would like to test his limits and see how far he can go in bed before he ejaculates. Does this sound like a man who doesn’t like to get his rocks off?

We want to believe that this is just a case of the Twilight star trying to keep his private life discreet, but it is quite clear that he is much more open about his sex life than most celebrities. It would not be the first time that a famous star was caught with their pants down and trying to provoke us into thinking that it is okay to be open about your kinks and fetishes. 

All In The Family

It is quite clear that Robert Pattinson is not shy about showing off his penis. This is evident from the numerous leaked cock shots that have been circulated on the internet over the years. While it is not illegal to have a cock shot and it is certainly not a crime to be gay, it is still not something that you should be doing if you don’t want to end up in prison. 

Whether or not you believe that Robert Pattinson is gay, it is quite clear that he enjoys experimenting with men. There have been reports of him going undercover as a woman to sleep with other men. Whether or not this is true, it is pretty clear that he enjoys being the aggressor in these situations and gets off on the thrill of the chase. This is why it is not a huge surprise if he starts seeing other men as a way of relieving stress and gaining pleasure. Is it any wonder why he keeps getting in accidents? He clearly likes getting his hands dirty and likes to push his limits. The fact that he is getting older and wiser makes this more exciting.