Book Cover

When we last left off with the saga of Robert Pattinson, he was about to go on the most high-profile book tour of his life, which was to be capped off by the publication of his hotly-anticipated follow-up to Waterbourne. This was going to be a big moment for the Scottish-born, Hollywood actor, who was just beginning to make waves in Hollywood, gaining praise for his starring role in The Rover and upcoming The Dark Knight Rises as well as a Best Actor nomination at this year’s Academy Awards.

But now, almost two years later, fans of the former Twilight star are treated to another big moment as his newest book, Little Ashes, was finally unveiled with a special book cover that pays tribute to one of his favorite bands, The Smiths. Appropriately, the cover art was done by none other than the band’s former guitarist and songwriter Johnny Marr.

What Is In The Book?

In true Johnny Marr fashion, the cover artwork for Robert Pattinson’s Little Ashes is a black-and-white portrait of a city skyline, dominated by the distinctive shape of a church spire. The focal point of the image is, in fact, the figure of a man in a top hat, standing in front of One Great Victoria Street, a skyscraper that bears the architect’s name – a subtle nod to The Smiths’ iconic self-titled debut album and landmark album Strangers Aloud. A fitting tribute to the album that brought Johnny Marr and Morrissey together in the first place – and which also provided the soundtrack to one of their most well-known and beloved film portrayals together.

A Brief History Of The Book

Robert Pattinson is no stranger to publishing – he has nearly 20 books to his name – but this is his first venture into the world of musical memoirs. Little Ashes is, in fact, the second of a trilogy of rock ‘n’ roll-inspired books that the actor has penned, following on from the hugely successful Waterbourne, which was published in 2010 and became an instant bestseller in both the US and the UK, shifting over one million copies in print within its first year, and going on to become one of the biggest selling comedy memoirs of all time. Its success inspired the BBC to make a tv series based on the book.

Now, with the publication of his latest book, all signs point to another bestseller – and a possible return to the big-screen for Robert Pattinson.