If you follow celebrity news, you will have heard that Robert Pattinson had quite the adventure
while on holiday with his girlfriend, Bella. They went to Japan to visit her family and ended up getting
engaged! Since then, the couple have been travelling the world together, documenting their romance
throughout the annuls. While the world has been eagerly following their story, the 33-year-old actor
has remained relatively private. However, that is all set to change as he opens up about his engagement
and new lifestyle in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair.

The Privileged Life

You may know that Robert Pattinson was raised in the UK but his privileged upbringing didn’t
prevent him from getting involved in debauchery at an early age. He began drinking at 14 and taking
drugs at 16. He went on to become addicted to prescription medication which led to him being
hospitalised at 18. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to treating his addiction and has been clean
for 10 years now. However, his life hasn’t exactly been plain sailing. Since he began dating Bella,
his behaviour has changed and he has increasingly taken on a privileged lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown
of his rich and famous girlfriend’s influence.

The Engagement

It was well-documented that Robert Pattinson had been seeing actress and singer Emily
Rose for a number of years. They met while filming Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows in
2011 and began a low-profile association which saw them taking on a number of joint projects. The most
recent of these was the video for Pattinson’s latest single, Runaway. The clip shows the couple in
different locations such as Paris and the French Riviera and is interspersed with vintage footage of
them kissing and making out. It’s been said that the video is an ode to their long-distance
relationship and offers a rare peek into their private life.

Paris Is Our Playground

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations. Not only is it home to some of
the most beautiful women in the world, but the city also has a reputation for being hospitable to
newcomers. Therefore, it isn’t too much of a surprise that Robert Pattinson chose to propose to
Bella in a Parisian park. It certainly has a special place in his heart as he had proposed to his
former partner, Kate Winslet, there four years previously. While in Paris for the weekend, the
actors were spotted playing on a golf course. However, the game wasn’t quite what Kate Winslet was
used to. She confessed to People that she’d never played the game and had to learn how to golf. It was
clear from her confused expression that the actress wasn’t exactly feeling at home on the green. To
make matters worse, the scenery wasn’t helping either – the French countryside looked a lot like the

The Wedding Plans

Bella’s family is well-known for their wealth and influence, having acquired a significant
footprint in the fashion industry. As well as being an heiress, she is also the goddaughter of
Martha Stewart. However, it was Emily who initiated the dialogue about marriage, asking Bella to be
her partner in crime. The 38-year-old has long been obsessed with fashion and had even designed a
line of underwear for Victoria’s Secret. It was only a matter of time before she decided to make her
long-distance love a reality. As for Robert Pattinson, he is the son of legendary music producer
David and the nephew of film director and producer Tim. Tim is best known for his work on the
Robin Hood franchise and Ridley Scott’s King Arthur. In addition to creating a TV show for the
Royal Family, Tim also worked with Michael Caine on the critically-acclaimed Mr. Nice Guy. It was then
that Caine revealed that he believed that his best friend and colleague, Tim, was indeed the real Mr.
Nice Guy.

Bella’s Last Resort

Just like any other celebrity couple, the couple’s vacation is peppered with stories of the
couples’ romantic moments. Most notably, they attended the Venice Film Festival to celebrate
Emily’s 40th birthday and were seen making a beeline for the photographers. It was then that David
Warrick tweeted a photo of the couple, with Bella hiding her face in Robert’s chest. David later
clarified that the image was of the pair embracing, not making out. Since then, the photos at the
venice movie festival have been shared frequently on social media.

The couple have also ventured into more traditional forms of photography, having hired a
wedding photographer to chronicle their big day. From the bouquet toss to the wedding cake, the
ceremony was filled with glitz and glamour. At one point during the ceremony, the rain became so
heavy that it flooded the photographer’s lens. Luckily, his equipment was waterproof and he was able to
snap a few precious moments before the wedding party was evacuated by the police.

Bella’s Design Influence

Bella has been a driving force behind a number of luxurious lifestyle magazines, launching
her own magazine, Zoie, in 2018. The publication was inspired by her love of fashion and is filled
with cutting-edge style reports and cover stories. In addition to fashion, Zoie’s contents include
food, travel and beauty. The publication’s first issue saw Bella interview Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon
and featured a special edition of the magazine, filled with exclusive interviews, fashion and lifestyle
stories, recipes and more. In total, there were 20 pages of content in the special issue of Zoie.

A Royal Affair

While we await the release of the couple’s eagerly anticipated first child, they have been
actively pursuing a number of joint projects. Most recently, they shot two ads for Tiffany’s Summer
19 collection, featuring Bella’s mother, Lady Victoria. The ads were inspired by Emily’s passion for
rare and unusual artworks and feature a number of spectacular pieces, including a self-portrait
made from 24 karat gold leaf, a Bulgari diamond and 2,880 diamonds!

The couple have also launched a capsule collection of clothing, accessories and home goods.
The collection is named The Vagabond Collection and draws its inspiration from their travels. Items in
the collection are fashioned from either recycled materials or organic fabrics and are designed to be
worn in different ways, from day to night. The clothes range from silk pyjamas with golden zips to
diamond-encrusted silk nightgowns and are priced at £135 per item.

A Self-Taught Artist

Although Robert Pattinson has had some minor acting roles in low-budget indie films, it was his
boyhood friend and Harry Potter producer, Richard Harris, who saw his true potential and encouraged
him to follow his dreams. Since then, he has slowly but surely been establishing himself as an
independent creative, shooting and directing commercials and music videos for international rock bands,
as well as a string of cameo appearances in A-list Hollywood films. In total, he has directed 13
music videos, all of which have premiered at No. 1 on the Billboard Youtube Music Videos chart. Not too
shabby for a self-taught artist.

As well as being an accomplished director, producer and singer, Emily is a trained
ballerina and classical pianist. She spent several years living in Moscow, where she studied under a
famous Russian pianist. It was during this time that Emily developed an interest in Soviet-era
design, especially floral prints. She has since incorporated these designs into a whole host of
projects, from pillows and duvets, to wedding gowns and stage outfits. The collection of silk and
organic cotton wedding gowns, adorned with day lilies or orchids and baby’s breath are worn by brides
at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The floral print motif also features heavily in Emily’s
summer 2019 collection for JOVANI, alongside images of her hometown, London, interspersed with
gorgeous botanical designs.

The pair have also designed a line of greeting cards, in collaboration with artist Luke
McCoy. The cards feature original illustrations by Luke and are signed and personalised with
additional photos and a dedication. They are available to purchase online from LukeMcCoy.com for £5
each and make for an ideal present.