While most people associate the British Royal Family with royal weddings and spectacular parties, they are actually a very private family who prefer to keep their private life private. However, that doesn’t mean that the media don’t get a peek at their every move. In fact, the media have been tracking the lives of the House of Windsor for years and even decades. This is primarily because the Royal Family is a symbol of strength for the British people and the world at large. As a result, the media see this as a pivotal moment in British history when the country needs to come together as one in support of the Royal Family.

A Legendary Career

It’s no secret that the media are obsessed with British royalty, especially when it comes to the famous and the infamous. No one is safe from scrutiny, including a member of the Royal Family. This is precisely why the media were so keen to document the younger Prince William’s courtship with Kate Middleton. They recognized that this was a pivotal moment in history and wanted to capture it on film.

The Royal Family has weathered numerous scandals over the years. The Duchess of Windsor, the Queen’s sister, was a well-known drinker whose antics reportedly made her so unpopular that she was even booed at an England v. Ireland football match in 1938. Another well-known scandal involved Prince George, the Duke of Edinburgh’s son, who was expelled from his university for cheating on an exam. Nevertheless, the Royal Family perseveres and continues to inspire the public with its resilience.

Style Is Key

One of the enduring images of the younger Prince William is his carefully arranged hair. In addition to being one of the most recognizable fashion details from the wedding, Prince William’s hairstyle is a visual representation of his meticulous and highly disciplined approach to life. This also extends to his style of dress. As the head of a major royal family, Prince William is generally depicted in rich and magnificent garments.

It’s well-established that the Royal Family is very fashion-conscious. The Queen’s wardrobe is considered one of the best in the world. The Duchess of Cambridge’s style has also been referenced as “very English Rose” and “traditional but classy.”

The style choices of the Royal Family are also important in terms of public perceptions. Those closely affiliated with the Royal Family have observed that whenever the Queen wears a colorful garment, it is almost immediately recognizable as being royal. This is even more prominent in her clothing choices since her coronette dress is such an iconic piece of royal design. It would not be surprising if the fashion choices of the Royal Family helped them become a fashion trendsetter. This is exactly what happened when the Duchess of Cambridge wore a sun hat that became known as the ‘Kate Middleton style.’

The British Royal Family is known to be sophisticated and intelligent individuals as well as stylish pioneers. As a result of their sterling fashion choices and impeccable taste, they will no doubt continue to inspire the world for years to come.