There is a massive amount of speculation as to whether or not actor Robert Pattinson is gay. Since splitting from his Twilight co-star Bella Swan, the British actor has kept a very low profile and has not taken part in any interviews. The question of whether or not he is gay has therefore dominated the tabloids and social media, with many fans and journalists alike wanting to know more about this enigmatic celebrity.

Where Does He Travel To?

Pattinson has been spotted in a number of far-flung destinations around the world. While on a promotional tour for his latest movie, The Lost Summer, he was photographed enjoying a beer at a Munich beer garden. The Lost Summer is a comedy set in a boarding school which also doubles as a retreat for the young and the beautiful. The film follows the adventures of a diverse group of teens as they navigate sex, drugs, and school politics.

After filming had wrapped, Pattinson was caught on a promotional tour for his latest movie, The Lost Summer (2016). While there, he stopped by a Munich beer garden and took a selfie with a beer in hand. This seems to indicate that he is indeed a fan of German beer.

Does He Hangout With Friends?

Even though Pattinson has kept a low profile since splitting from his co-star, he has not been completely shut off from the world. Since 2014, the actor has been spotted at various award shows and red-carpet events. These have included the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Met Gala. He has also been seen at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In the latter instance, he was most likely filming as part of the press package for the newlyweds.

Actors and journalists who have been granted access to Pattinson’s exclusive social media accounts have revealed that he has a large number of followers online. His Instagram and Twitter accounts are filled with pictures of himself posing with famous faces, luxury brands, and delicious food. He also shares details of his daily life, such as what he eats and how he exercises. Because of this, many have theorized that he is not only keeping himself busy but also trying to rebuild his acting credentials by launching a celebrity Instagram account.

Pattinson is a renowned vegetarian and supports a number of charitable causes via his work with the charity, Walking With Giants. He also shares a number of funny and candid anecdotes about his life and work on his Instagram account. While many of these may be apocryphal, it would be a huge boost to his image to be able to point to a genuine Instagram account showing off his everyday life. If he can continue to keep a low profile and stay away from the spotlight, perhaps his desire to be seen as a “regular guy” will emerge and we will see more of this authentic side.

Lets Get Biological!

While many have speculated that Pattinson is gay because of the abovementioned sightings, many others think that there is more than one reason why he has not spoken out about his private life. One theory is that he does not want to be typecast and does not want to limit his future choices. In an interview with The Guardian, Pattinson opened up about his distaste for labels and prejudices, stating that he does not like being told that he must be this or that because of his race, gender, or sexuality. He feels that society puts too much emphasis on such things and that it is a waste of energy trying to fit into preconceived stereotypes.

Pattinson went on to add: “At this point in my life, I don’t really give a shit about what people think. I want to find out what I want and go for it. So, if I feel like being with a woman, I’ll be with a woman. If I feel like being with someone of a different race, I’ll be with that person. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to avoid labeling and stereotyping. It’s in my DNA… But maybe I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and not give a shit what other people think.”

It is clear that Pattinson does not want to conform to the typical standards of behavior set by Hollywood, which is why he has kept a low profile since his split from Bella Swan. While this has allowed him to build an extremely devoted fan base, it has also made him the target of many a rumour and assumption. Because of this, it would be wise for him to come out of hiding and take a break from promoting his latest movie to clear the air.