For the longest time, fans were disappointed with the lack of new music from the singer, songwriter, and producer as he spent most of his time working on his solo album. Then in 2018, he surprised them by releasing a new single titled ‘Solo’. It was an instant hit and lead to the release of his self-titled album later that year. The album was only available to stream on Spotify but still managed to top the US Billboard 200 chart. His song ‘Solo’ even became the theme song for Instagram’s 10-year anniversary party. And just last month, he released a new single, “Fall Back Down”. The song is from his forthcoming album, featuring Ariana Grande and it marks the first time he has collaborated with an artist other than his longtime girlfriend. It seems like Robert Pattinson is finally coming into his own and wanting to show the world what he’s capable of.

Self-Titled Album Review

If you’re unfamiliar, “Solo” was the theme song for Instagram’s 10th anniversary party and is also the name of Rob’s upcoming self-titled album. It was previously announced that the album would be released on April 12, but Spotify’s New Music Friday series revealed the album’s official tracklist and revealed a few more details about the project. If you’re curious about what all the chatter is about, read on!

The album serves as both a goodbye to and an ode to his longtime girlfriend, Bella, who was featured on all of his previous albums (she also appears in the album’s artwork). The album artwork is colorful, eye-catching, and full of symbolism. In the center is a heart with the initials B.A.B. It stands for both “Bella and Barry Alba Bennett” and “Beard Alba Bennett”, which is a play on words since Bella’s beards have become a famous status symbol (and a sign of her devotion to him).

“Solo” opens the album and is a song dedicated to his girlfriend. The video focuses on a dream sequence where he walks through a rainy night with her by his side. He wipes away a tear as they arrive at her house.

Declassified Tracklist

Here’s the rundown of the 14 tracks on the standard edition of Solo:

1.  Solo  [Official Music Video]

Original song + official video = match made in heaven.

2.  Beard  [Official Music Video]

This one’s for the ladies (and some gents, too). Inspired by classic Disney films and comic books, “Beard” is a song about a bad boy who dons a beautiful, furry mask and goes on a crime-fighting spree. Before you start planning your escape route, let me tell you that this mask makes him way more intimidating (and hot).

“Beard” follows the same rhyme scheme as “Solo”. In the third stanza of the song, he sings:

Look into my eyes
I’m the bad boy with the beautiful mask
I put the ‘bad’ in bad boy

The artwork for “Beard” is a mash-up of Batman and Wolverine, with Alba’s facial hair wrapped around a yellow claw. The mask was first introduced in the “Solo” music video, where it’s worn by a stunt double. But the real Alba wears the mask in the song’s music video, which was released on April 12, along with the album’s official date. The song is an ode to his late father, who was a great fan of both the Disney and DC Comics series. It was also inspired by the “Dark Knight”, Batman.

3.  TikTok  [Official Music Video]

More than 500 million people use TikTok, a Facebook-owned video platform, each month. It’s the most popular social media app in the world, with more than 500 million active users each month. If you’re not familiar, TikTok is a place where users can upload and share short videos that range from entertaining to inspiring. Many celebs have noticed the power of TikTok and have used it as a platform to promote their projects, both live shows and albums. For example, Taylor Swift promoted her Reputation Stadium Tour with a series of short videos on TikTok.

4.  Shadows  [Official Music Video]

If you’ve ever seen The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, then you know how important a good soundtrack can be. The same goes for Solo. It doesn’t harm the film that much, if at all, but there’s a good chance you’ll hear the album’s “Shadows”, before or after you watch it. The song was written and produced by Alba alongside Jessie J and Benny Blanco, and it was released as a single on March 28, 2018.

Based on the life of Frank Shy Frankenstein, the novel The Note Book of Count Friedrich von Schaeken is the second of a trilogy by Sherlock Holmes fans. It was first published in 1899 and, like Sherlock Holmes, the main character, Count von Schaeken, is a consulting detective. It’s been called “the most influential and innovative work of detective fiction ever written.” 

“Shadows” is inspired by an English translation of the novel. Alba mentioned that he was a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and the character’s consulting detective, Professor Watson. And just like Watson, Alba’s character, Count von Schaeken, is a savant, with an IQ of 200 and a photographic memory. He also enjoys playing the piano. But the main difference between them is that this character is a vegan. And he hates to waste food. (Yes, the irony is rich.)

The song’s central message is straightforward: avoid eating animals. Especially when it comes to dining out, you should always opt for vegan options or, at the very least, choose an animal-free dish. This applies to fans of all genders, but it’s especially relevant for women since beef has long been considered manly food.

5.  Girl [Official Music Video]

“Girl” is another song from Solo dedicated to his lover. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to think much of the song or its subject matter. In an interview with Vogue, the 37-year-old singer/songwriter said:

I feel like ‘Girl’ is a really vulnerable track, and it’s something I’m not really comfortable with. It’s an ode to my girlfriend, and it’s personal. I hope she likes it.

6.  The Joker [Official Music Video]

Before he was dating Bella, Rob was in a serious relationship with Elle MacLeman, the actress and founder of the production company, Elle MacLeman Films. They met at a party in 2005 and were engaged for a little over a year before breaking up in 2006. According to Elle MacLeman, the split was amicable and the two remain friends. (And for the record, Bella still refers to Elle as her “soulmate” in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts.)

After the break-up, MacLeman started seeing Rob, who had begun to wear his hair long, and the two dated for several years. In 2017, they went public with their relationship and Rob announced the arrival of their daughter, Rose. A few months later, the couple announced they were expecting a second child together. (Rose’s father also happens to be Bella’s brother.)

“The Joker” is named after the arch-villain in Batman (1989). It was written by Michael Jackson, who also happened to be a fan of the Dark Knight. Jackson’s only contribution to the soundtrack was this song; the rest of the album was produced by Robin Hanson.