We may know the identity of the new Batman, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the man in the red suit. Last we heard, he was filming in London, where he’s been joined by another famous film star – Robert Pattinson. The two are rumored to be in talks to star in a movie together, with Pattinson playing the Caped Crusader and Elizabeth Taylor attached as an executive producer. Could this be the end for Batman as we know it?

A New Face In The Role

While Christian Bale has been the definitive Batman for several films, it looks like Hollywood has decided that they want to start something new. The last film with Bale in the role came out in early 2019 and did less than stellar at the box office. While box office hits like Solo: A Star Wars Story prove that blockbusters don’t have to be based on comic book characters to be popular, it still seems that the world has moved on from the Dark Knight. With the Joker and Darth Vader enjoying a pop culture resurgence, will fans still flock to theaters to see Batman?

If recent rumors are to be believed, the filmmakers behind the hugely successful Ocean’s Eleven franchise are interested in tackling Batman. The producers of the series, Chris Morgan and Aaron Korsh, are said to be developing a movie with MGM where they will pitch a story that will finally make Batman a complete solo film. Aside from Morgan and Korsh, the production team includes returning members of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, including producer Gary Lucchesi and directors George Clooney and Brad Furman. It might not be a direct spin-off of the classic Ocean’s Eleven, but it’s still a fascinating choice for these filmmakers.

Wondering If This Is The End For Batman?

It’s been almost two months since we’ve heard from Christian Bale in the role of Batman and the question is, is this the end for the Caped Crusader? Since the last film released in 2018, there have been numerous reports about Bale’s future in the role. The actor himself has fueled the speculation by saying that he would be open to reprising the role, but at the same time, he hasn’t committed to anything. The most recent rumors claim that Warner Bros. has decided to drop the Batman moniker and instead, call their upcoming film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Aside from the shift in superhero movie branding, the rumor also suggests that the movie will feature an older Batman and will bring the character of Jon Snow – from Game of Thrones – in to take the mantle from him. Could this signify that Warner Bros. sees Solo and Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow as a possible next big hit for them?

Another interesting connection between Solo and Game of Thrones is that one of the producers of Solo, Nicole Korsh, was a former head of programming at HBO. Could this have influenced the decision to make Game of Thrones part of the movie’s narrative? If you take into consideration that Jon Snow is often compared to Batman – not just because of their similarities in terms of their dark, mysterious pasts – it certainly seems like a plausible theory. However, one has to wonder if Warner Bros. would choose an older, pre-Batman Bale as the protagonist of their solo film. Aside from the fact that he is already 42 years old and considering how grueling the role can be, it also seems that they might want someone a bit younger to play the role.

Where Does This Leave The Batman Revival?

While it might be easy to count this as the end of the road for the Batman franchise, the truth is there is still hope for the character inspired by the comics creator Bob Kane. After Solo and Game of Thrones, one of the most popular shows on television is arriving this fall and will continue the Batman revival. Gotham is back and this time, there will be only 26 episodes instead of the usual 22. While viewership for the show has slipped a bit since its premiere last year, it’s still a notable performance for a fall show. Also, the fact that it’s a prequel series gives it a bit more flexibility when it comes to story telling. It also stars several other famous film stars including Benicio Del Toro, Sean Bean, and Frances Kane – the real-life wife of comic book creator Bob Kane. It seems like a perfect storm for the character, but it remains to be seen if Batman will live up to his nickname this time around.

More Film Stars In The Role?

While the casting for the upcoming Ocean’s Eleven movie isn’t officially set in stone, it seems like Gary Lucchesi and Aaron Korsh have chosen some pretty famous faces to play the leads in their new film. Aside from the fact that George Clooney and Brad Furman have both been prolific filmmakers for decades, it appears that they want to continue the recent trend of casting famous actors in smaller, character-driven roles. While it’s exciting to see actors of such magnitude in smaller, bite-sized roles, it also means that there won’t be much depth to these characters. However, it may also mean that these smaller parts will add up to something bigger. For example, it’s well-known that Furman and Clooney both have a history with Batman and it seems like they’re trying to cash in on that fact by having them feature in a film together. What do you think? Is this a risky strategy or a genius move on their part?

The Dark Knight Rises

While many fans want to say goodbye to the Dark Knight forever, it looks like Hollywood isn’t ready to give up on the superhero just yet. Just last week, news broke that Warner Bros. had acquired the film rights to The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. It’s been almost ten years since the last film in the series came out and at the time, many fans were disappointed that it was the end of an era. However, with recent box office hits like Solo: A Star Wars Story proving that blockbusters don’t have to be based on comic book characters to be popular, it still seems like the world hasn’t moved on from the Dark Knight. With the recent success of Solo and the upcoming release of the sequel, The Kidnap of Edmond O’Brien, it seems like we’re in for more adventures of Batman and the Joker in the coming years.