While we were all hanging out at the Golden Globe Awards – watching and waiting with bated breath for the big winners to be announced – fashionista Rosie Mathew had something else to tell us. Something about a leather jacket being the new black.

The actress wore a stunning custom-made, long-sleeved, dark-colored leather jacket by the luxury French brand, Gucci, to the red carpet. And it was a clear hit, as viewers were quick to comment on the style blogger’s Instagram post.

The reaction was so positive that Rosie decided to channel her inner child and named her new fashion blog, Child of Mine. The fashion industry has spoken, and the little ones surely have something to teach the Mamas.

The actress is clearly a fashion savant, and her choice of wearing a leather jacket is a testament to its versatility. We caught up with Rosie to discuss the growing popularity of leather jackets, and why she chose to wear one to the Golden Globes.

Why Leather Jackets?

To put it simply, leather jackets are cool seasonals. Just like seasonal fashion trends, such as beach holidays and ski holidays, hot climates and cold climates inspire fashion. And what’s more, you can literally tailor-make a leather jacket to fit your lifestyle.

The style blogger says she wanted to wear what her followers have deemed as “the new black” – a nickname she gave to dark-colored leather jackets when they became so popular. When designing Child of Mine, Rosie says she wanted to create a capsule wardrobe, full of stylish outfit options that she could pull on at any time.

The Capsule Wardrobe

So how does one go about creating a capsule wardrobe? The fashion industry has spoken, and the answer is quite simple. Follow these steps:

  • Tailor-make a jacket to fit you perfectly.
  • Choose an outerwear piece that’s guaranteed to be stylish and functional.
  • Invest in a pair of pants and a few different shirt options.
  • Find the shoes that compliment your outfit perfectly.
  • Keep things simple yet stylish by wearing only one accessory – a diamond necklace, for example.

With this capsule wardrobe in mind, Rosie made sure to wear a variety of leather jackets, paired with different outfits and featuring different styles and cuts. As a result, she offers fashionistas a one-stop-shop for all their off-duty needs.

The Popularity Of Leather Jackets

It’s fair to say that leather jackets are making a comeback. What was once considered a “man’s jacket” is now being paired with feminine fabrics and intricate embellishments to create completely unique looks.

The stylings of the “man-woman” – as the industry now refers to this hybrid trend – can be found on runways worldwide and in fashion magazines. We’re seeing daring accessories and embellishments that wouldn’t look out of place on a lady’s arm, paired with masculine fabrics, such as leather and denim to create unique looks.

This is mainly attributed to influencers and celebrities, who are increasingly choosing to include this fashion item in their wardrobe, as it’s a great way to add a touch of masculinity to their outfits. This trend was especially noticeable at the Golden Globes, as many celebrities opted for leather jackets in a bid to keep warm as the temperatures were soaring. It was an unexpected choice, given that the majority of attendees were likely to be dressed in designer gowns and tuxedos.

Keep Your Manicure Looking Sharp

Another trend that arose as a response to bitter cold weather is the resurgence of hand-painted nails. Designers, such as Dior, opened up their in-house nail polish departments and stocked their colors in a range of vibrant hues. This is in contrast to past years, when nail polish was a “no” go for many A-listers, as they considered it to be a frivolous addition to an outfit.

Although the practice of wearing nail polish has changed, the impact that it had on fashion was still significant. The colors available to choose from are better and brighter, due to improved pigment extraction, which in turn makes the nails look more substantial. This is also contributing to the fact that celebrities are choosing to wear hand-painted nails more regularly than ever before.

Take Advantage Of What You Have

It’s no secret that many of us are lacking in practical warmth these days. Thanks to technological advancements and the ongoing global pandemic, we have more options than ever before when it comes to creating and maintaining a warm environment in our bodies.

Fashion has woken up to this and started creating hybrid garments that span the gap between the real world and cyberspace. Designs such as 3D-printed hoodies and leggings have taken the fashion world by storm, as we can literally tailor what we wear to fit what we have. And this is certainly something to celebrate. We’re living in a time when fashion can cater for our every need. When you want a warm jacket, you can order one online that will be printed on-demand.

There are many perks to having a capsule wardrobe. You can literally outfit yourself for any occasion and be confident that you have a stylish option that’s guaranteed to be warm – especially during those cold seasonals we’ve been discussing.