It has been a while since we have seen Robert Pattinson in a ‘new look’. The Twilight Saga’s Bel Ami star turned fashion icon has been all over the place and we have seen him embrace different styles and haircuts throughout the years. As 2016 draws to an end, we are wondering if this latest trend will stick or if this will be the final flourish of a style-driven actor.

Going Bald At The Back

One of the more recent trends that we have seen from the 59-year-old actor is a full head of hair at the back. Initially, we thought he was just playing around with hair, but it appears that this was indeed a lifestyle choice. After years of luscious thick hair, he has chosen to go bald at the back. And who are we to argue? If you’re going to go bald at the back, why not go all the way?

A New Look For A Fashion Icon

While at first glance, this choice might seem odd, it is in fact, one that is bound to appeal to men and women around the world. After all, who hasn’t longed to see Mr. Pattinson with a fringe, or a full head of hair? Not to mention, the fact that he is one of the most recognizable faces in the world today. This celebrity status makes him the perfect ambassador for any fashion campaign.

The Return Of The ‘Frumpy’ Robert Pattinson

For those of you who grew up during the peak years of the ‘90s, you might remember a certain Mr. Pattinson. Back in those days, the actor’s look was very much defined by his fringe. Back in August, we wrote an article entitled “The Making Of A Fashion Icon”, in which we detailed how the fringe has been a pivotal part of Mr. Pattinson’s look for decades. This eye-catching accessory has been a key component in the actor’s iconic style. It is fair to say that with every passing year, the fringe becomes a little more prominent in Mr. Pattinson’s look. This year was no exception. After a long time away from the trend, he finally returned to the fold in a big way.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

We are living in a world where more and more men are choosing to embrace their natural hair. And who are we to argue? If you’re going to go bald at the back, why not go all the way? Embrace your natural hair and you’ll become the ultimate fashion icon. What’s bad is, we are not sure if this is actually a lifestyle choice for Mr. Pattinson. One of the problems is that he has had to play with his hair a lot in the past to make it visible. But even then, we aren’t sure if this is truly a permanent switch. Maybe he will decide to grow out his hair once again. We can only hope so.

A Fashion Icon In Every Woman’s Eyes

While we are on the subject of men and their fashion choices, let’s talk about how powerful the symbol of male attractiveness can be. It seems that women from all over the world are vying for the attention of Mr. Pattinson and it is not difficult to understand why. The handsome British actor has literally been in the spotlight for most of his life. He began his acting career in 1983 and immediately shot to fame after starring in the critically acclaimed independent romantic comedy, The Good Girl. Since then, he has gone on to star in some of Hollywood’s most memorable films, such as the Twilight Saga, which is now a major international bestselling series, and The Lost Boys, which grossed over $300 million at the box office worldwide.

The beauty of Robert Pattison’s new look is that it is completely adjustable. If you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga and have been waiting for a glimpse of the elegant British actor in a new light, then this might be the outfit you have been looking for. It is a powerful symbol of male attractiveness, which can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.