What’s up movie fans! Hope you’ve all been having fun so far with the new year! It’s time to settle down and catch up on some much-needed movies. This year, I decided to focus on the Hollywood romantic comedies and musicals, particularly those aimed at a romantic audience. One of my favorite franchises from this decade is the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. Not only did it break several box-office records, but it also became one of the biggest selling books in history. If you’re looking for more reading material, you could always check out the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L. James. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your significant other – or for yourself!

Now, let’s get to the point. One of the biggest romantic comedies of all time is Midnight in Paris. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to rectify that situation. And if you have, why haven’t you seen it yet? This incredible movie follows a very glamorous Paris night out that one random woman has before her wedding. It was the perfect movie to watch before your big day. And just as a little bonus, it also has one of the most breathtaking cinematography jobs I’ve ever seen. The city of Paris is truly magnificent in Midnight in Paris. Be sure to add it to your Netflix queue.

Another Classic – But Can WE Talk About Something More Genuine?

There’s also another famous romantic comedy that I think we can all agree on. It’s one of the most iconic films of all time, not just because of its witty dialogue and perfect cast, but because of its heart-wrenching plotline. Can a film ever be too classic?

I’m talking about A Few Good Men – the 1992 movie starring Tom Hanks and Joe Mantegna. If you’ve never seen it, it’s time to add it to your list of must-watch movies. This is the story of a trial lawyer who defends six Army officers accused of raping a civilian. Despite how tough and serious the whole thing is, it’s still a heart-breaking tale. Especially in the last scene, when we find out that one of the women the lawyer is supposed to defend is actually pregnant. The lawyer ends up marrying the woman he defends, even though she cheated on him with one of the six men he’s defending. I think we can all relate to this dilemma. It’s one of the biggest tear-jerker movies ever made.

What About the Last Movie You Watched?

Speaking of tear-jerking movies, it’s time to talk about Bad News – the 2006 film that won the Golden Globe for Best Musical. The story follows a sporting journalist who becomes obsessed with a semi-famous athlete’s daughter, driving him to dig deep into the world of sport and uncovering a scandal. It was a powerful and touching film, both musically and visually. It premiered to critical acclaim and has held up well since its release. It also features one of the best ensemble casts I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Robin Williams, Gary Oldman, Jaden Smith, Martin Sheen, and Donald Sutherland, to name a few. This movie will break your heart, but also make you laugh. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to add it to your Netflix queue.

What About That One Movie You Liked Yet Never Got Around To Watching?

Speaking of Netflix, it’s time to talk about Black Panther. This is the first franchise member in a long time that I plan on watching entirely. I’ve heard such great things about it, especially since it stars a mostly white cast. According to Wikipedia, Black Panther is “among the most talked-about movies of all time”. It’s not every day that you stumble upon a movies Wiki article about your favorite films, but Black Panther is one such film. 

It’s the story of a New York City police officer who is assigned to bring down a mob boss named Charlie Mauro. The only problem is that Mauro is protected by legendary hitman Lemar Odom. It is reputed that Black Panther is the fastest cinema release ever. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a lot of scenes we have to wait for. The film is streamed online in a matter of minutes, which doesn’t give you time to take a breathtakleever. Still, considering how much I liked the film, it’s probably not fair to dismiss it off as just a quick flick.]

What About the Last Play You Watched?

Speaking of plays, it’s time to discuss The Bond – the latest attempt at reviving the trademark James Bond film series. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to add it to your Netflix queue. Let’s face it, while the last James Bond film was entertaining, it was also kind of a shoddy production. The writing was atrocious, the acting was tired, and the special effects – well, I’m afraid to say they sucked. Not to mention the title theme, which was basically a rip-off of Abba Abba by Maurice worship. Still, The Bond retained some of the most beloved characters from the original films (minus Sean Connery, of course!) and introduced some wonderful new ones. The result is a wonderful mess that still somehow works almost completely. And that’s the point. 

What I love most about The Bond is that, unlike a lot of other films I’ve talked about so far, it managed to create a bit more of a sense of community. Whether it was through the characters’ interactions or due to the fact that it was set in London, I felt like I belonged to this film. It made me feel like an engaged citizen of the world. Even if The Bond is nothing short of a train wreck, it’s still one of the most interesting watchable movies of all time. It’s definitely not my favorite James Bond film, but I still enjoy watching it from time to time.