If you follow Hollywood gossip, you’ll probably know that the last couple of years have not been easy for Robert Pattinson. The actor, singer, and model has had to deal with a lot of behind-the-scenes drama, with his personal life on the silver screen.

Since 2014, when Pattinson split from his wife, Cosmo Jarvis, they’ve been embroiled in a messy series of lawsuits and countersuits involving cheating, a secret child, and cyberstalking. The actor has been spotted out on multiple dates with Kristen Stewart, but the flame that lit up their romance only flickered briefly before going out of control once more. Most recently, the Twilight star filed for legal separation from her husband, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the end of their 10-year marriage. Although the couple have since worked through their issues, it seems that Pattinson’s personal life is far from settled.

Robert Pattinson’s Bedside Biblio

With a global career spanning over 20 years and nearly 100 credits on his resume, it’s fair to say that Bob Pattinson is well-read. The Englishman began his literary career in 2000 with the publication of his first novel, Twilight. The following year, he published his second book, The Rover, which was followed by a string of commercial and critical successes, cementing his place as a leading man in contemporary literature.

Pattinson is known to be a voracious reader, and with a huge backlog of untenanted days and an insatiable desire for new stories, it’s no surprise that he’s found himself in bed with a novel once more. So what is it that Pattinson is reading?

The Rover, Book 1

Based on the critically acclaimed U.K. television series, The Rover tells the story of George, a middle-aged, retired man who is forced to become the caretaker of his nephew’s three children after their mother dies in a tragic accident. Although he would like to see his sister Amy and her family more often, he is content to stay in his cottage and look after the children as a favour to their grandmother. George soon learns that his presence in the house brings with it certain obligations and challenges, and with the help of his friends, Jim and Paul, he must figure out how to balance his need to be alone with his desire to be a family man.

Pattinson’s debut novel marks a departure from his previous work, eschewing the genre for something more heartfelt and sincere. The plot may not seem that complicated on the surface, but underneath this rather traditional exterior hides a deeply personal narrative about accepting one’s past, accepting help, and learning to be a better person. A beautiful love story and coming-of-age story rolled into one, The Rover is a meditation on life and the meaning of family, written in a way that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt adrift in life or felt the need to belong, to be needed, or to be responsible.

Fifty Shades of Grey

While we’re on the subject of adult fiction, we can’t leave out of the limelight the incredibly popular erotic thriller/romantic horror novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Originally published in 2012 to huge audience and critical acclaim, Fifty Shades of Grey is the story of billionaire Christian Grey, who has power over Anastasia Steele. The two meet at a Valentine’s Day party and embark on an affair that is both romantic and sensual, and which ultimately leads to Christian challenging Ana’s beliefs, teasing her, and showing her a side of himself she’s never glimpsed before. Although published before the current trend of romance novels, Christian’s willingness to open up and be vulnerable with Ana, coupled with the erotic undercurrents and taboo-breaking elements, has made the book a timeless classic. And it’s not really gossip which made the book such an international sensation, as so many people were secretly or otherwise hiding their interest in taboo relationships and the erotically charged.

Pride and Prejudice

Another Jane Austen triumph, the much-loved and oft-imitated Pride and Prejudice remains one of the great classics of all time. The story of Elizabeth Bennet and her five determined daughters has enthralled audiences since its publication in 1813. This year sees the 200th anniversary of Austen’s masterpiece, and to celebrate this fact, Penguin is republishing the timeless novel in a modern-day format. Ito (2017) follows closely on the heels of Lizzie (2016), the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the story, creating something of a renaissance for the English novelist.

While we’re on the subject of classic literature, it’s only fair to say that the actor has been rather private when it comes to the titles on his bedside reading list. Most likely, this is because he doesn’t want his filmography to be tarnished by association with some of the less reputable novels that have been published in the past. But it’s not only that. When asked about the novels he reads for enjoyment, he has been rather modest. “I’m not really one for novels. I don’t normally read them. I’ll read a comic now and again, but when it comes to novels I prefer to watch films,” he told Harper’s Bazaar in 2016.

Anna Karenina

Although we’ve largely been focusing on Bob Pattinson’s personal life, it’s worth noting that his professional life has not been without its dramas either. In 2014, he was embroiled in a lawsuit filed by his co-star, Keira Knightley, who accused him of assault. According to court documents, the actress claimed that Pattinson had physically attacked her during the production of his movie, The Deep. Knightley’s claim was denied by the British actor, who subsequently won the case and was awarded sole legal and physical custody of their children.

Last but not least, it would be remiss of us not to mention Woody Allen’s 1987 film, Stardust. In the film, Allen plays a washed-up novelist who is granted one last wish by the Devil, and so he revises all of his stories to make them fit the protagonist, Van Cleef. The film is a romantic comedy about a famous fictional author who, in an effort to win Eva Saint Louis’s (Melinda McGurk) heart, agrees to help her find the perfect husband among his characters. With typical charm and self-deprecation, Allen’s character finds himself in the middle of a messy love triangle that results in some rather unusual circumstances.

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