When it comes to the most iconic men in Hollywood, there are several names that immediately come to mind. However, if we were to create an all-time top ten, one name that deserves a spot on this list is Robert Pattinson. Over the course of his career, the English actor has embodied some of the most memorable movie characters of all time, and he’s continued this trend with his impressive collection of acting trophies.

The Most Memorable Movies Of All Time

The most memorable movies of all time are there for a reason. From iconic opening scenes that have stood the test of time to incredible box office numbers that still rank high in the theaters today, these are all films that will continue to inspire people long after they’re gone.

The Evolution Of A Style Icon

Although he’s been in the industry for over a decade now, it’s still rare to see something new from Robert Pattinson. The actor isn’t one to rest on his laurels, instead, he constantly looks for ways to evolve and challenge himself as an artist. In 2018, he had a banner year, appearing in a string of critically acclaimed movies and nabbing an Academy Award for Best Actor. It seems that audiences still haven’t got enough of him, as his upcoming projects include leading roles in blockbusters such as the Fast and Furious franchise.

Award Season

Movie awards season is upon us, which means that the nominees for the major prizes are now being revealed. One of the most anticipated award shows of the year is the Oscars, which will be held on February 24th. Over the next few months, we’ll be diving into the nominees’ list, examining the pros and cons of each contender and revealing the likely winners as well as the biggest surprises. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards.

Best Actor

The Academy Award for Best Actor is probably the most prestigious award in Hollywood, and with good reason. It honors the actor who brings the most to the role. The winner is usually considered the best in their field, and they’re often the recipient of numerous award nominations throughout their career. It’s arguably the most difficult Academy Award to get nominated for, and it’s been won by some of the greatest actors of all time. This year’s nominees include several prominent stars who have been very active in the last year, including Robert Pattinson and Tom Hanks. The biggest surprise of the year is arguably John Wick 3: Parabellum’s Keanu Reeves, who received his first ever nomination for this award. The fact that he was nominated at all is a testament to his remarkable performance as the legendary John Wick—which won him a whole new legion of fans, not to mention praise from critics. Overall, this category is a really exciting one to watch, as each of the nominees are likely to give a very different performance. The winner will be able to energize the audience in a totally different way. Interestingly, none of the nominees are from superhero franchises, which might indicate that the studios are looking for a change of pace, or they might just not have any good superhero movies left in the vaults.

Best Actress

It’s rare that we get to see leading men and women portrayed in as positive light in movies these days, and that’s a shame. While we often read about the many struggles of the working class in today’s society, we rarely ever see the stories of the working women and men who are doing that extremely tough job every day. That’s why the Academy Award for Best Actress is so important. It acknowledges the actresses who are playing a character that the audience can believe in and root for, even if the character isn’t always easy to like. The leading lady of the year is without a doubt Brie Larson, whose incredible performance as Captain Marvel made her the talk of the town, and eventually, the internet. Aside from Captain Marvel, the other major contenders for Best Actress include Daphne DuMaurier in Greta, Barbara Henderson in Harriet, Elle Merlin in Ex Machina, and Rebecca Winter in Widows.

It’s quite an eclectic group of characters that the Academy have decided to honor with a nomination for Best Actress. On the one hand, we have Brie Larson, who is playing a strong, independent woman who can hold her own against any man. On the other hand, we have Rebecca Winter, who is playing the role of a domineering widow with an unshakable confidence. It’s quite the contrast, but it’s quite an intriguing group of roles for the actress. We can expect nothing less than an incredible performance from both ladies, but the rest of the nominees are definitely up for grabs as well.

Best Supporting Actor

The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor is often seen as the ‘buddy movie’ or ‘team player’ award, given to the actor who plays the role of a friend, colleague, or family member of the main character. The nominees for this category include several well-known faces, including Winston Churchill IV in Ford v Ferrari, Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Knives Out, Lili Elbein in The Irishman, and Don Cheadle in Downsizing. It’s not often that we get to see these prominent faces in such positive light, which makes their performances especially notable. We can’t wait to see what they bring to the role, as their presence alone will make this character memorable.

Best Supporting Actress

The supporting actress is often considered the female counterpart to the lead actor. While the supporting actor is nominated for playing a friend, colleague, or family member of the main character, the supporting actress is nominated for playing a character that is either friend or family to the main character. This year, the supporting actress nominees include several big names, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Mother!, Annabel Bernard in Booksmart, Emily Smiley in Victoria & Albert Wedding, and Barbara Henderson in Greta. It’s quite an eclectic group of characters that the Academy have decided to honor with a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

It’s quite an interesting year for both male and female acting nominees. We have several prominent names from the worlds of film and music, which is certainly a testament to their talent, as well as their continued inspiration. It will be interesting to see how the Academy decides to honor them on February 24th. There’s definitely some very lively competition in this year’s Oscars, and it should be an absolute blast to watch!