So you’ve decided to marry rich. You’ve fallen in love with a man/woman with an abundant supply of money, and you’re determined to make the most of your opportunity.

Chances are you’ve considered the fact that you’ll soon be faced with a considerable adjustment to your lifestyle. You won’t need to worry about paying the bills anymore – that’ll be taken care of. Your career will be on the rise – provided you can perform the required magic trick: be attractive to the wealthy husband/wife you’ve decided to marry.

While it’s true that your financial situation will change for the better, it’s not going to be easy to adapt to your new way of life. You’ll have to make many adjustments, and being able to laugh about it with your friends is essential if you want to make the process less painful. That’s why we’ve collected these funny, awkward, and quirky moments from the life of Robert Pattinson. We hope you have fun watching them.

The Self-Deprecating Humor Of Robert Pattinson

It’s important to remember that not all celebrity is good. Sometimes, it can be downright icky. Take Robert Pattinson as an example. He’s one of the most in-demand actors of our time, with seven Golden Globe nominations under his belt and countless collaborations with some of the biggest names in cinema – including A-list contemporaries like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. He’s also widely recognized for his unique brand of comedic, self-deprecating humor. Let’s take a look at some of his most memorable quotes.

On being typecast: “I always say that I don’t like being typecast. Because, to me, it’s like being imprisoned – you know, when they put you in a box and put the key in the door. And it’s bad when they do that. It doesn’t do any good to say that you want to be free, because the reality is that you’re not free. You’ll be in a box, but it won’t be a keyed box. Hopefully, you’ll have some fun in there.” – On being typecast

On acting: “I think that acting is all about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously. So if you can get into the groove of playing and having fun, you can probably put in any performance that you want. And sometimes that’s all that matters, really.” – On acting

On becoming a famous actor – and later a movie star : “For me, as an actor, the most difficult part is just being yourself all the time. Because, as an actor, you’re representing someone who isn’t. You’re wearing a mask. And so, if you’re not careful, the mask can start to feel like the real thing. And it’s always hard to feel like you’re doing something that isn’t right. So, that’s the hardest thing: just being yourself. Because if you can do that, the rest will follow.” – On becoming a famous actor

The Awkwardness Of Getting To Know Each Other

Getting to know someone new is never easy, especially when you’re thrown together for a brief period of time. That’s why when a couple decides to get married, there’s always that initial nervous energy that goes with the excitement of creating a new family unit. But before you know it, that excitement turns into nerves, and you find yourself experiencing all of the uncomfortable, awkward moments that come with a relationship made under the pressure of public opinion.

It’s interesting how the idea of introducing yourself to someone you’re just meeting can feel so incredibly daunting. Especially when you consider that it’s not a simple matter of walking over and saying ‘Hello,’ you know? It’s not like that at all. Because there’s so much that can go wrong. So much that you don’t know what to say or how to act, because you’ve never really done this sort of thing before.

“I think that if you want to be in a happy relationship, then you have to be willing to work at it. And, certainly, I think that the initial phase of any relationship – that is, the getting-to-know-you stage – is incredibly important, because it allows for the possibility of growing and changing together as people. So, I think it’s important to be willing to go at it for a while and just see where things go.” – Robert Pattinson

The Self-Deprecating Humor Of Fergie, Again

We can’t talk about Robert Pattinson’s sense of humor without considering the Duchess of Florence. He’s often credited with starting ‘the duchess trend’ when he began dating Kate Middleton in 2009. Since then, it’s been an annual event, as Pattinson has continued to reference the duchess in his interviews. Here’s a small sample of what she had to say in 2014:

“Kate and I were having dinner at Claridge’s in London one night, and we were discussing – among other things – fashion and the Duchess of Florence’s sense of style. And then, out of the blue, he said: ‘Do you really think that the Duchess of Florence is the style icon of today?’ And I kinda froze for a minute, because it was so out of the blue, and I hadn’t even heard that she was up for style awards. And then I realized that he was making a joke, and I started laughing too, because it was so incredibly funny. Because the duchess is so funny – sometimes I wish that she would just talk and let loose. Because it’s good for you to let loose every now and then, you know what I mean? Sometimes you need that break from being so serious all the time, and I think that she definitely gives you that break when you need it. So it’s actually good that she’s around to give you some relief sometimes, just like me.” – Florence Welch, Duchess of Florence

Pattinson’s Love For Film Noir

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson loves his films, and he makes no secret of the fact that he has a soft spot for classic film noir. He’s often credited with bringing a new appreciation for the genre to the masses, and his passion for film noir is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind his popularity. Here are some of his favorite quotes from this fascinating cinematic genre:

On the art form: “I think that film noir is such an important part of cinema, because it provides us with these incredible worlds that are slightly fantastical but completely grounded in reality. So you have these juxtapositions of the fantastical and the mundane, which creates this incredible tension in the viewer that makes them want to keep watching. And I think that it’s really important for audiences to understand that there is an aesthetic – a language and a way of creating tension and drama – that is associated with film noir, and it’s something that audiences can discover for themselves, I think, if they explore this genre.” – On the art form

On Alfred Hitchcock: “He’s one of the biggest filmmaking pioneers, in terms of both directing and producing, so I would regard him as a real inspiration. He really did change the way people perceive cinema – not just as entertainment but as a form of art that is accessible to everybody. So, you know, just for that reason alone, I would definitely include him on this list! There’s just so much that he accomplished, and he had such a significant impact on the industry, in terms of both inspiring and changing the way people view films and storytelling.” – On the list of greatest filmmakers

Pattinson’s Interest In Eastern Culture

Another interesting aspect of Robert Pattinson’s personality is his openness towards Eastern culture. He frequently references Eastern mystical knowledge in his interviews, and he’s frequently photographed wearing colorful and unique clothing, much of which is inspired by Eastern culture. Sometimes this can be a stumbling block for his fans, who may feel that he’s ‘selling out,’ especially since many of his fans are also into fashion and art. But he maintains that he doesn’t see it that way at all, and that he just wants to celebrate the culture that inspires him.

Here are some of his favorite quotes about Eastern culture:

“I would say that I’m very interested in Eastern culture and traditions. And even though I live in London, one of the most recognizable faces of the city is undoubtedly the Taj Mahal, which is located in Agra, India. If you ever find yourself in Delhi, be sure to visit this incredible structure and take a good look around. Because you’ll find that no building in Delhi is as iconic as the Taj Mahal.” – On his interest in Eastern culture