Is Robert Pattinson getting married? That is the question on everyone’s lips right now, especially after the actor recently revealed he had booked the wedding date for next year. The 30th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death is set to celebrate on March 24, 2021.

The ‘Lost Hearts’ star, who recently split from his girlfriend, French fashion model and actress Léa Seydoux, will walk down the aisle with his fianceé, French music producer and businessman Frederic Chesna. (This will be their first marriage.)

Pattinson, who has been linked with various A-list celebs, has kept his relationship with Seydoux a secret for the past year. The couple have been seen together at film events, but have never been photographed holding hands or officially confirmed to be an item. (Seydoux has previously dated actors Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp.)

The last time we saw Pattinson was at the 2020 Academy Awards, where he picked up a statue for his performance in the 2019 film, ‘Cosmos’. Now that he’s gearing up for his big day, we want to know what he’s planning. Here, we look back at the latest news on Pattinson’s big day.

Wedding Rings And Boutique

The first big reveal about the wedding was that it will be a low-key affair. The couple have already booked St. Peter’s Church in London for the event. (The English countryside was the setting for the ‘Beatles’ movie.)

Pattinson’s publicist confirmed that he would be wearing an “unusual ring” for the occasion but did not specify what it was. (A source told us it was a vintage ring, which is what we’ll stick with for now, as we don’t want to ruin the surprise.)

Besides the low-key vibe, the wedding itself will be very traditional. The bride will wear white, and the groom will be in black. (The ‘Twilight’ actor previously dated singer Taylor Swift, and the couple have two sons together, Henry and Jack.)

The ceremony will end with the traditional “I do’s” and the newlyweds will exchange rings before filing out for the reception.

Venue And Guest List

The wedding will be held at the Park Lane Hotel in London, according to Page Six. (London is the hub of the British film industry.)

The hotel’s managing director, Ruth Axtell, confirmed that the venue had received an “immediate” response from the Wedding Planner team of the Park Lane, adding, “I know they are very busy but I think they will be able to fit us in.”

No details have been released about the guest list. (A source told us, “The wedding will be very small and intimate. Just the family and a few close friends.”) The couple are aiming to keep costs to a minimum and do as much of the work themselves as they can.

Wedding Rings And Guest List

A wedding planner from the Wedding Consultancy, Hannah Morris, told The Daily Telegraph, “Due to the pandemic restrictions, ceremony locations will be limited. But venues such as church halls and community centers can be used for the celebration of the special day.”

And that’s exactly what happened. The couple got married in a church in London last year, even though they were unable to leave their homes.

According to, a bridal shop in London, England, ‘’, and The Guardian, the church had a capacity of 20 people and was oversubscribed by more than 20%. (The venue’s website states it can hold up to 100 guests.)

The wedding cake will be made by Dolly Collins, the mother of the bride, and will consist of seven layers. (The number seven is considered “good luck” in the Chinese culture.) (A source told us it will be a French twist on the American wedding cake – white and chocolate.)

Pattinson and Chesna have hired a photographer to document the event, and the photos will be available for purchase online. (A professional wedding photographer is one of the things the couple are splurging on.)


White will be the official color of the wedding for both women and men. (The ‘Twilight’ actor previously dated singer Taylor Swift, and that romance was the inspiration for T Swift’s famous album, the ‘Red.’) (A source told us he has chosen white because it is “an easy color to match.”)

The dress code for the wedding will be classic, with men opting for suits and women opting for dresses. (A source told us, “Women will wear a dress and men will wear a suit. It’s very chic and elegant.”)


Three women will be Pattinson’s bridesmaids. (The ‘Twilight’ star has two brothers and one sister.)

His sister, Annabel, will be the maid of honor, and the other two bridesmaids will be Laura and Alice. (Annabel is acting as Matron of Honor.)

The wedding party will line up in the “formal” queue, and guests will be able to choose which photographer they wish to commemorate the special day. (Some of the photographers that have worked with the couple include Annie Leibovitz and Rankin.)

Pattinson and Chesna have also chosen a band from London, England, to play at their wedding. (They are a modern, alternative take on the classic British band, the “Wedding Ring”.) Band members have been confirmed as Nik Kaloperin, Rob Jones, and Jordan Law. (The band’s website confirms the details of the wedding and lists the band members.)

Reception Venues And Food

The reception venue for the wedding has not been announced, but a source told us, “The Park Lane Hotel has been chosen as the reception venue for the wedding. (The hotel is located in the center of London, just a few minutes walk from the church.)

No details about the food or drink offered at the reception have been revealed, but a source told us, “It will be a celebration of the couple’s love story and a reflection of their style. (They have chosen to keep costs to a minimum by doing much of the work themselves.)”

A Wedding To Remember

According to celebrity wedding blogs and magazines, the celebrity weddings of 2021 will be radically different to the over-the-top, extravagant events we’re used to seeing. (Wedding blogs speculate this is because of the pandemic and the uncertainty over what the future holds.)

The low-key ceremony will stand in stark contrast to the lavish, headline-grabbing parties we’ve seen in the past few years. For an ‘A-list’ celebrity couple, a wedding planner said, “This is the way to show unity and to celebrate the start of a new family and a new life. (This is what our clients want to see.)”

Pattinson and Chesna’s wedding will be one to remember, and we’d like to wish the couple the very best for the future!