It’s been a huge month for Twilight fans, as the highly-anticipated sequel to Breaking Dawn – Part 1 was released digitally on October 9th and in theaters on October 26th. The film follows Bella and Edward’s daughter, Maddie, as she embarks on a new adventure for the Cullen family, while dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ divorce.

The movie was rated PG-13 for “violence and sexual content.” Some fans were a little taken aback by this rating, since the first part of the trilogy was rated PG and the last one, Part 2, was rated PG-13, while Part 1 was rated PG-12. While some scenes were undoubtedly intense, especially the ending, which left much to the imagination, this rating is probably justified. The first half of the film is more action-packed than the second one, and while some might argue that this is a sign of growing pains for the franchise, it’s just the opposite: it means that the writers and filmmakers are sticking to their guns.

Robert Pattinson and his character, Edward Cullen, returned for the sequel. According to the actor, it was important for him to return for the sequel as Edward, since he feels like he has something more to say about Bella and her choices now that he knows what they are. While it’s great to see the franchise still has the support of its core audience, it’s also important to keep in mind that these are still young adults, and they’re growing up.

If you’re a Twilighter, then this is one you don’t want to miss. Not only does it bring the Cullens back to sunny La and introduce us to a new generation of vampires, but it also gives Bella and Edward’s daughter, Maddie, her own story to tell. While some might argue that the first part of the trilogy is the best, it’s really up to the individual viewer to decide, and we’re excited to see what Robert Pattinson has in store for us.