After a weekend of ups and downs, Robert Pattinson finally made it back to his London hotel and into his arms. “I’m thrilled to be home and to be holding her again,” the Twilight actor told reporters, referring to his wife, FKA Twigs. “It was quite an emotional moment.”

Wedding Drama

The couple started their wedding day at a luxury hotel in Paris, where they were joined by over 200 guests, including Victoria Beckham. The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, with Pattinson describing it as “the best day of [his] life.”

But things went downhill from there. Just hours after the ceremony, Victoria announced that she was ending the marriage. “I’ve made the decisión that we should go our separate ways,” she said. “I think it’s the best thing for both of us.”

The news came as a shock to Pattinson. “I was in the middle of the ceremony when she said she was leaving. It was terrible. It was hard to hear,” he said. “Honestly, I didn’t see it coming. I wish I did. I think it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.”

No Mention of Kids

The news of the break-up was accompanied by a request from Victoria to keep the affair private. “I would like to keep this as private as possible because I don’t want my children to read about this in the papers,” she said. “[But] I would like to thank everyone for all their support and for respecting my privacy during this difficult time.”

Pattinson agreed to stay out of the limelight for the rest of the weekend, even as speculation about his role in the Twilight Saga rose. “I’m not really doing any interviews,” he said. “I think the last interview I did was when Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out. And that was probably three years ago. So it’s time for an upgrade.”

London After Dark

While the media may have been left in the dark for the most part, social media was abuzz with news about Pattinson. “I want to congratulate Robert Pattinson on his wedding. What an amazing day. What a happy couple,” Instagrammers Kate Moyle wrote. “I can’t believe this is real. All I can say is wow.”

Many noted the contrast between the extravagant event and the austerity measures the UK government had just implemented. “This is a far cry from the #austerity Britain that’s been hit by Covid-19,” one Twitter user wrote. “I doubt many of the guests spent much time thinking about the ramifications of their choice.”

While others were simply glad to see the couple together again. “Finally, a happy ending for Robert Pattinson and his wife!” @_thatpaulw wrote. “What a long and winding road they’ve been on. Let’s give them some time to settle in.”

The Role Of Money In All Of This

There was more than a touch of hypocrisy in Victoria’s comments about not wanting their children to read about her separation from their father in the media. She is yet to disclose the terms of her divorce from the Twilight actor, but the Financial Kitsune has published an analysis suggesting that her net worth fell by over $400 million as a result of their split.

After more than 10 years of dating, the couple finally tied the knot in a lavish wedding celebration in France last Saturday. And it’s fair to say that their engagement and wedding days were a far cry from ordinary. Apart from choosing a private venue and asking for fans to refrain from filming the event, the pair kept most of their special day under the radar, with only a few select guests – including Robert’s Twilight co-stars Kelly Breckenridge, Jakob Cederlund, and Wes Carmen Robertson – celebrating with the couple at the ceremony.

The acrimonious split from his wife has undoubtedly tarnished the former Twilight star’s reputation, as well as that of his movie The Bella Thorne. He was previously married to Rob Rentzel, with whom he shares three children. His latest marriage comes less than a year after news of his relationship with Fabulous FKA Twigs. His Twilight co-stars have been notably silent on the subject, with Kelly recently tweeting that she is “deeply saddened” by the news of their break-up.

What Is Next For The Elusive Actor?

Pattinson has remained remarkably low-profile since the end of the Twilight franchise in December 2018, with very little information available about his next project. Over the last three years he has mostly stayed within the UK, renting properties in various destinations, including London, Bath, and Ireland. He has also been seen at prominent London Wedding Surveyors, looking dashing in a deep blue suit.

Weeks after his marriage to Fabulous FKA Twigs, the acclaimed British novelist Gareth Parkes observed the 36-year-old actor on a date in London. “He looked stunning,” Parkes said. “I would say he looks more like a GQ model than an Oscar winner. And he was holding my hand for the entire second date. Can I be honest? He’s an English gentleman, through and through.”

The acclaimed British novelist Gareth Parkes observed the 36-year-old actor on a date in London. “He looked stunning,” Parkes said. “I would say he looks more like a GQ model than an Oscar winner. And he was holding my hand for the entire second date. Can I be honest? He’s an English gentleman, through and through.”

There have been some rumours that Pattinson is attached to play the lead in Guy Ritchie’s Revolver movie, based on the iconic John Revolvers pistol. But aside from being a well-deserved cinematic comeback, it’s not clear what roles Pattinson will play in the movie. The director hasn’t specified either.

Conversely, For Twigs?

As for Twigs, she has largely stayed out of the spotlight since their wedding, with only a few rare outings, including a trip to Morocco with her husband in April. Since then, the couple have been spotted in the UK, including a trip to Edinburgh in May for his 36th birthday. They also made an appearance at the London Film Festival. A representative for FKA Twigs declined to comment.

While her personal life has largely remained private, Twigs has been open about her opinions on marriage and family. She told Vogue in April that she and her husband “try to keep it fresh and exciting, but we also want to make sure that we protect our relationship and that it’s something that we can grow and be proud of. It’s not just about finding someone to have adventures with. It’s about commitment and being dedicated to each other.”

Victoria Beckham has also stayed in the public eye, promoting a wide range of products, including her luxury clothing line Beckham Worldwide, which she launched in February with help from Karl Lagerfeld. She frequently posts about her children, Isaac and Sophie, frequently using the hashtag #DadIsBack. “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for being the best dad ever,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself, her children, and their father. “You are an amazing role model and an incredible husband. I couldn’t love you more.”

Fingers crossed, Kelly, Rob, and Wes will all be able to enjoy some peace and quiet from now on. And let’s hope that this time, the couple will choose to keep their wedding dreams to themselves.