Robert Pattinson’s LA home certainly has its perks. The location, perched high on a hillside, provides unmatched views of the city below. His current girlfriend, Bella Hadid, is a high-profile model and actress who has graced the covers of numerous prestigious fashion magazines. Bella’s sister, Ania, is also a successful model who has appeared in advertisements for some of the biggest beauty brands.

However, these design influences don’t come cheap. The designer’s extravagant lifestyle is evident in its every room, from the gleaming marble floors, to the oversized sofas, to the chandelier dangling from the ceiling. While filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon in Los Angeles in 2014, Robert made this glamorous bachelor pad his home. He hired world-renowned interior designer, Thierry Despont, to reimagine the space and turn it into his dream bachelor pad.

The Design Process

The interior designer gave us an exclusive inside look at how he created this stunning space, which is completely different from the way he would normally do things. Normally, he would start by laying down a solid foundation and then add the finishing touches using his artistic eye. Here, he broke the traditional process and did the exact opposite. He started with the details and worked his way up. Thus, we begin with the details…


Thierry Despont began by stripping back the rooms’ decorative elements, revealing their solid oak floors, concrete ceilings, and oversized sofas. He then expanded upon the plain look by adding a few decorative elements here and there. As mentioned, he did the opposite of what one would normally do when designing a space – he started with the details and worked his way up to the big picture. This meant he had to be strategic about how he placed his sofas, his rug, and even his bed. There are no superfluous elements in this room, every item has a purpose and plays a part in the overall composition.

Similarly, he removed all of the excess furnishings and decorations from the room’s main seating area, turning it into a grand entrance hall. The designer’s approach was to keep the space uncluttered and as open as possible, allowing the light to flow throughout the room.

Keeping It Big

As the name would suggest, the designer kept the room’s proportions large, starting with the height of the ceiling and extending to the length of the wall. He kept the room’s footprint large as well, due to the massive amount of space that is on offer. He would normally split the room in half and create a smaller area for the guest to sit in. Here, the designer opted to keep it all together and create a grand entrance hall.

Bold And Beautiful

The main focus of this room is, as the name would suggest, the art that is on show. Despont, as before, began by removing the area’s previous decoration and seating, leaving exposed concrete walls and an unfinished wooden floor. He then painted the room’s concrete walls, bringing out their vibrant colour and transforming the room’s interior from dull to bright. He used similarly bold hues in his choice of fabrics and accessories, such as the velvet drapes and the cushion covers. The result is a glorious mishmash of colours, patterns and textures, which the designer calls his “combination rug”.

Unexpected Touches

This eclectic room is full of unexpected elements that the designer has incorporated into the design. While rugs are an essential part of a room’s decoration scheme, here the designer chose to go the extra mile. He used different types of rugs throughout the room, ranging from traditional Persian pieces to whimsical floral prints, in an attempt to bring a smile to the face of the person who walks in.

Another unexpected touch is the sheer number of plant pots that Despont planted around the outdoor area. The designer wanted to bring nature inside the house and decided that a large number of potted plants would be the way to go. Not only do they make the room look more inviting and create a better atmosphere, but they can also be used to catch the eye when someone walks in.

Eco Flooring

The designer went green in another way too by choosing flooring that was eco-friendly and organic. He turned to the Swedish company, Wengè, for the material and said that he chose them because they meet his sustainability requirements and are a joy to work with. This flooring, called Fagyla, is biodegradable and made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), recycled plastic bottles, and water. This means that it could decompose into small molecules and be absorbed by the soil in just a few years’ time – ideal for a room that is meant to be a showcase for nature. In addition to being eco-friendly, the floor has also been designed to look like wooden flooring but with a more affordable price tag. The look is achieved through a combination of materials and a textured surface that mimics worn wood floors.