It’s been a tumultuous year for lovers of the book and film ‘Twilight’, with major life changes for both its stars. But while Kristen Stewart’s life was turned upside down by her relationship with Robert Pattinson, her career as an actress thrived.

The 27-year-old Star broke up with her Ex Husband Finn Aragornsson in October 2016, revealing that she was dating the British actor Pattinson. Soon after their secretive affair was made public, they were pictured together at the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Event in New York City. Since then, the ‘Twilight’ couple have been engaged in an ongoing publicity tour, with frequent photo-ops and personal appearances.

‘Twilight”s’ Final Season

Despite the publicity, it wasn’t until May 2017 that the couple officially confirmed their engagement, revealing that they had been dating for more than a year. Just weeks later, on May 12, 2017, the ‘Twilight’ fans were treated to the stunning news that ‘Twilight’ would finally be wrapping its 10-year-run and going onset of its final season. The final installment of the series, ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’, will see its stars play versions of themselves as they navigate terrifying witch-hunt scenes and face off against a myriad of monsters and witches.

The following month, on June 1, 2017, the couple married at Twilight Spa in Vermont, becoming legal wednesdays. In November 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Apple Stella. In June 2018, they became parents again, this time to a son, Prince Rafferty.

A Change in Attire

While Robert Pattinson continued to surprise ‘Twilight’ fans with his costume changes, the 27-year-old actor hasn’t been afraid to evolve his wardrobe as time passed. Just three years ago, in 2015, he sported a short-shorts and a t-shirt that said ‘Booyaka’, partners of Bulgari in an advertising campaign for its Bvlgari Hotels collection. In 2016, he donned a T-shirt that had a photo of Kate Middleton on it, and in January 2017, he wore a black dress with chain mail in the shape of a heart, which he later posed in front of a Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart continued to evolve her fashion choices throughout her ‘Twilight’ career. The 23-year-old Star wore trendy minimal lingerie underwear for a scene in S02E01 of ‘Twilight’, and opted for a slim fit dress with a collar at the same event. In 2014, Stewart wore a print dress with a feathered jack and a belt at the Academy Awards. Two years later, at the Golden Globes, the actress wore a mini dress with a collared neck and a belt, and a T-shirt with a graphic of her then-fiancé Ben Affleck. Most recently, at the Met Gala, Stewart wore a mini dress with a collar, a long-sleeve T-shirt, and a feathered jack. 

New Hires

As the decade turned and the world became more digital, ‘Twilight’ changed, too. In 2012, the film industry learned that traditional tickets for movies were becoming a thing of the past, and online ticketing platforms like Fandango and Red Carpet gave ticket holders the opportunity to watch films in broadcast order and on the go. As a result, ‘Twilight’ was one of the first movies to go online for orders and showtimes were posted on social media.

‘New Moon’

‘New Moon’, the second part of the ‘Twilight’ trilogy, was filmed four years after ‘Eclipse’, in 2012. It follows Cady (Kristen Stewart) and Billy (Rafe McGuire) as they navigate the dangers of a new adventure and seek to save their bickering buddy Peyton (Ashley Benson) from a despised husband (Bruce Campbell).

The 33-year-old actor later revealed that trying to film ‘New Moon’ in Vancouver was not an accident. He said that he decided to shoot the film in Canada because it was somewhere he could visit with a group of English college friends who were graduating. Just over a year ago, on June 18, 2014, the ‘Twilight’ stars released a brief statement about the status of the film, writing, “We are currently seeking a U.S. release date for ‘New Moon’.”

And just like that, the credits roll for ‘Twilight’, a film that redefined the idea of what a mainstream action movie could be. What will 2018 bring for ‘Twilight’?’