So you’re probably wondering… what happened to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s wedding day?

The couple tied the knot back in May 2018, but since then we’ve only seen glimpses of their special day courtesy of social media.

While we’ve been gifted with many pictures of their luxurious wedding day, today we’re going to focus on the biggest stories that have unfolded since the big day.

Here, we’ll run down the biggest celebrity pregnancies from this year and also include some of the most memorable weddings of the year.

1. Emily Gilmore Welcomes Baby No. 3

Emily Gilmore, star of the hit television series _Gilmore Girls_, welcomed her third child, a boy, in June. The proud mother-to-be shared sweet photos of her baby boy on her Instagram page.

“I love you my angel boy” she wrote in the caption accompanying one of the photos.

The 40-year-old actress, who is already mother to Joseph and William, revealed that she had been trying to have another child for a while and had even traveled abroad to have it. She added that the experience had changed her perspective on motherhood, writing: “Having a child will always be a part of who I am. It will never go away. But I can see how selfish I was before, in wanting to do it all alone. The world is a much bigger place now.”

Emily is not the only celebrity to give birth this year, as Lady Gaga became a mother for the third time in February, while Nicole Kidman also gave birth to a boy, Benjamin, in June.

2. Kate Middleton’s Kids Are Now Biggies

Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, Princess Kate Middleton, gave birth to her and Prince George’s second child, a boy, earlier this year. The 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram account shared glimpses of her growing son, who is third in line to the throne.

One of the first photos to go viral showed the royal mother cradling her baby in her arms while standing next to the Duke of Cambridge. The photo quickly garnered over a million likes and was shared by Kate on her Instagram page in the caption: “My son, George, holding our new baby boy.”

The royal baby’s middle name, Arvin, is the name of King George’s father, who died in 2016. In the months leading up to the child’s birth, Kate had been working on expanding her professional life beyond the monarchy and into more public service, including new causes like climate change and LGBT rights. She also became a royal patron of the charity War Child, focusing on children’s issues in armed conflict zones.

“I can’t wait to meet you” Kate wrote in the caption of a photo shared on the charity’s Instagram account that showed her cradling her son in her arms. “You will be a great role model to be proud of and I’m sure you’ll make your Mama and Daddy very proud.”

3. Meghan Markle’s Baby Boy Gift Wrapped

In April, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle gave birth to a son, Archie Harrison. The proud mother-to-be gifted baby boy with a bespoke rug, designed by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The designer hand-knotted the colorful thick-pile wool into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that also featured a houndstooth design. Meghan chose the rug’s bold hues – red, orange, yellow, and green – in memory of her late father, the Duke of Windsor.

The duchess chose the delicate gold thread that runs through the rug’s pattern to symbolize harmony and balance, qualities she values deeply. Meghan posted a photo of her holding her new baby next to the knotted textile on her Instagram account.

While the Duchess of Sussex will be a young mother, the role of being a good parent is a lifetime commitment. As she embarks on this new and exciting journey, she has the support of her husband, Prince Harry, and her eldest daughter, Princesses Elizabeth and Beatrice.

4. Oprah Winfrey’s Baby Girl Gift-Wrapped

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most recognizable faces in the world and a powerful force in media, made headlines this year when she announced that she and her husband, Stedman, were expecting their first child. The TV mogul and billionaire made the announcement in March, revealing that she was carrying a baby girl. She then delivered the baby news in a tearful speech at the People’s Choice Awards in May.

Winfrey is the best-selling author of 22 books, including 19 New York Times best-sellers. The popular media figure frequently shares personal stories about motherhood on her social media accounts. This year was no exception, with the 66-year-old posting several touching photos of her growing baby girl on Twitter and her Instagram account. The photos showed the mother and daughter cooing over one another and made us wonder – will Olivia be the next big baby celebrity?

5. Jennifer Lopez’s Third Child, Ethan, Born At 56 Years Old

In September, Jennifer Lopez officially became a grandmother for the third time when her then-boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, gave birth to a daughter, Emme.

The singer, who is now married to Rodriguez, shared photos of the beautiful baby on her Instagram account, along with comments from friends and family. In one of the photos, Lopez is seen holding the daughter in the air while posing with the ecstatic parents. Ethan even made an appearance at the Grammy Awards in February, joining his grandparents and uncle on stage to accept the Best Children’s Album trophy for their song, “Stand By Me.”

Since welcoming Emme into the world, Lopez has redefined what it means to be a grandmother. The singer previously shared photos and videos of her grandchildren on social media, but now gets to experience them firsthand. In an interview with _Vogue_ in January, Lopez said that being a grandmother has changed her perception of motherhood, adding: “I feel like a kid myself.”

Lopez has also been a prominent advocate for women’s reproductive rights, and has been photographed holding several protest signs against President Donald Trump’s “religious freedom” executive order. The singer has been vocal about supporting women’s empowerment and gender equality since the day she was born.

6. Kristen Stewart’s Latest Baby Boy Gift Wrapped

In May, the Twilight Saga star gave birth to a baby boy, Dashiell, who is the couple’s first child together. The 32-year-old actress posted a photo of the newborn on her Instagram account, along with a sweet message to her followers.

“I hope you feel blessed to have been given this precious gift” she wrote in the caption. “I love you so much my darling.”

The birth of Stewart’s child became a trending topic on social media, with many celebrity fans weighing in with well-wishes. The celebrity mom-to-be thanked her adoring followers for their support in the meantime and added that she was looking forward to being a mother.

While Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding day was a private affair, there was much excitement in the media in the lead up to the big day. The couple revealed that they had booked celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz to document their special day. The acclaimed photographer shared several exciting images of the gorgeous pair on her Instagram account in the days leading up to the ceremony. On May 12, the couple’s special day was covered by every major paper in the country and also broadcast live on national television channels. The excitement surrounding the wedding reached a frenzy on social media, as fans shared their excitement over the event and its luxurious details.

7. Lady Gaga’s Baby No. 3 Was No Accident

In February, Gaga confirmed that she is pregnant with her third child. The singer’s stylist, Victoria Beckham, revealed that she had booked a private pregnancy test for Gaga, which confirmed their exciting news. The couple started dating in 2015 and are married with two children, Kai and Lila.

The three of them walk down the aisle at St George’s Bristol Cathedral in the wedding photo above. At the time of the ceremony, Gaga was 28 weeks pregnant and due to give birth in April. She had previously suffered two miscarriages, but the third one was no accident, as she had found the right contraception method in the meantime. This March, Gaga revealed that she had booked a specialist babymoon to Japan to give birth at the end of April.