The most recent installment in the Twilight franchise, New Moon, is now in theaters. It was filmed approximately three and a half years after the publication of the last book in the saga. While the world waits for the next installment in the saga, fans can now gaze upon the steamy love scenes between Robert Pattinson (billed here as ‘R&B’) and Kristen Stewart (billed here as ‘K&S’) that supposedly took place off-screen as part of the script.

It was initially reported that the pair had filmed a steamy love scene in London on June 3rd, 2014. This was despite the fact that Stewart and Pattinson had been filming their respective roles in the coming-of-age comedy Camp X-Ray, about alien abduction survivors, in Scotland since April 30th of that year. However, the film’s star William Levy later refuted these rumors, stating that they had actually shot the scene earlier that year in New York City.

We knew that the pair had been in a romantic relationship for a while, as it was rumoured that they might tie the knot after being photographed together at their engagement party in November 2012. At the time, Stewart said in an interview:

“We’ve been dating for a little over a year now. It’s been really exciting. We have a lot of fun together. He’s a very witty guy and he makes me laugh constantly.”

Pattinson and Stewart were also rumored to have filmed a steamy hookup in the bathroom of their New York apartment, which was then accidentally leaked to the public. In May 2013, the Daily Mail reported that the love scene had been shot in either London or Paris, with the bathroom incident taking place in New York.

The rumor mill didn’t die down after these initial reports. In April 2014, the National Enquirer ran a story claiming that Stewart had a threesome with Pattinson and another woman. The publication cited an ‘inside source’ as saying that the actress was “desperately trying to keep the magic alive” and had agreed to participate in a group sex session with the actor. Aside from the tabloid’s lack of credulity, there’s also the fact that the alleged threesome took place a full year before the publication of these articles. Let’s also not forget about the fact that this was the same month that Stewart’s movie Short Term 12 premiered in theaters.

The Making Of Short Term 12: A Breaking Bad Tale

For those unfamiliar, Short Term 12 is a 2012 American comedy-drama film directed by Roger Michell and written by Danny Strong. It was based on a real-life crisis at a YMCA fostering program in Los Angeles that is staffed by teens who are trying to make it through high school while dealing with their own issues. The title refers to the temporary housing units where the youths live and work, known as’shifts’ or ‘towers.’ Strong’s screenplay is funny and heart-breaking all at the same time, and it was an early departure for both Michell and Strong, who had previously worked together on the comedy Arthur followed by the 2004 British comedy Four Lions. In addition to Strong’s impressive writing talent, Short Term 12 was produced with the help of British producer BAFTA-winning Elizabeth Whitmore, whose credits include the Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the mini-series The Sopranos. In the U.S., the film received a limited theatrical release on January 13, 2013, before being released on DVD three months later on April 17th.

For those who have seen the film, the story involves a shy young man named Andrew (played by a very young Ansel Elgort) who has a crush on a popular girl named Nadia (played by an amazing Shailene Woodley). When Andrew finally reveals his feelings for Nadia, she rejects him and he is devastated. Out of anger, he sets in motion a plan to ruin her reputation by framing her for an attack by a schoolmate who is really a sexual predator. In order to get back at Nadia, Andrew tricks her into going on a date with a sleazy older man named Peter. On the date, Peter tries to rape her, but Nadia fights back and wounds him. In the fight, Andrew inadvertently reveals himself and the police arrest him. He is sentenced to six months in a juvenile detention center, where he forms a bond with another kid named Diego, who is also in detention for stabbing someone.

The kid with the short-term crisis is played by a very young Emory Cohen, who had previously starred in the Broadway musical Fun Home. While in detention, Cohen begins to see the error of his ways and realizes that he can’t take his revenge on Nadia by hurting other people. As a result, he decides to turn himself in to the authorities and begin serving his sentence. What happens next is something that you will see. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.

The Making Of Rob Pattinson

The latest installment in the Twilight saga, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, (hereafter, ‘Part 2’), is now available in theaters. It was filmed three and a half years after the release of the first movie, and was initially meant to serve as the finale of the saga, as that is where most fans thought it would end. However, the film was actually the beginning of a new story arc that continues in the four part saga finale, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. (The other two parts are yet to be released.) Part 2 is the first part of the saga to be released in theaters since 2006.

It’s been a while since Hollywood saw a new vampire movie. While audiences might have been starved for bloodsuckers, fans of the Twilight series didn’t have to look any farther than their own backyards for monsters to slake their thirst. In Part 2, we meet the bloodthirsty offspring of the Cullen family, who continue the fight against mortal enemies, the werewolves.

For those unfamiliar, the Cullen family is the villainous clan from the Twilight saga. They are a wealthy family who reside in a big house in the Scottish countryside. They are headed up by patriarch Edward Cullen (portrayed by English actor Mark Addy), who is also the charismatic and self-absorbed alpha of the clan. His wife, Victoria (portrayed by Australian actress Billie Piper), is the matriarch of the family, and she is an intellectual who is also a stickler for military protocol. Their children are Alice (portrayed by Australian actor Sophie Turner), a 17-year-old genius who is the youngest daughter and was recently expelled from boarding school for cheating at exams; and the twin 15-year-old girls, Renee and Rebekah (portrayed by Irish actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Íris Elba, respectively).

The twins are the products of an affair that Victoria had while on holiday in France. When the twins were young, their father had a vasectomy, cutting off his natural penile flow. This caused the twins to inherit his potency. Due to this, the twins often pretend to be a couple in order to get what they want. For example, they will often try to one-up each other, even if what they are saying is completely contradictory. For instance, in one scene, Reneé is telling her sister that her engagement ring is off-brand, while in the next scene she is proposing to Alice.

The scene in which these two characters are arguing took place off-screen, but it was allegedly added later. However, this doesn’t mean that the twins aren’t already aware of each other’s existences. When Alice goes to visit Reneé in Italy, she finds out that her sister already knew she was coming; she had bugged the room while Alice was in the shower. This is because, as twins, their thoughts and feelings automatically mirror each other. They are also highly intuitive and can often sense each other’s emotions. It should also be noted that the two actresses who play the twins, Vanessa Hudgens and Iréne Elba, are both extremely thin. Elba is only 5’6″, while Hudgens is 5’5″. Perhaps this is why the Italian police were so quick to arrest them when they showed up at the police station to turn themselves in?