Kristen Stewart’s new boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, already has a major celebrity girlfriend. But now that he’s set up camp in Hollywood, he’s looking to add more A-listers to his collection of famous coquettes. This love story has it all: high drama, heartache, and, of course, some pretty spectacular photos. We can’t resist a good celebrity scandal, so let’s take a look at their steamy pool side affair.

The Trouble Started Before They Even Met

The strange thing about this entire celebrity scandal is that it all began before Robert and Kristen even met. At the very least, they crossed paths on Instagram. The Instagram model and actress, Bella Hadid, is Bella’s half-sister with French actor and designer, François-Henri Pinault. So Bella’s family is kind of like the Kennedys in that way. Anyway, in August 2017, an insider told Hollywood Life that Stewart and Pattinson were already an item before they even met. The publication couldn’t confirm or deny the report, but it didn’t need to. We all knew it to be true. It’s not like Stewart and Pattinson are hiding their relationship.

Pattinson’s Past Girlfriends Are Spilling All Over Instagram

Let it be known that we’re not exactly sure how many girlfriends Robert Pattinson has had. In 2017, he was linked to Taylor Swift, Hailey Baldwin, and Sofia Boutique. We don’t know if any of these relationships were consummated, but we do know that he cheated on all of them. According to Heat Street, Pattinson was seen at the Victoria’s Secret store in London buying a sex toy, which he later uploaded to Instagram. In 2015, he was photographed leaving a nightclub with a male companion. There’s no denying that Robert Pattinson is not a saint. But this much is clear: he is incredibly charming and incredibly sexy. Which girl could say no to that?

Baldwin, Hadid, and More Star On The Way?

When it comes to attracting high-profile girlfriends, Robert Pattinson clearly has a thing for models. Not only is Bella Hadid the offspring of actors Jim Carrey and Kathryn Hahn, but her sister, Gigi, is the ex-girlfriend of English soccer player David Beckham. So it’s no surprise that he’d be drawn to the gorgeous Hadids. Not only is Bella a stunning blonde, but her Instagram account is packed with high-profile friends and models. It seems that Robert Pattinson has found a way to have his cake and Instagram-steal it too. The latest rumor suggests that he’s had enough of his single life and is ready to settle down with a partner. Who knows? Maybe he even has a wedding date set too!

Who Wants To Be The Next Best Thing To Bella?

Anyone who’s ever been through a broken heart already knows how fickle and demanding women can be. For those of you who think that your Instagram feed is packed with beautiful ladies, you’d be correct. But don’t get too comfortable, celebrity lovers, because as with most things in life, appearances can be deceiving. Even though you may think that you’re dating a celebrity, that same celebrity may secretly want something else. And when she decides to throw you a curveball, you’d better be ready to adjust your gameplan.

Robert Pattinson Is The Sexiest Bachelor Ever

Even though his love life seems to be going well, Robert Pattinson is still single. To be exact, he’s never been married and has no children. And for some unknown reason, he’s sworn off dating other people. As a result, he’s become the object of many unattached women’s fantasies. From the moment he was first photographed for the Guardian in 2014, it was clear that there was something about the actor that was particularly attractive to females. Whether he was shirtless for a magazine cover or wearing a sleek, tailored suit, the paparazzi clearly have their eye on the actor. In the years since, he’s only continued to gain attention from beautiful women. And, from what we can tell, he hasn’t looked back. In fact, if we’re not mistaken, it was his BFF status with model and actor, Cara Delevingne, that helped spur his recent success. As Cara observed in an interview last year, “He’s a brilliant actor and has been in some incredible roles – from my favourite gangster to my least favourite superhero. He’s proven himself to be a total badass and is so sweet when he interacts with fans on social media. I genuinely think he’s one of the most underrated actors working today.”

The Most Romantic Place To Propose

Now that we’ve established that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are hopelessly and irredeemably in love with each other, where should they go on their third date? The answer is simple: Saint Laurent’s Labels Off Hotel. As the name would suggest, this hotel’s identity is based on its designer, Hedi Slimane’s love for fashion. The result is a hotel that celebrates style and swagger. And what’s more romantic than showing up to your girlfriend’s hotel room in your most impressive and stylish outfit? You can’t go wrong.

There have been plenty of celebrities whose love lives were filled with scandal and heartache. We look at some of the most famous examples of broken romance and how they handled the aftermath.

Charlie Hunnam’s Divorce Troubles

The actor, Charlie Hunnam, got divorced from his wife, Angie, in 2015 after four years of marriage. During their time together, they appeared in two films, had twins, and signed a record-breaking deal that made them one of Hollywood’s most attractive power couples. After their split, Angie revealed that the pressure of being a famous actor’s wife was more than she could handle. She revealed that she actually wanted to divorce Charlie and spend some quality one-on-one time with her children. In an interview with The Guardian, she said, “I think a lot of the stress and pressure that I felt was coming from being the wife of an incredibly famous man. In a way, I think that that contributed to the breakdown of our marriage. We don’t have quality, private time anymore. It’s certainly not what I wanted. I wanted more kids and more private time with my husband. I also wanted to be a better wife.” So it’s clear that Angie was not cut out for the limelight. This is what happens when you marry an A-list actor. You won’t always be in demand, but you’ll never be able to hide in plain sight either. In any case, it’s clear that Angie has regrets about being in the public eye too much and would do anything to take back the years. Well, almost anything. As for Charlie, he seems to be doing just fine. He’s still married to Kim Kardashian and was most recently seen making an appearance on her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So even though Hollywood’s most famous couple had their fair share of bumps in the road, they’ve clearly learned from their mistakes.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Divorce From Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were one of Hollywood’s most famous and respected couple. After years of marriage, the actress and the Coldplay frontman decided to part ways in 2015. Their divorce was filled with media attention and attracted a lot of public speculation about the cause of their break-up. In fact, it was one of the most talked about divorces in years. Perhaps inevitably, given Gwyneth’s status as an A-list celebrity, many of the stories focused on her personal life. The actress and singer has never been particularly open about her relationship status, but for whatever reason, she decided to spill the beans during publicity for her 2017 album, “I’m Not Ashamed.” In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “I think it’s really important to have privacy in your life. I don’t want people to be able to read my emails or see my text messages. That’s something I value more than a relationship.” So even though Gwyneth and Chris Martin’s divorce was filled with tension and drama, they seemed to be doing just fine. At least until earlier this year, when Chris Martin cheated on Gwyneth with a 41-year-old makeup artist. The shocking betrayal sent shockwaves through the celebrity world. Fortunately, Gwyneth has chosen to remain silent about the scandal (at least for now). But, despite their best efforts, it’s clear that Chris Martin has fallen off his pedestal and into the gutter. The scandal has put a massive dent in the singer’s public image. According to recent polls, Chris Martin is now ranked at number 300 on the “most attractive” list in a Harris poll of British women. So Hollywood, it’s clear that Chris Martin isn’t winning any beauty contests anymore.