Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to share a historic moment together when they board a flight from Los Angeles to New York this weekend. The Twilight actors will be seen outside the airport for a series of farewell interviews before they fly separately to different parts of the world. They will be accompanied by their entourages, who will wave goodbye from the plane’s exit as the duo bid farewell to their fans.

Rumours surfaced last month that Pattinson, who was in London promoting his new film, The Lost City, would be accompanied by Stewart on the flight back to New York. The couple are expected to spend the night together in Los Angeles before boarding a Qantas’ flight to Sydney on Sunday evening. That same evening, they will be in Melbourne for the Academy Awards, where The Twilight Saga will be up for four awards.

Pattinson and Stewart will then have a day to themselves in Sydney before heading to Los Angeles for the start of The Lost City’s Australian and New Zealand premiere on Monday night. The film will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 15 February and in US cinemas the following Wednesday 19 February.

An Unexpected Meeting

While in Sydney over the weekend, Stewart will meet with Australian actors including Elle MacLeman and Rose Byrne. They will join forces to present the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. It is unclear why Stewart is in Sydney at this time but she might be scouting for locations for filming in the near future. Stewart was in Sydney last year for the premiere of Midnight Rider and is in the city filming scenes for On the Road.

Farewell Tours

Pattinson will be accompanied by his actress wife, FKA Twigs, as he makes his way to London. Their time together will be filled with media engagements and farewell tours. New York will be the last stop on his world tour before he heads to Europe for the promotion of the highly anticipated third installment to The Twilight Saga. He is expected to stay in Berlin for the rest of the year.

Stewart will stay in Los Angeles where she will continue to promote her upcoming films. However, she will not be doing interviews as she focuses on her mental health and wellbeing. She wants to protect her privacy at this time.

Pattinson and Stewart’s decision to have one final fling before they settle down will be seen by many as a sweet and romantic gesture. It was reportedly agreed upon during a particularly stressful time in their relationship. The actress was set to leave for Vancouver to begin film production on the final Twilight movie in September 2019, but postponed the trip after she learned that the couple would be spending some private time together. She understood that their time apart would be good for their relationship.

The couple’s reconciliation was facilitated by their respective agencies who had previously set up a meeting between the two. After months of private meetings and discussions, they reached an amicable agreement. According to reports, they decided to be honest with their feelings and expressed their desire to reconcile after a tumultuous time apart. The Daily Telegraph claims that the reunion was motivated by mutual respect and admiration rather than fleeting celebrity.

Celebrity Bromance

After playing best friends for seven years, Edward and Bella’s onscreen chemistry caused many fans to see them as a couple. It was the chemistry between Pattinson and Stewart that caused their onscreen characters to become famous, but it is the fans’ favourite onscreen bromance that has caused them to become inseparable off-screen.

Pattinson revealed in a 2020 interview with Esquire UK that there are many times when he and Stewart will text each other just to say hello. He said, “I think it’s fair to say that we’re both really into each other… If one of us is not feeling particularly well and we want to check in and see how the other is, we will text each other… It’s a very healthy relationship.”

Pattinson And Stewart’s Final Fling

Rumours of Stewart and Pattinson’s reconciliation surfaced last year shortly after they were spotted on a private date in Paris. Since then, they have been spotted on a number of joint dates, including a walk in the woods and a sunset dinner at an Italian restaurant in London. They will reportedly spend the night together in London before Pattinson flies to New York for the final Twilight movie’s premiere. It will be their last public appearance together before they go their separate ways.

There is no exact date for their meeting, but it is expected to happen this weekend, according to reports. Their agencies said that they have enjoyed a very special bond that has developed over the past year and look forward to the opportunity to represent them as a couple during this transitional period.

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