In early December, a new movie came out that many people are talking about. It’s called On the Road and it’s based on the bestselling novel by American author and poet Jack Kerouac. In the movie, we follow a struggling writer (Kerouac) and his beautiful, troubled wife (Kristen Stewart) as they flee the city for a spontaneous road trip that’ll change both of their lives forever. In real life, the couple have been together since 2008 and recently became parents to a daughter. Since their split in 2014, they’ve been trying to make it work for them and their daughter but have been largely unsuccessful. In general, Kerouac and Stewart are very private individuals and it’s been hard for people to get to know them. Because of this, it’s not always clear what is going on in their personal lives. In fact, it’s been suggested that they were trying to work things out when they decided to go on the road trip in the first place.

While they were on the road, the couple stayed at a variety of hotels, visited famous national parks, and saw iconic American cities along the way. At one point, they even considered ending the trip in San Francisco, but ultimately decided to keep going. This was the basis for the movie, which is now considered one of the greatest American films of all time. Many fans were ecstatic that Stewart and Kerouac were finally getting a chance to share their story with the world. While the road trip was a great escape for them, it didn’t hold the same appeal for their daughter, who was less than thrilled to be left in the care of someone other than her parents.

Why Now?

Since the road trip took place before the start of the year, it technically qualifies as a New Year’s movie. However, the story has been told in such a way that it feels like the most natural fit for the story is spring, as the scenes take place in the green countryside. Because this is a nostalgic piece that fans are really attached to, it’s made a comeback in popularity, especially after the movie’s airing on HBO. Many fans believe that the setting perfectly matches the couple’s relationship and they can’t wait to see it.

Relationship Prognosis

While there are some upsides to being in a relationship with Robert Pattinson, there are also a lot of downsides. One of the biggest issues that people have with him is that he is incredibly private and rarely shares details about his personal life with anyone. Due to this, a lot of people don’t know what kind of partner he is or whether he’ll be supportive or endearing when you need him the most. Because a lot of people believe that he’ll betray her, Stewart often has to deal with rumors and gossip about her and Pattinson’s relationship. This makes it really hard for her to focus on her career, as she doesn’t want to risk getting her whole life ruined because of her association with him. Also, since he doesn’t like to show his emotions in public, it’s been hard for Stewart to tell anyone how she truly feels, even though she desperately needs someone to talk to. Due to all of this, it’s highly unlikely that Stewart and Kerouac will ever be able to work things out and everyone involved just needs to accept that reality.