The breakup of the ‘Kardashian couple’ is finally happening. After years of rumors and speculation, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have called it quits.

The two actors have reportedly been feuding for years, and sources say their professional and personal relationship broke down when Stewart began dating another man. Since then, they haven’t been in contact, and recently, she deleted all references to him from her social media.

The 25-year-old Twilight alumna has also reportedly blocked him on all of her social media accounts and unfollowed him on Instagram. For his part, the 26-year-old actor has kept a low profile since then, maintaining only a small number of social media followers.

“It’s pretty cut and dry,” a source close to the duo told People. “As much as they denied it, the truth is they were never actually a couple. It was always a power play, a battle between them. He would want something and then she would pull away. He would follow and then she would block him. It was a game.”

Why Aren’t They A Couple?

There are a number of reasons why this particular ‘Kardashian couple’ hasn’t worked out — from off-screen arguments to ‘bikinis and banter’ to the way Robert Pattinson allegedly treats women. But perhaps the most significant issue is that they are too much alike. While Stewart may have evolved into a confident and independent woman, she is still very much a product of her time, which is one dominated by men. Her decision-making in business and in her personal life is likely to be influenced by her former partner. In short, neither of them are capable of completely escaping their pasts.

“They’re both wounded birds,” a source close to the couple told People. “But they’re also both strong birds. They’ve each had to learn to be independent and to trust their own opinions. They don’t see eye-to-eye on many things, but they know what they want and they don’t settle for second best.”

The History Of Their Feud

The two actors have been at the center of a love-hate relationship since they first met on the set of the Twilight series in 2010. Despite their professional relationship, they soon began dating and engaged in a highly publicized romance. However, tensions mounted as Rob continued to pine for his ex, Kate Bosworth, and Stewart began to question the wisdom of tying the knot so quickly.

As their romance unfolded, so did their feud. They began arguing over petty things—such as who would win in a fight—and it eventually escalated to the point where they stopped talking to one another. After a number of breakups and reconciliations, Stewart and Rob officially called it quits in 2017.

The spat wasn’t unexpected. The two have been exchanging acerbic barbs for years. In 2016, in response to a photo album she had made highlighting their time together, he tweeted: “I feel like shit when I look at these. So embarrassing. I never should have done that. I’m sorry.” The following year, she jokingly tweeted about the acrimonious split: “For the record, I didn’t break up with Rob. It was mutual. We are just taking a break.”

The Future Of Their Relationship

With the pair effectively ending their romantic relationship, speculation has turned to whether or not they will work together again. To date, they have never professionally collaborated, and their busy schedules make it unlikely that they will get the opportunity to star in a movie together. Despite their issues, both actors continue to have massive followings on social media and have maintained an active presence on the platform. For now, at least, their fans can rejoice in the fact that they remain a power couple.