For the latest installment of the popular PLL (Prison Lame Lovestory) series, fans of the couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are treated to a glimpse into the actor’s and actress’s personal lives in the form of a bump and baby photos!

The couple’s upcoming second child, a girl named Lila Grace Stewart, was born on October 19th, 2018. The young couple’s firstborn, an infant son named Hamildren, arrived a few months earlier on February 21st, 2018.

Coincidentally, the actor’s and actress’s first child’s name, Rob, is the same as the actor’s character name in the TV adaptation!

The Bump Photos

First, Robert pattinson and Kristen stewart show off their baby bump in the series’ new ‘bump video’.

The couple’s stylings are as classic as can be as they sport cosmo images and pastel colors. The “Stingray” actress is also seen in a white top that exposes her baby bump as she walks toward the camera holding a plant.

Some fans might question whether or not the PLL fansite has hit the couple’s sweet spot given that they’ve been married for such a short time and given that the series is about a couple whose relationship is put to the test by PLL character Catherine Grey!

Nonetheless, the couple’s stylings are so charming that it’s hard to stay critical.

The Baby Photos

Next, we get a glimpse at the couple’s newborns in a set of baby photos. The first set shows off Rob’s big head and stubby arms as he rests in his parents’ arms, while the second set unveils the infant’s pink skin and dimpled smile.

Interestingly, the photos give us a rare opportunity to examine the parents-to-be’s first meeting. In the first set of photos, we see a shy Robert pattinson coming out of an elevator as an elderly woman asks him for help. In the next set, the couple are already parents-to-be as Rob holds Kristen by the hand as she walks toward him. The photos also show that their newborn baby boy, Rob Jr., has inherited his parents’ height!

The next set of photos provides a behind-the-scenes look at the delivery as medical professionals and friends and family look on in awe. The first person to capture the moment on camera is Christopher Nolan, who was also present at the naming ceremony. Later, the PLL fansite shares an amazing photo of Kristen as she holds her baby for the first time, with Rob’s hand resting lightly on top of hers.

All Things Considered

Lastly, we’re given a brief overview of the couple’s babies’ bump and baby photos in the series’ first ever announcement. The PLL fansite shares that the couple’s next project together is a biographical film about the American tenor Reg Ward, who was known for giving impromptu singing lessons to elderly people who couldn’t afford singing lessons and fell in love with the sound of his voice. To honor the legendary tenor, the production will be called “Reg Ward: The American Legend”.

As for the couple’s first born, Rob pattinson, the PLL fansite states that the young actor will portray the tenor in the film as well. Based on the book “The Complete Robby Pattinson,” which was written by PLL author Amanda Collison, we may see more of the trio as they grow up. For now, we’ll have to make do with these glimpses at a time when they’re happy to share.