There is no question that 2015 was a big year for celebrity scandals. From high profile break-ups to unexpected pregnancy rumors, the year was full of drama.

One of the biggest celebrity break-ups of the year was that of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The two got famous for their crazy romantic escapades in the gossip rags, but their on-again, off-again relationship actually lasted longer than most people thought it would. In fact, they lasted so long that they were able to have a kid together in the middle of all of this. In October 2015, Kristen gave birth to a daughter, Storm, who they named after the Scottish weather condition. The couple also share a son, Bing, with Elijah Blue. The family is still going strong today.

Whether you thought they would or would not end up together, the truth is that 2015 was a huge year for Kristen and Robert. After all, it was the year of their daughter’s birth. And even though they had their ups and downs, the time spent with their daughter gave them a sense of purpose they hadn’t felt in a long time. So let’s take a look back at some of the most important moments in their romance.

April Fools

This one will always be a classic. Back in April, Robert posted on Instagram a photo of himself wearing a cardboard box on his head. The caption? “Happy #aprilfools.” The joke was that he was wearing the box as a hat, but it wasn’t long before news outlets and social media were abuzz with reports that he and Kristen had gotten engaged. In fact, many outlets reported that the couple was already planning their wedding. While it wasn’t actually an engagement ring, it was a beautiful gesture that showed just how much he cared about her. As it turned out, Robert was playing an April fools’ joke on his fans, but the engagement was real.

Elijah Blue

In May, news broke that Robert was dating Twilight actor and musician Elijah Blue. While many assumed that this was just a fling, reports soon surfaced that the two were actually quite serious about each other. As it turned out, they were actually celebrating the one-year anniversary of when they started dating. Elijah’s musical talent and sultry voice make him a great choice to sing at Kristen’s baby shower in August. And it was an invitation he couldn’t turn down.

Serena Williams

While we’re on the subject of celebrities and their children, let’s not forget about Serena Williams and her gorgeous daughter, Luna. In September, Serena’s rep confirmed to E! News that she had gotten engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. And, yes, they were expecting a baby in December. While this is definitely an exciting time for Serena and Alexis, it’s hard to imagine what this pregnancy will be like. After all, Serena has been absent from the tennis courts for most of her 23 years. This will be her first child. And what about the baby’s father? While he is an incredible father figure, he’s never been the nurturing type. It’s clear that this is a huge adjustment for both of them. But they are committed to making this work and being the best parents they can be.

Rocking the Vote!

While we’re on the subject of famous people and their kids, let’s not forget about how Barack Obama is going to be the first President to have a younger brother. That’s right, Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. While we’re confident that the Trump and Obama families will get along famously, this is still going to be quite the transition for the Obama family. Especially since, as the United Nations children’s fund recently pointed out, “Children’s rights are human rights.” So instead of having fun with his kid brother, Obama will have to spend a lot of time being a parent. Let’s face it, being head of state is hard work. You’re always expected to be available and to be with your kids, but being a good parent is even more important. And while we know that Obama is committed to being a great dad, it’s going to be a while before we see him interact with his little bro on a regular basis. Once he gets used to the idea of being a father, though, we’re sure he’ll do a great job.

Romantic Trip To Italy

In June, it was revealed that the family of Twilight actors was on a romantic getaway to Italy. The photos from the trip were stunning, and they showed how the group enjoyed an intimate dinner by the sea. Unfortunately, the trip ended badly when it was revealed that Robert had cheated on Kristen with French model and photographer Cara Tropp. While details are still unclear, it’s pretty much accepted that the two had an affair while traveling in Italy. The betrayal shocked Kristen, and it seems like it ended their relationship for good. While there is no denying that they are still connected, it’s clear that their time apart was needed. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and this certainly seemed to be the case for Kristen and Robert. Their relationship has been through a lot, and it appears that the time apart allowed them to figure out where they stood and what they wanted out of life. In the end, they came back together, reaffirmed their love, and started a family. And what a family they have!

Baby Shower

The final post-breakup celebration for Kristen and Robert was their daughter’s baby shower. The celebrity baby shower is usually a time for parents to share their pride in their new child with their friends and family. And this was certainly the case for Mr. and Mrs. Stewart. They invited a lot of their friends and family to the shower, and it was a beautiful affair. Robert held Storm while she was being fed by A-listers like Emma Watson, Alicia Vikander, and Sophie Turner. And it was quite the scene when Kristen broke down in tears while thanking her friends and family for being there for her.

Whatever comes next for this iconic couple, we’re sure they’ll handle it with their typical wit and style. And who knows? Maybe 2015 was just a dream, and they’ll end up back together anyway. As the old saying goes, “You can’t go home again.” But for now, they are taking advantage of the time apart to grow as individuals and as a couple.