If you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga and you haven’t heard, then let us reintroduce you to the world of Robert Pattinson. The Scottish actor and pop music singer broke up with his longtime girlfriend, FKA twigs, back in December and since then has been spotted with a number of women. Now there’s speculation that one of those women is Twilight costar and future actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. According to a report from The Times, Robert and Rosie have been dating since January and have recently become exclusive. However, there is debate within the entertainment industry as to whether or not Rosie is dating Robert just because she wants his money. While most people who know love to gossip and speculate about the celebrity couples, few can deny the fact that they are an item. Let’s take a look at the evidence and find out what we know for sure.

Has The Twilight Saga Costar Gotten Married Or Is She Engaged?

One of the biggest surprises in the Twilight Saga was the unexpected engagement of Bella Swan to her childhood friend, Jacob. As a result of their marriage, Bella became a mother and went through a massive pregnancy. The couple tied the knot in a beautifully orchestrated ceremony in February 2012 and since then have been able to enjoy the perks that come with being parents. The Twilight saga continues with the birth of their daughter, Emmett.

While the couple’s celebrity status has caused them to enjoy some amazing moments, it’s also caused them to face some difficult circumstances. For example, some fans were upset when Jacob cheated on Bella with her sister, Alice. In the ensuing battle for Alice’s hand in marriage, Jacob lost and was forced to become a monk. The Twilight movie, which was released in 2012, was a box office success but didn’t do well with critics or audiences, leading to a trilogy of bad luck for Jacob. One of the reasons for the mixed reviews was due to an altered and extended version of Jack’s “Twilight” song, “Moves Like Jagger”. While it didn’t seem that bad at first, it was eventually revealed that the song had been heavily rewritten by the producers, removing all of its subtle nuances. One of the criticisms levied against the film was that it wasn’t true to the “Twilight” books, especially since many of the plotlines were changed. In the end, however, it seems that no one really wins in this situation. It’s a lose-lose for everyone involved.

Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Dating Robert Pattinson For His Money?

While Robert is certainly a household name and has legions of female fans, he has never been famous for his wealth. In fact, it’s been said that he was “bred to the bone” and “lacks the most basic qualities necessary to be a true gentleman.” Perhaps as a result of his humble roots, Robert has always been very kind to his fans and has gone out of his way to be accessible. He has a large and devoted Twitter following and has always been very open about his personal life. That is, until recently.

In recent months, Robert has been spending a lot of time with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The pair were first linked when they appeared together at a New York Fashion Week party in January. Since then, they have been spotted at a number of high-profile events, including the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars. In fact, it was at the Golden Globes in January where they were filmed dancing together. The clip has since gone viral, racking up millions of views on TikTok and other social media platforms. Many of the fans that made the clip were under the impression that Rosie was dating Robert just because she wanted his money. However, that isn’t the case at all. As previously mentioned, the two have been dating for a while and recently decided to go public with their relationship. In an interview with the Sunday Times in March, Rosie explained that she and Robert had “always been really open and honest with each other.” She continued, “We both know exactly what we’re getting into, and we’re both on the same page. That’s the most important thing.”

As a result of their blossoming romance, the tabloids have gone crazy hypothesizing about what could happen. Some publications have even suggested that Rosie could become Robert’s Costar (singular) or, at the very least, his costar (plural). Could this spark a reconciliation for Jacob, Bella’s dad, with his ex-wife, Mary, who played Bella’s mom in the Twilight films? Could this be the start of a Dynasty? Will Emmett grow up to be a professional dancer like her dad, David? Will Rosie end up being the main protagonist of the Twilight Saga? All these questions and more could be answered by the end of the year, when the Twilight Saga concludes with the release of the final film. Who knows? Maybe 2019 will see the rise of a new royal family! For the time being, let’s enjoy the fact that these two rich and famous stars can’t keep their hands off of each other.