Robert Pattinson’s culinary talents have been put to good use, bringing us his special collection of recipes.

Award-Winning Recipes

This year, the actor and singer was nominated for two James Beard awards for Best Chef of the South and Outstanding Restaurant. He walked away with one for the second time, winning the prestigious Outstanding Restaurant award.

Pattinson may be known for his work in front of the camera but behind the scenes he’s been busy perfecting his culinary skills. The list of his award-winning recipes is impressive. From classic British classics like Scotch eggs and mini pork pies, to more recent additions such as lobster mac and cheese and shepherd’s pie, he’s created culinary masterpieces that make regular appearances on best-dressed lists.

Let’s take a look at Pattinson’s kitchen and get inspired to cook some of his delicious recipes.

The Setting

The young Hollywood actor has been vocal about his love for the English countryside, frequently posting images of lush tea gardens and sweeping country lanes on his Instagram account.

Whether it’s attending the occasional game of golf or staying in a bed and breakfast, the 42-year-old seems to have found his happy place. And, judging by the range of his recipes, he’s clearly not short of culinary inspiration.

The Menus

Pattinson’s most recent cookbook, Short-Lived Fame, is a celebration of simple yet elegant food that he grew up with in England. We can see English classics like Scotch eggs and mini pork pies appearing on the menus of his restaurant, along with more unusual recipes such as lobster mac and cheese and shepherd’s pie.

But, as the saying goes, there’s no point trying to imitate something that isn’t meant to be imitated. So whatever you do, make sure you do it with flair and passion, as Robert Pattinson would surely do. Bon Appetit!