It’s been a month since the premiere of The Exquisite Poison. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for Robert Pattinson to release more romantic moments from the movie. While the actor has kept the public entertained with his various social media accounts, he’s also been busy behind the scenes. Recently, several unreleased scenes have been making their way online. Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about The Exquisite Poison and its infamous kiss scene.

What Is The Exquisite Poison All About?

First off, let’s discuss the plot of The Exquisite Poison. The story revolves around Kate (Jessica Biel), an heiress who falls in love with a married man, Nick (Robert Pattinson). When Nick’s wife, Susan (Judy Greer), finds out about their affair, she leaves town in a jealous rage. Upset over the breakup of his family, Nick becomes obsessed with killing Kate. He first attempts to do so by hiring a hitman to murder her. However, the hitman turns out to be an undercover cop and Nick is arrested. While he’s in jail, Nick reads a magazine article about Joseph Conrad’s renowned novella The Secret Agent, which inspired the 1946 Hollywood movie The Secret Agent. The article inspires Nick to try once more to murder Kate, but he breaks out of jail and hires Harry (Timothy Olyphant) to help him. The Secret Agent trope as applied to Nick is that he is a James Bond-like figure who has the skills, intellect, and self-control to pull off his job with little to no assistance from others. (Wikipedia) Unfortunately for Nick, Harry is a step ahead of him and traps him in a honeypot trap. With the help of an expert tracker, Harry leads Nick to a cave where Kate is waiting for him. With his wife and children dead behind him, Nick finally gets the chance to share a passionate kiss with Kate. Just as he’s about to pull her into a passionate embrace, he realizes that he’s been set up and the police are closing in. Despite his better judgement, Nick decides to go through with the kiss, but it’s only to make the detective believe he’s a changed man. Kate gets away and Nick is left heartbroken. (The Wrap) While the above summary doesn’t tell you much about the movie, it gives you an idea of the central conflict. When Nick is finally able to share a passionate kiss with Kate after all these years, it’s the culmination of his own twisted fantasy.

Why Do People Keep Leaking Scenes From The Exquisite Poison?

Shortly after the premiere of The Exquisite Poison, several scenes cut from the movie began making their way online. As we mentioned above, the film is about Nick’s obsession with Kate and his quest to finally share a passionate kiss with her. While it’s rather standard for a romantic comedy to veer towards the melodramatic, the cuts to scenes from the movie give it an extra layer of emotion. Several scenes, which were presumably supposed to be private, were leaked online. Here’s a rundown of what was leaked:

  • A scene where Nick visits Kate at work. While it’s rather touching that Nick still has romantic feelings for his boss, it’s a bit much for work colleagues to witness. (
  • A scene where Harry and some of his henchmen rough up a man who attempted to kidnap Nick’s wife.
  • A scene where Nick tricks his wife’s rich friend into thinking he’s kidnapped her. (
  • A scene where Nick goes to see his wife’s family and asks for their support in bringing his wife back. (
  • A scene where Nick pays off a loan shark so he can purchase a gun. (
  • A scene where Nick meets with a hitman to discuss murdering Kate. Although it’s rather unlikely that anyone would leak an entire movie’s worth of footage, it’s a testament to the power of the internet that so much of the movie could be made available online. (
  • A scene where Nick and Kate spend a blissful night in their penthouse. The former’s criminal past and the latter’s alcoholism are laid bare in this rather dramatic scene. (FilmDrunk)
  • A scene where Nick goes to see his psychiatrist and confesses his murderous fantasies. The film goes into rather great detail about Nick’s mental state, which is rather disturbing to watch. (The Wrap)
  • A scene where Nick finally breaks down and weeps as he admits his true intentions. (
  • A sequence where Nick and Kate get it on in an airplane hangar. This particular scene, which was rather short in the movie, was one of the main reasons behind the leak. (MovieTrailers)
  • A scene where Nick and Harry discuss the possibility of working together. Although the scene was rather brief in the movie, it’s rather difficult to see how Nick could have a successful collaboration with someone he just met. (MovieTrailers)
  • A scene where Nick and Kate have a fight. This particular scene was rather dramatic and proved to be rather popular on social media. (
  • Several scenes where Nick and Kate are on the run. During the final showdown with Harry, he orders his men to shoot the suspects. A rather tense sequence ensues as the police try to make their way up to the rooftop. (MovieTrailers)
  • A scene where Nick and Kate discuss their future after breaking out of jail. While somewhat clichéd, it’s nice to see the story’s two main characters talk about what’s important to them. (MovieTrailers)
  • A scene where Nick holds a gun to the head of a taxi driver. Although it’s rather dark in the movie, the scene is rather well lit and makes for a rather dramatic showdown. (

What’s Next For Robert Pattinson?

With The Exquisite Poison, Robert Pattinson is taking a more serious approach to his acting. The director of the movie, Boaz Yulman, seems to agree and said that they’ll be seeing more unsung heroics from the actor in the future. Yulman also revealed that The Exquisite Poison was the last romantic comedy he directed. (The Wrap)

Whether or not you agreed with Yulman’s assessment of The Exquisite Poison, we’ve seen that in the past month, the actor has stepped up his game. Most recently, he was a featured player in The Laundromat, a mob-romantic comedy that was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. The movie has since been picked up for distribution by Annapurna Pictures. On top of that, his latest movie, The King, opened this year’s Toronto Film Festival to positive reviews. The movie, about an obsessed bachelor (Ewan McGregor) who kidnaps the lover he believes is vying for his wife’s hand (Sienna Miller), will be released by Warner Bros. in 2020. If these latest projects are any indication, we can expect more romantic moments for Robert Pattinson in the near future. He is a true romantic at heart and never lost that soft spot for Hollywood’s most famous damsels in distress.