Love is a beautiful thing and something we should all be able to experience at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find love easily, which is why we should all aim to help each other out as much as we can. One relationship that didn’t need much help is Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s. It seems like they’ve been dating for years and are very happy together. Do they have what it takes to be the perfect couple? Let’s find out.

They’ve Been Hooking Up For Years

It was initially reported that Robert and Kristen had been seeing each other since 2006, but it seems like they’ve been a thing for much longer than that. According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple first met when they were 15 years old and started hanging out and eventually started dating. They quickly became a couple and remained so until today. While Kristen has been linked to many high profile men, including her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Robert has been focused on building a career and keeping a low profile. So, it’s no surprise that their relationship has gone relatively unnoticed by the public.

Robbie Is All About Having Fun

One of the things that makes Robbie such an attractive partner for Kristen is that he has a genuine love for fun. It seems like he’s always had a good time and is never afraid to let his guard down. He made it clear in a rare interview with Rolling Stone that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is something Kristen can relate to. She’s also said to take pride in a bad mood, which she describes as “power.” It’s clear that the pair have a lot in common and that they’re going to be a perfect match. Let’s remember that Kristen has a seven year gap between her marriage to Pete Davidson and her relationship with Robbie. She’s now been with him for three years and is very happy to have found someone who treats her with respect. Rob and Kristen are both protective of each other and that chemistry is apparent.

The Romantic Trivia Corner

Here are some interesting facts about Robbie and Kristen’s relationship. The couple first started dating when they were 15 years old. They were both born in London, but moved to different parts of the UK when they were young. However, they stayed in contact through letters and eventually met up again when they were 18. They’ve been together ever since and were married in 2016 in a private ceremony in Scotland. It’s said that the ceremony was performed by the couple’s very good friend, the Reverend Richard Harris, who is also the minister of their local church. They also had a reception at Edinburgh Castle. Robbie and Kristen now live in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County with their dog, Agatha. In June 2019, they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a trip to Italy.

No Regrets

One of the things that makes Robbie so attractive to people is that he has absolutely no regrets in his life. He’s always happy to talk about the past and express his gratitude for what he has. There are many stories of people who had a bad experience in life and after thinking about it for a long time, felt like it wasn’t what they deserved and regretful for having gone through it. Robbie doesn’t have those regrets and it seems like he’s grateful for everything in his life and wants to make the most of every moment. He also doesn’t seem to be afraid of trying new things and has a very open attitude towards life. That’s probably why he’s so compatible with Kristen, who also has no regrets about her life and is always looking towards the future.

The Best Interests Of Their Children

One of the reasons why Robert and Kristen’s relationship has been able to last so long is that they both want what’s best for their children. It’s said that Robbie is very protective of Kristen and their kids, especially as a father. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to them and feels that they’re a part of his family now. Kristen has spoken about how important it is that Rob is there for her and their children, which is why when she needs him, he always appears to be at her side.

Since their kids are going to be raised primarily by their female guardian, it’s important that they have people around them who both love and respect them. Robert is someone who can show their children that they can be proud of them and that they can handle tough times as well as happy ones. That’s what makes him such an attractive father-figure for Kristen’s kids.

A Family Man

According to the Sun, when Robbie gets upset, he becomes “a different person” and that’s not a good thing. It seems like he has a very protective streak and is always looking out for Kristen and their children. He also seems to genuinely love being a father and is very proud of his kids. That makes him an even more attractive choice for Kristen, who is looking for a father figure and a role model for her children. He fits the bill perfectly.

While it’s great that Robert and Kristen have been together for such a long time and have produced two beautiful children, it would be even better if their relationship was just as happy as it is mature. Love is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can be complicated and require work. Hopefully, these two will keep each other challenged and on their toes, which will make for a stronger bond and even more beautiful children.