Who would have thought that the most famous Hollywood couple of the moment, Robert Pattinson and Kaya Scodelar, would have a kid as talented as their offspring, Rowan? The English actor and his Swedish wife are justifiably proud of the handsome child they share, and the paparazzi have descended on them like vultures on a dead animal. The couple has kept their family life low-key, but that doesn’t mean their sweet boy hasn’t enjoyed all the adoration.

Rowan’s looks are striking; he has his father’s green eyes and an unruly mop of unruly hair. When he’s not busy being a miniature version of his father, the little boy is always posing for cameras with his mother. The pair have been photographed holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes as they walk along London’s Camden Street. Baby Rowan also makes frequent appearances in his parents’ high-profile lives, accompanying them to award ceremonies and fancy dress parties. It seems like the perfect family portrait: a picture-perfect family. But is it all as glittering as it seems?

Rowan’s mother is the daughter of the acclaimed Swedish director, Erwin Wermemann, who won an Oscar for his 1982 film, A Private Conversation. One of his first acting jobs after graduating from university was a starring role in the 1986 series, The Swan Song, which was based on the Henrik Ibsen play, The Wild Duck. It was a huge hit in Europe and helped establish Wermemann as a household name in the continent. He went on to direct some more high-profile series including, The Night Cafe and Hotel du Lac. In 2014, he became a father for the third time. So, it’s safe to say that Erwin Wermemann is quite proud of his Rowan. Followed closely by his agent.

It’s been a few months since the couple announced that they were ending their marriage. Since then, their interactions with the press have been limited to confirming or denying the rumors that swirled around them. But that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been seen together; in fact, the former Hollywood golden couple were photographed holding hands while vacationing in Majorca in September. Even if they don’t want to talk about their divorce, the fact that they’re still together and parenting successfully is proof that there are still good things in this world. Hopefully, Rowan will inspire his father to become a bit more open about his life as he grows up.

An Unusual Maternity Wardrobe

The English actor is most famous for his collaborations with filmmaker David Cronenberg. The two worked together on the 2010 film, A Dangerous Method, which is based on the 1952 book, A Dangerous Method: The Trials of Dr. William Haughton. In the film, Pattinson plays the role of Dr. Haughton, a British psychiatrist who studies Sigmund Freud’s work and ultimately helps to shape the future of psychoanalysis. In real life, Haughton was known for his unique and eclectic wardrobe choices. One of the items that made him famous was his smoking jacket, which he wore a lot. Another well-known part of his outfit was his leggings, which he wore underneath his trousers.

The costume designer for the film, Catherine Martin, paid homage to Haughton’s quirky style by designing a collection of maternity swag that would surely please the eccentric psychoanalyst. One of the pieces that caught our attention was a stunning long-sleeved white dress with black trim. The designer described the piece as a “maternity swag inspired by old-school psychiatrists such as Dr. Haughton.” With a name like that, we’re sure that this is one doctor that most of the mothers-to-be would love to have their baby in. And we can see why. Not only does it have some amazing detailing on the bodice but also on the skirt, which features an attached train. We’re also certain that the stylish mama would look equally as good in a pantry as she does in a doctor’s office.

Catherine Martin also designed a red dress with white trim that would represent Haughton’s fiery temperament. We couldn’t help but be reminded of the character’s violent outbursts, particularly when the fiery doctor sets fire to one of his patients’ paintings during a therapy session. But perhaps the most interesting outfit from Dr. Houghton’s wardrobe is his blue denim leggings. The costume designer for the movie described these items as being a “mixture of blue jeans and tights, with leather patches on the back. To this day, David’s love for blue denim and leather remains. It was a strong influence on A Dangerous Method.” We can see why. The colorway is reminiscent of the characters in Tron: Legacy and in the 2006 cult classic, 13 Going on 30. We’d like to see more of this type of styling when it comes to the parents-to-be. It’s important to have a look that is both functional and fashionable. But sometimes it’s hard to find that perfect mix of both. Perhaps this is why we’re seeing more and more celebrity couples’ opting for children’s clothing line, GAP, as their go-to retailer. If you’d like to see more of this type of outfit, check out some of the celebrity mama and papa groups on social media. They’re usually quick to post pictures of their kids in outfits similar to these. So, if you’re looking for some unique and stylish maternity wear, look no further.