You may know that Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz are the latest Hollywood heartthrobs, thanks to their dynamic on-screen personalities and gorgeous looks. But did you know that they’re just as adorable off-screen as they are on? Here are 10 interesting facts about them that you probably didn’t know.

1. Both starred in Twilight; before that, they were just good friends

Twilight changed both of their lives forever. Before the successful franchise, Robert had only appeared in a few minor roles, while Kellan had mostly done small jobs, like extra work in movies or bit parts in series like The Loved One and The O.C. He was also largely seen as the comic relief (and often, the straight man) to Charlie Sheen’s crazy antics on Anger Management. But thanks to the popularity of Twilight, all of a sudden, Robert had a whole new audience — and they loved him!

Not only that, but the film was a massive worldwide success, and not just because of its teen-populated audience. Twilight broke several box office records, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time based on first-day tickets sold, the largest Christmas movie premiere in history, and the 16th highest-grossing film of all time, adjusted for inflation. The series also spawned multiple novels, comic books, and even an animated series.

2. They both have a love for fast cars and fast motorcycles

It’s no secret that Robert and Kellan are both pretty fast drivers. They showcased their skills in the video for Pattinson’s 2014 single, “Trust,” which showed the two driving around in a hot-pink Lamborghini. A few months later, they were spotted together in a metallic-green Jeep Grand Cherokee, holding hands as they drove down Ventura Boulevard in Santa Monica.

They also have a love for fast motorcycles. In the video for their hit track, “Kellan Lutz,” they’re shown speeding down a deserted country road on a souped-up bike. The clip ends with them crashing into a fence, before riding off in a high-speed chase, through mud, and across a field, with their hair flying in the wind.

3. Robert plays in a band with Ke$ha, as well as a solo set

Ke$ha is known for her outrageous videos and colorful dance moves, but she has also proven to be a surprisingly talented singer. She released her first solo album, My Truth, in August 2014, and it’s been a moderate hit, peaking at number 14 on the Billboard Top 200. But that’s not all she’s done; in addition to being in the pop band, Pok$ha, she has also starred in a music video with Robert, titled “We R Who We R,” from his new album, “Water Me,” which was released last year.

Robert is also known to play music with other members of the “Twilight” cast. In addition to partnering with Ke$ha on a song, he has sung with Taylor Lautner, as well as Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke, who play his vampire best friends in the films. And in one of the videos for “Water Me,” he even plays all of the instruments, as well as sings and writes all of the lyrics. He’s truly a jack of all trades when it comes to music.

4. Robert and Kellan co-wrote a song for the Black Lives Matter movement

Robert and Kellan were both named after black activist groups. The first-born son of singer/songwriter Deborah Harry and financier Gordon S. Birkin, Birkin junior was originally going to be named “Robin.” But when his parents got divorced, his mother named her new partner, Robert, after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and her former husband, Birkin, after himself. The singer also has a brother named, Vincent, who is an aspiring actor. She later married musician James Blunt, and the couple currently have a daughter, Harriet, who was born in 2012.

As for “Lutz,” his surname comes from the main character of the “Jackie Chan Adventures” TV series, which he starred in. Chan is German for “Kan,” which means “to hop, jump, or twirl around” in German, and Lutz, his character’s last name, means “fox” in German. Hence, “Lutz,” literally, means “fox-man.” 

5. They had to have special permission to appear together in multiple films

It wasn’t just “Twilight,” either. For their second collaboration, the Scottish band, HAIM, recorded the song “Bad Idea” for the film, “Ender’s Game” (2013). The song’s lyrics reference a “Bad Idea” (Haim) tattoo the band’s vocalist, Danielle, got inked on her inner wrist. The film is about a young boy who has powers similar to those of the famed Dr. Spock. HAIM is also featured on the soundtrack, which was released earlier this year.

6. Both have been involved in some serious car accidents

Speaking of tattoos, both Robert and Kellan have had accidents resulting in serious injury that led to them needing to have new ink added. The first time was in 2009, when Kellan had to have a section of his skull removed after suffering from serious head trauma in a motorbike accident. He was in a coma for three days and had to cancel the remainder of his 2009 tour. He also had a broken collarbone, a chipped tooth, and a concussion.

A year later, in 2010, Robert had to have his left ankle repaired after suffering a gruesome fracture in a car accident. Luckily, as stated in a previous fact, he was wearing his seatbelt, and the impact from the crash was cushioned by the seat. He had to have multiple surgeries to have the bone realigned and fix the damage done by the accident. He also had to cancel the entirety of his 2010 tour, due to the injuries he sustained in the accident.

7. They’re both huge fans of David Bowie

Bowie was another big influence on their careers, appearing in multiple interviews as one of their favorite musicians and singers of all time. They frequently cite his influence on their songwriting, as both have mentioned that he helped them create some of their biggest hits. In one interview, Robert stated that “Ziggy Stardust” and Bowie’s “Black Star” were his favorite albums; he later added that he considers Bowie to be one of the greatest singers of all time. When asked what his favorite track was, Robert replied, “It’s so hard to pick favorites, but I guess if I had to choose one, it would be ‘Changes.’”

8. They both enjoy a good costume party as much as the next person

It wouldn’t be a fact list about Robert and Kellan if there weren’t any pictures. And while we’re on the topic of costume parties, the two seem to really enjoy dressing up as characters from various films and TV shows, and taking pictures. They’ve both starred in numerous Halloween costumes, from Spiderman to Harry Potter, and Captain America to Michael Jackson (with his moonwalker outfit, of course). One of their most extravagant costume parties was in 2015, when they dressed up as Game of Thrones characters; in fact, Robert’s Instagram account is filled with photos from that night, when he and Kellan pretended to be Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, complete with blood-red dresses and golden crowns. They also posed as the Hindu goddess, Kali, and the legendary Egyptian pharaoh, Khufu.

9. They both enjoy doing their hair and makeup differently

If you’ve ever seen one of their interviews, you’ll know that Robert and Kellan have something in common: both have very unique and individualistic haircuts and makeup procedures that they use to achieve the perfect look. Robert’s hair is always a work of art, and he’s had several different haircut variations throughout the years, ranging from a super-short buzz cut to a classic, layered look. When it comes to their makeup procedures, both men are constantly experimenting with different techniques, trying to find the best method for them. For example, Robert uses a pencil to lightly shape his eyebrows before applying his makeup in the morning, while Kellan does the opposite; he shapes his eyebrows with his makeup and then uses a pencil to further define the outline, if needed.