The last couple of years have seen the on-screen chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche grow in intensity. The former’s wild ways were behind him when he starred in the 2012 film, The Rover, but now that he’s a settled family man, audiences have gotten a glimpse at his softer side.

The 46-year-old actor and his 35-year-old co-star have become poster children for love. Their on-screen relationship has inspired fans to create memes and gifs capturing their playful banter and passionate embraces. We’ve put together a list of some of the best of these, so you can feel like you’re in love too.

1. He brings her flowers every day.

Even before he became one of the most recognizable and beloved romantic leads of our time, Robert Pattinson was known for his generous and romantic nature. We first met Juliette Binoche’s character, Cecile, in the 1997 film To Die For, where she tormented Pattinson’s character by flirting with his best friend. Since then, we’ve seen them develop a very friendly and professional relationship, with Binoche often teasing Pattinson about his famous bad boy image.

But it was during filming of the 2013 drama, The Rover, that viewers really got a sense of their on-screen romance. The film is the story of a young man who, after being abandoned by everyone he knows, ends up embarking on an adventure to prove his worth to the world. The two leads’ on-screen chemistry is tangible as they bounce off each other, enlivening every scene. Most notably, they play off each other’s strengths, with Binoche’s character Rose De Beaufort helping to bring order to her chaotic life by challenging and mentoring Pattinson’s character, Jimmy.

2. They dance together at the end of every romantic scene.

Usually, the scenes we love most from a movie are the ones where the characters seem to forget about the world and just enjoy each other’s presence. Such is the case with Robin Hood, where a wistful Hugh Grant dances with a beautiful and talented Isabella, played by Emma Thompson. Their dance at the end is one of the most iconic and romantic dance scenes ever committed to film. Even though they’ve been together for years, they still manage to look effortlessly elegant and romantic as they express their love for each other.

In the same way, Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche’s on-screen chemistry is vibrant and youthful, their dancing at the end of every scene is effortless and natural. The two have a unique way of communicating with each other through their dancing, with Binoche frequently grabbing onto his arm as they dance and pull him closer. Their on-screen chemistry is such that it’s been noted that, despite being professional actors, audiences might as well imagine them to be a couple in real life.

3. They fight about who sleeps on the couch.

In the past, Robert Pattinson was mainly known for bad boy roles in films like the 1997 version of Ocean’s Eleven or the 2002 film, Velvet Buzzsaw. However, as the years have gone by, viewers have gotten to see a softer, more caring side to him. His 2011 film, Water for Elephants, explores romance and loyalty among horses in a refreshingly candid manner. In the film, Pattinson plays Eli, a veterinarian who befriends and eventually falls in love with Fanny, portrayed by newcomer Grace Kelly. In one of the film’s early scenes, the two playfully bicker about who sleeps on the couch. Kelly’s character asks if they’re really fighting about the tiny details of their domestic lives, to which Pattinson responds, “No, I’m used to fighting with my wife. This is my way of showing affection.”

The romantic scenes in Water for Elephants are some of the most moving we’ve ever seen. In one scene, Pattinson and Kelly’s characters, while on a walk, find a tiny, wounded bird that the woman rescues. Later, the man leads the woman, while humming a tune, on a duck hunting trip. The couple drink wine as they sit outside and share a tender moment, before going on another walk and this time, bringing along their dog, Bear.

The final scene is especially poignant as it captures the couple’s affection for each other in a way that feels both real and rare. Pattinson and Kelly share a tender kiss while Kelly holds the hand of their dog, Bear, as the credits roll. The scene feels heartfelt and genuine, as if we’re seeing a scene from a real life that is both sweet and romantic.

4. They enjoy luxurious meals together.

One of the perks of being a famous movie star is that you get to enjoy expensive meals in style. Robert Pattinson has been known to spend thousands of dollars on a plate of spaghetti in front of the camera, which he enjoys with a glass of wine. In real life, he’s quite the opposite; in fact, he reportedly spends lots of time in the kitchen cooking meals for his friends and family. After years of playing the roles of bad boys in Hollywood, Pattinson is now showing us a different side.

This year, he took his culinary skills to the silver screen in the romantic comedy, My Best Friend’s Girl. The film, in which he plays a chef whose friend proposes to her, is loosely based on the real-life story of the comedian and actor, Steve Carrell. During filming, Pattinson, Carrell, and their co-stars, including Jane Lynch and Thomas Lennon, enjoyed a meal together that is representative of their character’s affluent lifestyle. The meal was not just a comedy scene; it was a meal from which the entire cast, including the director, partied heavily. In one scene, after teasing the other two men about their culinary skills, Carrell’s character, Mark, prepares to make a dish he claims is an “Instagrammable moment.” While the men look on in awe, Carrell’s co-star, Jane Lynch, cuts the corner of a cheese cake, allowing the three stars to share a cheesy grin.

5. They’ve been known to make prank calls as a joke.

There’s something delightfully sweet about watching two people enjoy a genuinely tender moment on-screen, only to have it interrupted by a phone call from a distant relative. Such is the case in Love, Actually, when Hugh Grant’s character, Andy, calls his girlfriend, Natalie (played by Keira Knightley), to ask if she’ll still marry him after his confession that he’s in love with her best friend, Anna (played by Katherine Fox). Of course, Andy’s call is all in good fun, but it marks a crucial turning point in the film, as Anna, in the meantime, has reconciled with her childhood sweetheart, Liam (played by Richard Curtis).

Similarly, the romantic comedy, Bad Santa, features a scene where Billy Bob Thornton’s character, Santa Claus, has a phone call interrupted by his elf, Willie. The elf asks if Santa will be taking a break from his busy preparations for Christmas to get him some hookers for the night. To which Santa responds, “No, I’m not getting you any hookers, I’m getting you an ass-kicking.” The jovial scene is one of the film’s many jokes about death and dying, and it’s quite an appropriate scene for a comedy about a fat man trying to keep his weight down.

6. They enjoy spending time with their children.

Sometimes, all we need is a little time away from our responsibilities and anxieties to feel like a bit of a child again. Watching children play is one of the most beautiful things in life, and it’s something that Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche have in common. The actress has a 16-year-old son, Edoardo, with her ex-husband, Italian director Franco Zeffirelli. The two have a daughter, Maria Loup, who was born in 2006. While Zeffirelli has never been accused of being a bad father, he and Binoche have expressed serious concerns for their daughter’s safety, particularly after Maria witnessed a murder attempt in 2014.

The two were spotted eating lunch together on set of the 2014 film, The Lost City, with the actress’ protective arm around the 24-year-old’s shoulders. Binoche has also frequently been spotted watching her children, Thomas and Edoardo, play in the park. Pattinson, meanwhile, has been seen happily dropping off his kids at day care and picking them up on set, demonstrating that he’s truly committed to being a hands-on father.