For almost a decade, Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore have been one of Hollywood’s most popular and fashionable couples, frequently photographed together at lavish events and glamorous premieres. The relationship has seemingly transcended Hollywood’s typical celebrity-wedding trend and gained a devoted social media following for its glamorous lifestyle.

The actors, who have a famously adventurous sex life and famously starred in one of the most iconic love triangles in movie history, have kept fans guessing about their relationship. Although Moore has long been rumored to be Pattinson’s wife, they have never publicly confirmed it. And while they have been together for so long, they have never publicly stated that they are committed to each other.

Whether they’re still happily married or simply enjoy a good romp, it’s hard to say. But with their recent public outings together, which included attending events for the 2019 Red Nose Day campaign and screening Room in 3-D at the Toronto International Film Festival, it seems that the couple’s romance is attracting new and old admirers alike.

They’ve Been At The Event Centre Many Times

This year, the couple was seen at the London premiere of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, which was accompanied by a golden buzzard, and at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, where they presented an award with Kumail Nanjiani and Mary J. Blige.

While their schedules have been busy, so too has their sex life. Over the past year, they’ve been spotted many times at prominent LA hotspots like the Hotel Bel\-Air and the Century Plaza Hotel, often joined by friends and family in tow. They made an appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of Paramount’s blockbuster Knives Out, held at the prestigious Chinese Theatre, and were seen dancing at various awards events, including the Academy Awards. In August, it was announced that the couple would be hosting a star-studded celebration of British literature at the prestigious Cheltenham Literary Festival. And over the summer, they were both seen celebrating the end of the London Olympics with a public outing at the popular nightclub, Hakkasan. It seems that the couple never stays away from the limelight for long as they’ve been spotted at the Royal Ascot Racecourse and the Glorious Gold Ball at the Notting Hill Carnival. Notorious socialite Bianca Jagger was among those who wished the happy couple many more years together.

A Marriage Of Convenience?

Whether or not Pattinson and Moore are actually married, their long-term relationship has been a source of fascination for fans and onlookers alike. The pair met back in 2007, when they were both attached to prominent London acting agencies and began working together on a number of projects. Some have speculated that the relationship started as a professional partnership, with Moore taking the role of a wife or partner for Pattinson, who was, at the time, single.

As their careers progressed, so did their relationship. While they were both contractually committed to their respective agencies, they decided to put their professional differences aside and forge ahead with their collaboration. In 2015, after seven years together, the pair made the decision to marry. The marriage was kept private until May 2018, when Moore made the announcement on Instagram. (She has since de-listed her account.)

Since then, the couple has been photographed at a number of glamorous events and press outings, including the premiere of The Favourite, which was accompanied by a golden calf, and the premiere of Noah, which was held at the iconic Tower Bridge. While their work schedules have largely kept them apart, they’ve managed to make a number of high-profile appearances together, including at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City and the premiere of Widows Town in London. Despite their hectic schedules, the pair has remained committed to each other, regularly posting romantic selfies and sharing intimate details about their long-term relationship. Several of their friends and collaborators have spoken about the deep connection that the couple shares, regularly referring to each other as ‘wives’ and ‘husband’s’ even when they’re alone.

What Is Their Relationship Like?

Before their relationship became public knowledge, it was already something of a celebrity secret. Moore has long been committed to animal rights and was a vocal supporter of PETA, intervening on behalf of animals in films like Can You Ever Forgive Me and Little Women. (She even dressed as a dog for Halloween in 2016.) But it was Pattinson’s multiple marriages that really put a strain on their reputations. Moore was famously one of his five ex-wives. (She’s since divorced him.)

Although the couple have been spotted together at a number of red-carpet events, social media mavens often cite the difficulty of seeing celebrity couples who aren’t ‘famous for being famous’. But while the public might always wonder about the secretive nature of their relationship, it seems that their private life is every bit as scandalous as their public one.