If you’ve been paying attention to the media over the last year, you might have heard of a strange romance blossoming between Hollywood’s sweetheart, Robert Pattinson and its most celebrated author, Joss Whedon. While their professional relationship may be cause for celebration, the fact that they are both 50+ and are father and son is causing concerns among some fans that Pattinson is too old to be romantically involved with a man half his age. Let’s dive into the numbers and find out how the opinions of The Batman’s heartthrob and Buffy’s mastermind differ on this matter.

Is It A Concern That Robert Pattinson Is Too Old For Joss Whedon?

As we’ve established above, Robert Pattinson and Joss Whedon share a birthday and are father and son. While this may make them unusual bedfellows, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t enjoy a long-term romantic relationship. After all, there’s no age limit to love. Still, it’s not a relationship that most people in Hollywood would look at favourably. Let’s examine the numbers.

How Old Is Robert Pattinson?

As previously mentioned, Robert Pattinson and Joss Whedon share a birthday. While this makes them unusually young for a father and son, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re kids at heart. After all, the English actor is already 30 years old. Since 1994, Pattinson has been making waves on both the big and small screens. He began his career with a small role in the film The Basketball Diaries and has since gone on to star in critically-acclaimed films like Good Will Hunting and The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin. In 2017, he will be seen in the upcoming films Pattinson and The Lost City of Z, and in the upcoming television series The Batman. (Photo: Warner Bros.)

How Successful Is Joss Whedon?

When it comes to being successful, there are actually a few different ways to look at it. For instance, you could count the number of times his stories have been adapted for television and film, or you could examine the size of his Twitter following. (In October 2019, Whedon had over 14.5 million followers on his Twitter account.) If you’re looking for a measure of success based on monetary value, you could calculate how much he’s earned through direct writing and how much he’s earned through various other business ventures. Taken together, these figures would give you an idea of how much he’s been financially successful as. (Though he has never been one to shy away from a good paycheck, Whedon recently admitted that he’s not as rich as he once was, due to the increased costs of living in Los Angeles.)

Another way to measure Joss Whedon’s success is through his contributions to the industry. Not only has he written and directed a number of iconic TV shows, but he’s also launched the careers of several established actors. He is responsible for the transformation of prominent child stars, like Eliza Dushku and Joseph Gordon-Levitt into respected adults. In 2018, Joe Manganiello credited Whedon with helping to launch his career. (Photo: Instagram.com/josephgordonlevitt)

Some fans may be concerned that Robert Pattinson is too old for Joss Whedon. Still, others may not give it a second thought. After all, beauty and brains may never age together. (Unless you look like a monster.) Nevertheless, the media has been quick to speak out on this matter, with several prominent journalists and fans expressing their opinions on the matter. Below, we’ll examine what exactly these critics and fans have said, and whether or not you should care about their opinions.

What Do The Critics Say About The Robert Pattinson And Joss Whedon Relationship?

The media has been extremely vocal about their opinions on the matter, with numerous articles and blog posts speculating about the couple’s romantic future. Many journalists and fans agree that the fact that they’re both famous and successful doesn’t hurt their chance of a happy ending. Still, there are a few naysayers who aren’t so sure that this relationship is a good idea. Below, we’ll examine what critics have said about The Batman’s heartthrob and famous fanboy dating.

Does Robert Pattinson Deserve To Be With An Older Woman?

This question was posed to readers of The Huffington Post, with over 1,600 commenters sharing their opinions. (The article was published in October 2019.) While some respondents believe that Robert Pattinson is too old for Joss Whedon, most respondents felt that the opposite was true. Over 80% of commenters felt that Pattinson was a catch and that he should be pursued by younger women. (Though some respondents did offer up a few potential matches for the 30-year-old actor.)

While it’s not uncommon for celebrities to date people much younger than themselves, the fact that Robert Pattinson and Joss Whedon are father and son doesn’t mean that they have to be together. Still, the fact that so many women want to be with the English actor doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve to be with someone his own age. After all, what’s love if not a mutually beneficial relationship?

Why Does Joss Whedon Deserve To Be With An Older Woman?

This is perhaps the most common question that populates the comments section of any article relating to Robert Pattinson and Joss Whedon. While there are a lot of factors that go into why a woman would want to be with a man half her age, most respondents feel that Joss Whedon is a catch because of his wit, intelligence and good looks. The director has an incredible personality that draws you in and makes you want to know more about him. (Which, according to respondents, is exactly what his younger fans want to know.)

Many journalists and fans feel that part of the reason why Joss Whedon is such a popular catch is that he isn’t afraid to show his age. Respondents feel that this is a combination of his intelligence and good looks, which is why he draws such a diverse group of women. Still, while being with a man half your age might not be the most sensible decision, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a rewarding one. After all, as we’ve established above, age is only a number. (Well, sometimes.)

Many fans and journalists speculate about the nature of the their relationship. While some believe that they are simply father and son who are enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship, others think that they might be more than that. Still, no matter what the truth is, it’s clear that while Robert Pattinson and Joss Whedon aren’t a perfect match, they bring something unique to the table. While we wait for the press to settle their competing claims, let’s take a moment to enjoy this bizarre love story.