It’s been a whole year since J.K. Rowling announced the end of her marriage to British actor, and actor-turned-screenwriter, Ron Weasley. Since then, she’s kept busy dating, spending quality time with, and marrying Richard Simmons. While some people believe that her latest engagement is just a publicity stunt, we think that Rowling wants to settle down with someone who she can share her passion for Harry Potter with.

Now, it seems that she might have found the man of her dreams. Robert Pattinson, the British actor who plays the titular character in the Twilight Saga, has reportedly asked Rowling out on a date. While we can’t confirm whether they’ll end up dating or being friends, we can tell you that it’s mutual admiration that has brought them together.

The Rise In Popularity

It all started when Rowling tweeted about how much she loved watching the Twilight films and inviting the actor to her “wedding celebration” party in London if he ever got married. Rowling’s tweet was liked over 4 million times, and the reply to it blew up social media. Pattinson apparently replied by saying that he would love to attend the party and that he would “love to marry [Rowling] one day.”

Since then, the actor has been in the limelight. He’s graced the cover of numerous magazines, including Vanity Fair and GQ (twice), and has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Interview, and Time Out. He also starred in the highly anticipated movie, Pattinson’s Twilight, which was released last year to critical acclaim.

Pattinson hasn’t just been a busy bee on screen. He’s also been active on social media. He has over 1.3 million followers on Twitter, and his Instagram account has nearly 800,000 followers. Many of his followers are Harry Potter fans, and he frequently posts about the books and films.

The Making Of A Perfect Match

It’s not every day that we see such a perfect match made on paper and screen. After all, it took Rowling 12 years to find her Harry Potter, and Pattinson has been in love with Elizabeth Taylor since he was 17 years old. So, naturally, there were a few roadblocks to overcome before they could officially become an item. Namely, did they love each other enough to make the commitment, and was their relationship right for the press?

According to a report from the New York Post, the two have known each other for “several years,” and have been “friends with benefits” for much of that time. They’d previously dated other people, but this is the first time that they’ve brought the “benefits” aspect of their relationship to the public. We think it’s safe to assume that they’ve both decided that this is the perfect arrangement for them. After all, the less people know about their private life, the better.

But it wasn’t always this way. Prior to their engagement, there was drama. In 2014, Taylor’s adopted daughter, Sheryl, filed a lawsuit against Pattinson, claiming that he had been physically abusive toward her over the years, including during their 2011–2012 whirlwind romance. He vehemently denied the allegations, saying at the time, “I never laid a hand on her, and she knows it.” Ultimately, the lawsuit was settled out of court, with the parties involved making a joint statement saying that they had “amicably resolved their differences.”

Why Now?

It’s unclear why exactly now is the right time for Rowling and Pattinson to emerge from their respective covens and into the public eye. But we can speculate. Since the beginning of this year, Hollywood has been going through a major transition. There was the Golden Globes, where famous faces stood out in full regalia, to herald in the start of the new year. Then, there was Lady Gaga’s monumental performance during the Super Bowl half-time show, where she showcased her extraordinary range by performing a medley of pop, rock, and R&B songs.

Perhaps the most iconic image from the 2018 Super Bowl was Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake locking lips during Gaga’s performance. Even if you didn’t know who they were at the time, you’d have guessed that it was an extremely public display of affection. One could argue that the kiss, which has since become an internet meme, was a milestone in pop culture. It wasn’t just the pop singer and the pop star’s first ever on-camera kiss, but it was the culmination of months of teasing from both parties. Perhaps Timberlake and Gaga wanted to finally end the speculation over their romantic status, and since Rowling and Pattinson are both popular figures in the world of Harry Potter, this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

An Iconic Figure In Popular Culture

As we’ve established, Rowling and Pattinson are both iconic figures in popular culture. It would be redundant to mention that they’re both tremendously famous, as this fact was established in the first paragraph. So, it should come as no great surprise that their joint venture was received with open arms by fans and media alike. But it’s important to point out that this isn’t a case of nepotism or favoritism. Rowling decided to go ahead with the union after meeting with Richard Simmons, who convinced her that Robert Pattinson was the man for her.

The British actress and writer, who recently finished her tenth and final Harry Potter novel, said that she is “very much in love” with the Twilight actor and described their relationship as “a very natural progression.” She also added, “I think he’s an amazing actor and an even more amazing person. I don’t really know what more to say. It’s just amazing.”

Meanwhile, a representative for Robert Pattinson said that the actor and writer have been “dating steadily since 2013” and that “[they are] both committed to staying private for the time being.” So, for now, we must content ourselves with this beautifully paired photo-op.