The couple have been dating for more than two years and were first rumoured to be an item back in 2016. Since then, they’ve been photographed together numerous times and she was the one to pop the question at the end of the year.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, it’s fair to say that things between the pair have gone smoothly. In fact, she proposed in January 2018 and he accepted immediately.

The couple are famously private and protective of their relationship, rarely sharing any details about their date nights or outings together. That being said, we can reveal some interesting things about their love story.

They Started Dating In Private

It seems that the couple were destined to meet as they both play a private game of tennis each Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30 pm. Their chemistry is undeniable and it was only a matter of time before they started seeing each other outside of the court. For their first date, they went to dinner at the Nobu restaurant in Los Angeles and later that evening went for a walk along the beach. They kept the details of their first date a secret but have since spent several nights a week together.

While it’s fun to speculate about the romantic date nights the couple have had, we can only guess at the details based on their public appearances. Even their privacy surrounding this aspect of their relationship is a form of protection, designed to keep the details of their budding romance a secret.

He Loves To Cook

According to an interview with Elle, one of the things that attracted Robert to Jessica was her love of to cook. He’s a skilled chef who loves to entertain guests at home and is a fan of French cuisine. He was particularly taken by her recipe for steak frites and made it his own. Before they knew it, the two were entertaining friends at home with delicious morsels from the kitchen. It was during one of these get-togethers that he popped the question. She said yes and they’ve been happily married ever since.

Robert is known to surprise his guests with an elaborate meal, cooked in his English countryside farmhouse. In one instance, he served mini beef burgers with truffle fries, followed by an English classic – Beef Stew. It seems that he takes great pride in his cooking and enjoys showing off his skills to his friends and family.

They Have A Fondness For Art

It’s no secret that Robert is a keen art collector and has a particular fondness for contemporary British artists. He acquired a Marni dress that was designed by British artist, Clare Waight, as a present for Jessica and regularly shows off his eclectic collection of art and design, which includes works by Jasper Morrison and Anthony Grafton.

The star has also been known to spend big on accessories, such as earrings, neckties, and watch straps, in the hope that they’ll match or complement the artwork in his collection.

They Support Each Other In Their Craft

It seems that Robert and Jessica are also committed to supporting and encouraging each other in their respective craft. She regularly posts photographs of her jewellery collection on Instagram and he frequently shares his artworks online. The pair often post about each other’s clothing or accessory lines and support each other in their endeavours. When they first got together, they realised that they had a lot in common and were both working hard to build a brand and a following in their chosen fields. It’s been a strong partnership so far and they seem to be enjoying the process.

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Knowing the details of their romance will make you feel like you’ve been invited into their private world. The only problem is, they don’t seem to be doing interviews any time soon, so it’s unlikely that we’ll ever know the whole story. It would be nice to think that their romance started off with a walk on the beach and ended with a ring, but based on the evidence, it looks like things went a lot further than that. It’s clear that they’ve been through a lot together and have learned from their mistakes. It would be wonderful to see them continue to grow as a couple and be there for each other in whatever they do.