If you haven’t heard of Robert Pattinson yet, you likely will soon. The former “Harry Potter” vampire has become a full-fledged Hollywood A-lister in recent years, appearing in big-budget franchise films and doing press tours around the world. He’s even become a renowned twinkie fan, with an entire section of his Instagram devoted to food porn. Now, it seems, Pattinson has released a music video for the song “Jerking Off,” which has become something of a viral smash, racking up millions of views on YouTube and Instagram. Why? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is “Jerking Off” And Why Is It Popular?

If you’re unfamiliar, “jerking off” is a form of sexual self-pleasure in which an individual uses a hand or a device to stimulate themselves while watching pornography or erotic material. It’s often performed alone, though there are also communities of kinky people who get together for “penny pinchers” or “pearly palace” (which is how they spell it) parties, where participants get paid to perform various sex acts on camera for other kinky adults. Essentially, “jerking off” is masturbating while fantasizing about another person.

The name comes from the phrase “jerk off leash,” which is when a dog or a cat jerks its tail while on a leash. For individuals who perform “jerking off,” the act is often referred to as “jaking” or “jocking” (rhymes with kicking).

Video Of Robert Pattinson Jerking Off Is A Clutch Of Nerds

This summer, the British actor released two music videos, one for each of his solo albums. The first is for his debut solo album, “Good Music.” In the video, he raps and sings about life in the studio, working hard to perfect his craft, and his undying love for music. The second is for his sophomore album, “Believe.” In this video, Pattinson channels his inner child and raps about having fun and being carefree while living in Hollywood. The music videos for “Good Music” and “Believe” are both directed by Vincent Moon (son of late filmmaker Stanley Kubrick).

Like many artists before him, the “Harry Potter” star has capitalized on the shift to online media and YouTube to become a brand. In order to build a following on TikTok and other platforms, Pattinson has become something of a meme star, regularly sharing clips of himself in various states of undress. Some of his most popular videos include:

  • A video of himself in a superhero outfit lying in a hammock, surrounded by a bunch of colorful jellyfish
  • A slow-motion clip of himself getting a massage, with the masseuse saying he has the perfect penis
  • A video in which he dances with a sheep (it’s his favorite animal)
  • A video of himself pulling off a cool trick with a coin (it’s actually a penny, but you know, for people who like to count, it’s not allowing for any mistakes)
  • A video of himself giving a piercing while singing along to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

All of these videos have become so popular because they strike such a nerve with the audience. On one hand, we have an image of a Hollywood A-lister in a compromising position. While on the other hand, we have an adorable video of a famous person, be it a celebrity, a politician, or a sports figure, acting like a kid. It’s a double whammy of taboo curiosity. People are interested in seeing how far they can push their boundaries before getting in trouble. In terms of marketing, this is called “polarization.” It’s the tendency for audiences to choose sides in a controversial issue (think: Trump and Hillary). The sides are represented by contrasting images or messages designed to attract the attention of the audience. In this case, the polarizing images are of a sexually confident Hollywood star and an innocent-looking child. The combination of these contrasting elements makes “Jerking Off” such a success.

The Influencer Behind The Popularity

An influencer (short for “influencer marketing”) is an individual who has amassed a large social media following by promoting and sometimes featuring products, especially those created by popular companies. Typically, influencers promote brands, products, and sometimes political causes, using their large followings to attract the attention of the public, with the ultimate goal of increasing brand awareness and sales.

One of the most recognizable influencers of all time is Marques Brownlee, better known as @MarquesBrownlee. A devoted fan of “Duck Dynasty,” the Influencer Edition of his most recently released Duck Dynasty Auction Preview appeared to be inspired by the auctions and attitudes of the trough life on the Shelter Coast, with the duck quacks and all. While most influencers are famous for shopping ads and beauty vlogs, Marques is known for his in-depth product reviews and tech talks (he’s actually a video producer as well).

Marques is one of the most influential figures in the world of influencer marketing, with a following of over 2.5 million people on TikTok. He’s made it to the top of most people’s favorite lists, with his feed containing everything from product reviews and in-depth looks at the latest products to animated gifs of himself riding a burrito monster and getting tattoos removed (that’s a story for another time). In addition to being a legend in the world of influencer marketing, Marques is also the founder of the influencer marketing firm Marques Brownlee Creative, which was named one of the Top 10 Video Production Companies by Entrepreneur.

With the help of a marketing consultant, Logan Sinclair, and a video production company, Marques Brownlee Creative, Robert Pattinson has taken the world by storm. The agency worked with the actor to develop a comprehensive plan to position himself as a serious contender in the influencer marketing world. One of the first things they did was develop a website that was specifically designed for influencers: `www.robertpattinson.com.’ The agency also created a twitter account for the actor, a blog, and a Facebook page.

The agency then set about to create a video to establish the actor as a force to be reckoned with in the world of influencer marketing. They did this by producing a video that penned a novel entirely about the subject matter of the star’s solo albums: good music and believe. The resulting video, “Jerking Off,” is the perfect storm of taboo interest polarization. The director, Vincent Moon, is well known for his work on the “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” franchises, while the actors Timberlake and Rose Marquise have also appeared in Hollywood blockbusters. Together, it’s a perfect storm of Hollywood prestige and taboo curiosity.