So you have seen the latest trailer for the new Twilight movie. You know – the one with Robert Pattinson. A few weeks back, I was driving to work when my coworker Adi called my cell phone. He asked me who I was driving to work with, and I told him, Robert Pattinson. He said, “Omfg, he is sooo cute! Why don’t you bring him to work? We will make so much fun of him. We can ask him all kinds of random questions and he will probably be really embarrassed, but it will be so funny to humiliate him!” So yeah, needless to say, I went ahead and did just that. It was the best idea I’ve had all day, and it totally worked. He was so embarrassed, pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what was going on. We asked him about his tattoos and if he was a good kisser, and he was mortified. But we had such a good laugh at his expense. We told him that we saw him as the “token celebrity” in our little indie film since he was the only recognizable face in the movie. And did he hold up his end of the bargain and promote our work? You better believe it. He sent out all his friends to see our movie, and I even got a message from Taylor Lautner, who was in it as well. It was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it almost felt wrong to put him through this torture.

To me, this is what makes a celebrity – when you can actually have a conversation with them and they actually respond and are somewhat interested in what you have to say. I feel like we have accomplished that with Robert Pattinson. He even asked us about our acting experience. Our response? We are still acting. We just haven’t found the right project yet. He said he was actually looking for someone to star in a movie he produced, and that he would be willing to give us pointers on how to break into the industry. So there you have it, the real Robert Pattinson. He is not a jerk at all – he is actually a pretty sweetheart. Too bad he doesn’t have any screentests because he would make a great villain. Or maybe even a zombie… No, I take that back. He would make a great zombie (for my Halloween film, that is).

So there is my two cents. Do you think he is a jerk, or just a really nice guy?