It seems like every day, there’s a new story about Robert Pattinson and his alleged romantic involvement with Australian model and actress Kristen Stewart. As the pair’s romantic story has been portrayed in the media, many fans have become convinced that the couple is deeply in love and planning to get married. But is all of this true?

Let’s examine the evidence. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence that this is a real thing is the sheer volume of paparazzi photos that feature the couple. Since the beginning of this year, there have been close to 100 published photos of the actors kissing or holding hands. It’s clear that Robert isn’t shy about expressing his affection for Kristen, and it seems like the two couldn’t be more in love. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. As many of you may know, Kristen has a history of running away from personal scandals and bad situations. Having a tumultuous relationship with Robert could end up being a big problem down the line. Here’s a more detailed explanation:

The Paps

Let’s start with the paparazzi, who have been following the couple around since they started dating in 2010. There aren’t many celebrities that have endured as much media scrutiny as Robert, and it’s definitely paid off – he’s one of the most in-demand actors of the moment. The problem is that a lot of this attention could potentially be harmful to his personal life. Over the past year, there have been so many pictures of Robert and Kristen kissing or holding hands that it literally creates a cottage industry of photographers waiting outside their homes hoping to get a shot of the famous couple. It’s no secret that Kristen hates being in photos, and she has said that she feels like she’s constantly being confronted by the press. Do you think Robert welcomes this kind of attention?

This constant intrusion could cause her to feel unsafe and uncomfortable in her own home, leading to the breakdown of their engagement back in November. It’s also an indication that Robert isn’t confident enough to make her his lawfully wedded wife. Despite all of this, we still don’t know what actually happened in the breakup, so it’s hard to say if this photo circus was really the cause.

The Proof

Even though the romance between these two very famous people has been heavily promoted by the media, we still don’t have all the evidence to back it up. The first piece of evidence that their relationship is, in fact, real is a photo published by Life & Style magazine in April 2011. In the picture, Robert is clearly sitting next to Kristen while they’re both eating strawberries. The image seems innocent enough, but upon closer examination, it’s actually an engagement ring. The magazine claimed that Robert had proposed to Kristen during the summer of 2010, which makes the photo even more compelling evidence.

But even then, this was just one piece of hard evidence. Since then, the pair have been photographed together many times, and it’s always seemed like they were pretty close. They’ve even been spotted holding hands. But the big question is – when is Robert proposing? If he really wants to pick her hand, he’s going to have to do it sooner or later. Otherwise, it looks like he’s just hanging on to his fiancee. The truth may never be known, but if nothing else works for you, proposing will certainly solve the problem. But for now, let’s just enjoy these couple’s public display of affection.

Artworks Of Stone

Another curious detail about the couple’s relationship is the fact that Robert has purchased a number of large stonework pieces, including a couple of skulls. The pieces seem to represent some of his favorite films and characters, like Max von Sydow’s character from Notorious and The Wrestler’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson. There’s also a snake wrapped around a hunk of burning toast, which could be a reference to Blue Jasmine’s Ginger, whose dress is adorned with snakes.)

While it’s interesting that Robert is interested in depicting characters from films in this way, it’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s one thing to be an art collector and buy expensive pieces of work, but it’s another thing to be an art collector and buy expensive pieces of work that depict violence, death, or other disturbing topics.

Kissing Cousins

A lot of the pictures that we’ve seen of Robert and Kristen kissing or holding hands feature the pair locked in an embrace. While some people find this kind of intimacy appealing, it’s not always a good idea to marry your cousin. There’s also the fact that Robert is a cross-dresser, and he often wears dresses and jewelry designed by famous fashion houses. In some of these photos, he even poses with a sword next to a sign with the word “JEALOUS” written on it. While this could be a joke, it’s not necessarily out of the question that he’s making a statement about his feelings for Kristen.

All of this goes to show that Robert isn’t afraid to express himself through his art collection, which is very interesting because a lot of his work puts a comedic spin on dark topics. So while it’s great to see that he can channel his dark side through his art, it might not be the best idea to let your friends know that you’re interested in morbid or macabre topics. The truth is, only Kristen knows for sure how she chooses to deal with her personal life, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Hopefully, she’ll let us in on the secret, but for now, we can just enjoy the pretty penny that this celebrity couple is bringing in.

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